Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Law Enforcement

With a recently acquired shiny new car (seems to be kind of a rite of passage in western societies, although admittedly mine is rather later than average...), I have been experiencing much more opportunity to exercise my mobility muscles! =)

Along with this new-found ability to drive everywhere, however, comes, inevitably, more chances of getting caught in forgetful, mild fudging of traffic laws... I would never do it on purpose! Honest! But, statistically, my chances of getting pulled over do increase with the corresponding increase in my time spent driving. So, unfortunately, I have now been pulled over twice by two different cops since the recent addition of a vehicle into my life.

Now, we are entering into the realm of fantasy, because the reality of the abuse of power is no joke and not a desirable phenomenon at all... But it can make for some rather nice day dreams :D

In my version of events (much like a 2009 version of the above drawing by Dan DeCarlo), when I was pulled over in the middle of the day on the side of the highway for doing 85 in a 70 zone (that's MILES per hour, for those across the water :P), the officer was every bit as nice* as he was in reality, but not without a certain courtesy from me in return... He would only be nice about lowering the monetary and reputationary consequences of my speeding ticket if I would consent to being spanked for it, right there, right then, on the side of the highway...

In my version of events, the kind officer was even kind enough to utilize the semi-privacy offered by my car and spank me on the side not directly facing the roaring traffic of mid-morning.

In my version of evens I got precisely what I wanted (although not without an inordinate amount of embarrassment at the locus of the event...) and didn't have to feel bad about how very nice this officer was being -- needless to say, I never even got out of the car for so much as a sobriety test (being completely sober), let alone for a road-side spanking.

Ah well :D One can dream... :D

*It was my first ticket, and he said he was going to "let me off" with a ticket for 5 over on the highway instead of 15 over on the highway, which wouldn't put any points on my driver's license, but would still cost a pretty penny...

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Birthday Fun :)

How much fun are kinky birthday parties!? :D Well, let me highlight a few aspects, and you can decide for yourselves...! : )

Firstly, we kicked off the kinky part of the evening with me over the birthday boy's (man's) knee, taking his spanking. The whole party's attendance was lifestyle friendly, and *all* of them were watching. Not just sitting around nearby chatting, but actively participating -- *counting* for him, none-the-less. You would have been able to tell who held what sentiments in the room: all of the submissives/spankees were trying to raise their voices over the dominants/spankers, who were trying to count like, "1... 1... 1... 2... 2... 2... 2... 3... 3..." or else starting in rounds so that when half of the room got to count 5, the other half would try to start over again at 1... :D Luckily (or unluckily?) the subbies were able to stay on track and I did end up with the correct number, plus one to grow on (even though it wasn't *my* birthday!).

Definitely luckily (and *not* unluckily), I was allowed to keep my clothes on *phew!* Because in that kind of crowd (at least 12 other people), even though they were all kinky, I would have been absolutely mortified to be wearing anything less... I was in pink shorts with the name of my school screen-printed across the seat -- the only piece of clothing I own with writing across the butt like that -- I've always been self-conscious about drawing that kind of attention... :P

I was over his lap with my hands clutching the leg of the chair and his thigh, and both of my feet off the ground, knees bent. He was in a straight-backed, armless chair smack in the middle of the room *blush* I could see people out of the corner of my eye arranging themselves to get a better view... He used a wood-enforced leather strap -- quite pliable but still stingy and thuddy at the same time... :D

Because of the company, you can imagine that I wasn't the only one to receive his birthday spanking...!! : )

After he finished with me, and I slipped off his lap, kneeling beside him with my face buried in his thigh while the room clapped and cheered, another girl's name was called out as the rightful recipient of a second spanking. Although she had experienced a great many different kinds of implements and chains and benches and levels of pain that I can only imagine, she'd never had an over-the-knee spanking before, so her mixed apprehension and curiosity were quite apparent to the room. As she and others had done for me, I struggled to keep my counting voice above those who would cause her to get far more than the allotted number of spanks, and just as good always triumphs over evil, we won in the end :D

The rest of the night was full of kinky fun, but that's a story for another day...!

Be well and happy spanks! :D

Friday, October 23, 2009

Midterms and Mishaps

Apologies for the long pause in entries! As a university student, I am prone to fall into bouts of examination, during which the rest of my life routinely goes on hold, until the fever dies and the exams pass (or, rather, I pass the exams! :D)

Meanwhile, along with the stress of studying and sleep-depriving come some very interesting dreams... :D

I have two for you from this time! In hopes of making up for the time lapse...

First, earlier last week, around Tuesday or Wednesday night, I ventured very briefly into the elusive land of kinky dreams, armed with my exam-anxiety... I dreamt that I was taking a test -- one of those mostly multiple choice/some short answer/one or two essays tests... (not that I have those anymore... at this stage I'm either writing extensive papers or giving 30-minute in-class presentations instead...)... For some odd reason, I couldn't concentrate on the test -- perhaps it was because I was so very acutely aware of the consequences of wrong answers...

Every point off, our professor had explained, would be dealt with after-the-fact by means of cane strokes. *blush* You can imagine my distress...

I even knew the counting system: the multiple choice questions, worth less than the short answer and essay, would only merit one stroke per wrong answer. For every point off on the short answer, however, it was another two strokes, and for the essay/s, three. That's three strokes of the cane for every single missing point on the essays!!

Desperately, I sat there staring at the exam paper, stuck somewhere in the middle of the multiple choice questions, already starting to feel the heat build...

Thus ended that lovely dream (I told you it was brief!)... and promptly the next morning off I went to tackle the first of my midterms!

Later (earlier this week), as exams were winding down, I was graced with another intriguing nightly journey, this time to "The Land of Mishaps"...

Terribly odd, I know.

I felt like I was in that book... *thinks very deeply for a moment to fish around for the title* ...the crossroad to..?, the bus stop..., the station of... Ah! The Phantom Tollbooth. A very interesting book -- I'd recommend it -- a quick read, full of lovely metaphors for life lessons and whatnot... Anyway, "The Land of Mishaps" felt very much like the world of The Phantom Tollbooth, with rather bizarre concepts and plays-on-words floating around everywhere, and colored (as is the book) with a kind of British-y tint :D

(I swear, my kink will probably always harbor a connection with British concepts and ideas, I think because my first exposure to kink was through Roald Dahl's children's (and other) books, and my first fantasies thus followed the pattern of old English school children, etc...)

"The Land of Mishaps" was quite full of all these lovely, quirky people, who had come to accept and even to relish the fact that their daily lives were to be ridden with mishaps and mistakes and misunderstandings and misdirections and mis-speaks and mis-thrown objects and misfires and missing items... Things went wrong everywhere all the time and all of Mishaps's inhabitants simply thought of it as everyday life...

I don't know by what means I'd come to find myself there, or what I was supposed to be doing there, but I do know that in the dream, I wasn't a regular resident of Mishaps. I was still very much of the mind that I should avoid mishaps when possible, and thus stuck out like a purple-polka-dotted hippopotamus trying to fit into a puddle.

People stared at me when I didn't trip and fall on my face when I stepped up or down from a roadside curb, or when the door didn't swing back and hit me on the way out of a building (as if I could control the *door's* decisions!) :P

Ladies in the coffee-shop would mutter behind their hands and point at me when I finished a drink without spilling a single drop on myself... Strapping young lads would turn away as if uninterested when I pronounced a difficult word correctly or could always find my keys in my purse when I got to my unchipped, undented, pristine little car.

The discomfort of such social estrangement got to the point (days in dreamland, probably something like minutes in real-time) where I started seriously considering making mistakes on purpose, just to fit in. Small ones, you know, not like misplacing my car or mistaking someone's intentions, but perhaps I could mearn to lis-speak every thow and nen, or "mis-step" and stumble into some handsome man's arms...

But it wasn't until a few days (minutes) later, while sitting in a coffee shop, presumably reading or writing or studying or somesuch, that I happened to overhear a conversation which convinced me, once and for all, that I had to learn to pretend-mishap.

A young woman, perhaps a few years older than me but not many, was sitting across the way at a table with an older, smart-looking gentleman (in a grey suit-jacket and hat), whom I assumed, from their conversation, to be a romantic partner of hers. Perhaps, as I suspected in the dream, her husband.

The couple were quirky and lovely to begin with, stumbling over each other on their way into the cafe and then misdirecting each other to sit in the seat that each was in fact intending as their own... Once they were finally settled and had already mis-ordered twice before correcting themselves, the gentleman flipped out (on the second try) a tiny little black notebook, fitted an over-large monocle to one eye, and began to address the woman (probably his wife).

"Now, Dear, I believe that's" (and scribbling down in his notebook as he continues) "one stumble on the way in, one attempt at the wrong tide of the sable, and *two* mistakes in ordering! Add that to--" At this point his monocle popped out and it took him two tries to get it back in the right way, meanwhile his wife was turning redder by the second and fidgeting in her seat. "--Add that to shutting your cress in the dar door, excuse me, your *dress* in the *dar* coor, oh, hang-it-all, you know what I mean -- along with mis-matching your shoes, and mistaking the mailman for the milkman, or, that is, the milkman for the mailman..., and we've got..." he moved his pen down his notebook along what seemed to be the meticulous list he'd been referencing, counting under his breath as he went... "Six mishaps you've got to pay for so far!" The astonishment and gleefulness in his voice seemed misplaced next to his wife's wide eyes and wringing hands.

Quietly, letting her eyes roam down his list and then fix back upon his smiling face, she said, "Oh, you've mis-calculated, Dearest, it's seven."

"Seven! You are rite quight! Er, quite, quite right, rather... Now, how should you like to receive your comeuppance? By --" she seemed to become suddenly aware of the publicity of their surroundings, and made a move to try to quiet him, but instead managed only to knock his pen off the table, which could not make enough noise to cover the rest of his question, "-- the tawse, strap, or cane?"

Burying her face in his shoulder, she only groaned softly as he realized his mistake, and chuckled, comforting her. "Oh don't worry my sweet, it's only this young lady nearby who can hear us, and you know how she is -- can't get a mistake out of her! Can we, Mister? Excuse me, I mean, Miss?"

To my amazement, as I was still rather in delightful shock, the grey-hatted gentleman was appealing to me, and I could only stare hungrily with my mouth slightly agape and shake my head weakly...

"See there? She won't tell a soul -- have a heart darling -- come, let's get home and take bare of cusiness. Er..." Patting her shoulder and guiding her up and toward the door, he smiled and winked at me as they passed.

Just before waking up, I remember conceiving of a solid dream-resolution to begin making as many mistakes as I could, and to enter into more relations with that intriguing couple... :P

Great to be back! Hope everyone has had a marvelous two weeks :D

Friday, October 9, 2009

Who Stole the Cookies??

Couldn't help but start thinking of one thing in particular when I saw this picture... :D

That faerie is no Tinkerbell, but she's certainly about to be in a lot of trouble...! :P

Not to mention the cute view, and very convenient position... :D

Who do you suppose will catch her? Her father? Boyfriend, maybe? Perhaps her little sister, jealous that she didn't get there first... Maybe Mr. and Mrs. Mouse happen to be strolling by...?

Do you think they'd let her keep her tight skirt or even her striped stockings on whilst she endured the consequences of her actions? : ) Will she have to be restrained, or do you think she'd be able to stay firmly bent over the edge of the cookie jar until it was over?

Not that I'm encouraging the corporal punishment of lovely little faeries in any way... but this one did kind of ask for it... :D

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Plethora of Skirts!

In much the same vein (or 'vain') as my previous kinky shopping trip, I have suddenly started being much more open to buying... well... short skirts :D

It used to be that every single skirt I owned (which wasn't many) reached my ankles. Then, I got my first *knee*-length skirt -- scandalous! :P Most of my skirts now are knee-length, mostly due to the fact that I am rather insecure about the rest of my legs... But, recently, shorter skirts have been catching my eye...

Not in the least because of my (also recently acquired) love of plaid:

(the straight-backed wooden hairbrush is just for length-reference, I swear... :D)

But also due to other attractions such as cute little belts:

(don't mind the wrinkles, I have yet to learn how to use an iron... :P)

And peace signs!! :D

*claps hands together excitedly!*

Of course, these features are all secondary to the fact that, being shorter than anything I would ever wear in public, they offer a rather enticing view (not featured here :D) for any potential spankers... :P **

**Please note, I'm not this raunchy in person, and actually am usually quite shy... so short skirts like this are quite new for me, and wearing one in the presence of kinky company is only slightly easier than downright asking for a spanking :D *blushes*

Friday, October 2, 2009

Studded Leather

The joys and woes of living with housemates will be known by many. Personally, I enjoy being around people enough that the joys have by far outweighed the woes (*knock on wood*) in most of my living situations. :D People are very effective sources of entertainment, when you know where to look *big grin*

Take last night, for example.

Housemate A, we'll call him John, was sitting on the couch with his computer in his lap (the only PC user in the house), and the TV on. Now John, as it happens, *knows* about my kink, and is gracious enough to respect my wishes for discreetness, even though he can be a tad playfully suggestive at times (which is quite entertaining for me, as you can imagine... :D).

Sitting next to John was Housemate B, we'll call her Mary, and standing behind the couch was Housemate C, we'll call him Dave.

One of Mary's belts happened to be slung over the back of the couch -- a 1.5", black, fo-leather, silver-studded one. Dave noticed it and picked it up, musing, "Hey, this belt has studs on it... that could really hurt people..."

I'm starting to turn red already.

But it doesn't stop there! "Let's see how much it hurts," exclaims Dave, and proceeds to double the belt over and start whapping his own upper thigh with it, quite hard.

John, from his position on the couch, grins and decides to chime in, "You should try in on Rayne. That might be more effective..." I happen to be passing by on my way into the kitchen at this moment, and reply with a fake-indignant, "Hey!!" even though Dave doesn't take John's advice, and continues whacking his leg instead.

"It doesn't hurt." Dave sounds rather disappointed.

"You're wearing jeans--that nullifies half the pain right there--" I'm relieved that he doesn't seem to find my knowledge on the subject odd or telling. Once I'm safely in the kitchen, I call out, "You should take your pants off!"

Sadly, Dave's sense of propriety remains true, and when I come back to the living room his pants are still safely on, and the belt placed neatly back over the back of the couch, at Mary's protesting, "You're gonna break my belt!"

I couldn't refrain from 'accidentally' knocking John in the back of the head (lightly!) as I went back to my seat, and he chuckled, but said no more.

Yay kinky surprises in a vanilla household! :P

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Second Life

Over the summer, I became increasingly in need of some kind of outlet... for spanking...

While researching, I happened upon an article about online social networking that happened to mention Second Life, and happened to specifically mention getting spanked in Second Life.

(@0@) My jaw literally dropped.

When I got home that day, I downloaded the program immediately, and proceeded to have many quite intriguing adventures!!

Has anyone else discovered this treasure-trove of virtual real-life fantasy-land?? Of course, it's always good to stay safe -- I never give out my real name or exact location or other personal information -- and you shouldn't either, just in case -- but wow! There are SO many spankos!!

Who would have thought that spanko communities would be in full thriving existence in a virtual reality? I know a lot of people have misconceptions about Second Life and the sex scene, and that is present, too, but there really is a lot more to it.

Like dungeons, for example... :D

No but seriously, spanking isn't the ONLY attraction, just one very enticing part of the whole. I'd love to meet you if you're ever around Rosey Cheeks (an entire spanko land), Club Spank (a night/day club), or many of the other genre-specific areas. As well as Japan or Ireland... (yes, you can travel the world!)

Meanwhile, happy spanks :D

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Spilt Milk...

If anyone else has seen the intriguing newer musical called Spring Awakening, you will already have an inkling as to what I'm about to highlight... :D

Little did I know, sitting in the live audience between a parent and a sibling, that such a lovely-heated-embarrassing-discomfort would be running through my entire body during certain parts of the show -- and more than just one scene, too! I must have turned bright red at least twice -- good thing my fellow show-goers were all too engrossed in the stage action to notice... : ) The musical is overall a very serious and thought-provoking experience, though, and well worth seeing, for reasons far beyond its kink-value.

But for now, I will limit my comments to the particular flavor that some of Spring Awakening adds to our common interests here... :D

The part that really started me going (imagining a much less serious, much more PC, much more playful alternative version), began with the main female character (Wendla) explaining to the main male character (Melchior), that she'd been day-dreaming by the stream all morning. What was she day-dreaming about? Funnily enough, she proceeded to describe a day-dream that happened to be uncannily similar to some of my own day-dreams... *blush*

"I dreamt I was a clumsy little girl who spilt my father's milk--" (or coffee, depending on the version you see) "--and when he saw what I'd done, he took off his belt--" (or yanked it off, again depending :D) "--and whipped me with it."


Goodness gracious I got so hot when she admitted that. :D She then went on to explain to Melchior how she herself had never been 'beaten,' and wanted so much to know what it felt like. He, needless to say, was rather astonished, but this didn't stop Wendla from noticing a conveniently-placed switch on the ground, picking it up, and musing, "With this stick, for example, so tough, and thin..."

When she turns to Melchior and holds out the stick, asking him to hit her with it, the poor boy becomes thoroughly surprised and confused -- hit a girl?? With a stick? He tries to tell her that she's being ridiculous, that he would never do such a thing, but she persists:

"Even if I let you? Even if I asked you to?? ... Please!?"

Finally, he relents. But he doesn't just relent -- after an experimental strike to her backside through her dress, he seems to assume a rather dominating air, grabs her upper arm, and says, "I'll teach you to say 'please...'" before continuing with the switch... Depending upon the acting skills of the young man playing Melchior in the version you see, he may assume a rather deliciously low and quietly intense voice as he says this... MMMmmm :D

After that, the actual scene develops into some less-than-yummy scariness, but thought-provoking none-the-less, and for the purpose of creating individual fantasies, this single scene provides a nice chunk of 'mmmmm' material :D

If you haven't seen the musical, I would highly recommend it, and not only to see this particular part, but to really see a creative, deeply moving, innovative and intellectually challenging show : ) Go with a mind wide open! : )

Namaste and safe journeys :D

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dreaming Kinkily...

Last night I ventured back to kinky dreamland (which happens oh so rarely for me!), and found myself... in class. :D

It was a very complicated class, though... Located inside one of the classroom buildings of the college in my hometown (to which I never went as a college student, but did dual-enroll as a high school student), and yet taught by the (young and vibrant yet satisfactorily mature :D) band director at another university nearby. I know it was him, because I was in an honor band with some friends at his university during my last year of high school.

As far as I know, he has never been to my hometown, and so would never be teaching a class there. But this is dreamland... :D

I was younger in the dream -- still in high school, and yet taking the college class (hearkening perhaps to my experience with dual-enrollment). There were maybe ten other students in attendance. I was sitting near the front (uppity over-confident high school student that I was...). For some reason, I can't remember whether it had to do with not understanding a homework assignment, or not getting something in class, the professor (or, rather, band director acting as dream-professor), became annoyed with me, and sent me down the hall to go make copies of some paper hand-out.

Slightly bewildered, I did as he asked and ventured out of the classroom, down the hall, and into the copy room.

Something in the back of my mind told me that I wasn't supposed to be there, as a student, but I went in anyway, thinking that since he'd sent me I wouldn't get in any trouble... : )

Once I started working the copy machine, however, I became aware of the fact that the professor who'd just sent me to make the copies had entered the room behind me -- the atmosphere around me in the dream changed, and I had this overwhelming sense of a kind of delicious foreboding... :D He closed the door, smiling, saying something to the effect of, "You know you're not supposed to be in here..."

Rather than think it unfair, I remember my dream-self just kind of going 'okay!' Unfortunately, the dream didn't go into any details, and instead skipped right to however much later, from a view outside the copy room. He opened the door out into the hallway, and held it for me to exit first, red-faced and, from what the dream told me, slightly sore. I knew that some kind of corporal punishment had taken place, I just knew it! But I couldn't know what exactly, since dream-land had decided to leave that part out...

We then proceeded to return to class as if nothing had happened, but I remember having this feeling welling up inside me -- rather hard to describe... kind of like a bizarre mixture of disbelief, slight frustration, release, curiosity, fascination, guilt, happiness...

As you can imagine, I woke up rather confused, but intrigued and, well, smiling at the same time :D

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Anime Punishment

I just recently found this short clip from an Anime -- I think the title and description may be in Italian, or something similar, but the clip is in Japanese with English subtitles.

Now, I was a little unsure about posting this, because it involves a father spanking his daughter, bare and otk. It's a cartoon, which means no children were hurt in the making of this clip. And, as I've mentioned before, in no way do I condone or tolerate anything to do with children in this arena -- I am personally of the opinion that spanking is wasted on anyone under 18.

This clip, despite the fact that it involves a fictional father and younger daughter, has been seriously pre-occupying me for a few days now, and I wanted to share it. : ) This is a realm of pure fantasy -- please understand this -- fictional fantasy only, and something that I daydream about in my own terms.

What I like about this is the tender father/daughter relationship, the fact that he is concerned about her, for whatever reason, and that he scolds her, gently, for not listening to him. He starts off with a spank and then a rub, a spank and then a rub, as if to ease her into it, so that she's not completely overwhelmed from the beginning. Only after he gets to the crux of it, the fact that she hasn't been listening to him, does he start spanking more quickly, without rubbing, and she starts protesting more.

Some of the choicier lines:
Very beginning-- "A bad girl needs spanking."
Somewhere in the middle-- "Yes, it's painful, isn't it? That's how you get to be a good girl."

*shiver* Imagining someone speaking this way to me (as an adult, from an adult), is absolute bliss. :D I hope you enjoy. I'd welcome any discussion points you have, assuming, as we are, that we are speaking and thinking within the realms of consensual adult activities only.

Suzuku punita

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


So, I'm a feminist, I suppose. Or at least something to that effect, if we're moving into a day and age where I don't have to be called a feminist to believe in equal rights and opportunities for both genders, and that one gender should not have to act or look more like the other in order to gain power, and that neither gender should be made to fit into socially-constructed gender roles by threat of losing social acceptability...

And yet... I melt when I can trust a man enough to be dominated by him.

And then... as if being dominated wasn't enough... to be spanked by him...

Talk about subjugation and humiliation and gender divide...! : ) And yet, that's what I want... For me personally, anyway...

This issue has been talked about and written about many times before. How do I reconcile this absolute knowledge that gender is equal -- in ideology, anyway, which is not always reflected in actual societal reality -- and yet that I personally find it so invigorating to submit to male dominance? Granted, I also have no problem submitting to female dominance, but for some reason it just doesn't hold the same zing for me... Possibly because I'm mostly heterosexual, and because the feeling is a very sexually-charged one, in my case... :D

Perhaps the way I get around a bit of it is by specifying that it's a very personal thing -- I don't by any means subscribe to any beliefs involving the general subjugation of women and overall dominance of men -- no way... So in that sense, I can claim personal preference. Although, at the same time, I don't feel comfortable submitting in every aspect of my life, nor allowing the rest of the world to know how I feel...

I would be really interested to hear from others about their take on this kind of thought... Both men and women, who enjoy either dominating or submitting to either gender...

Monday, September 14, 2009

Ludacris is Spanking?

As many spankos/kinksters will empathize, sometimes everyday vanilla life will throw an exhilarating kink into the mix of the lovely mundane, and immediately I will latch on to it with a "WAIT. OMG. Did that just happen??"

Life comes to a screeching halt for two milliseconds as the burgeoning excitement/embarrassment/arousal/surprise begins to rise in my chest, and I have to push the 'instant replay' button in my mind to make sure I didn't just unconsciously kinkify something vanilla on my own.

One of these gift-like moments rolled over me one day as I was listening to the radio in the car, driving down the road. I listen to all kinds of music (ok, well, most kinds...), so before you judge, the radio happened to be on the hip-hop/R&B station, and a newer song by T-Pain, featuring Ludacris, came on. Now, we won't be getting into any of the rather misogynistic underpinnings (and sometimes overpinnings) of certain kinds of music here, because that is a-whole-nother important discussion and deserves its own space. I would like to choose, for the time being, as I did when I first heard the song, not to over-analyze into realms of gender relations in American pop culture and all of that very serious business, but instead to simply bask in the lovely opportunities for kinky imagination that this moment brought about for me, personally, which I would like to share with you.

Somewhere more than half-way through the song, Ludacris breaks out and does his bit, and it goes a little something like this:

"...Put you over my knee, put you on punishment, woman, and I'll spank ya..."

I nearly jumped out of my skin when I heard that. "You'll do WHAT??? Can you say that again, please?? Can I call you on that -- I don't think you would really do it -- could you show me?"

Naturally, I had to get the name of the song and then promptly go to YouTube as soon as I returned home to look up the music video... Unfortunately, none of said kinkiness actually takes place in the video (sad day!), but if you'd like to hear the song for yourself, it's "Chopped 'N Screwed" by T-Pain. Have tons of fun :D

Any other songs out there with kink-potential that people have happened upon in the past? It's always nice to have a 'secretly-kinky' playlist on one's portable music player for use when times get tough... :D

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Introduction to the Cane

'Tis rather fitting, is it not, that my first (and long-awaited) taste of the cane --

(not this kind of cane):

(but this kind, *shivers*):

-- occurred when I was last in England? : ) How charmingly perfect!

I had the good fortune of having made some friends online, and when I found myself overseas, the double good fortune of being able to meet up with them -- a happy and lovely couple. :D

The cane he used was a thin one, what people who know canes better might call a junior cane... a senior cane is a little thicker, he said... He'd had to be able to bend the cane enough to fit into a backpack, so as not to arouse suspicion when the three of us went out for lunch beforehand... :)

I knew from my previous experiences that I would be nervous and that my nerves would show, so I'd told them about that through email, and warned them that it didn't mean I wasn't enjoying myself, or that I didn't want to continue... even if I showed nerves when it was just the three of us together in the room. I just feel wholly un-natural without clothing -- it never made sense to me how men -- or at least, any of the men I've been with, and probably many women whom I have not met -- can walk around freely without clothes -- get up to go change the temperature of the room, pour a drink, what-have-you -- completely naked, without any compunction whatsoever...!

In the spirit of light-hearted ceremony, he had me bend over the back of a chair, said he was going to give me the traditional 'six of the best,' with the last being the hardest, as always, and had me count each one followed by a 'thank you.' :D

He told me that if I moved out of position I would get extra... And he specifically mentioned keeping my hands on the cushion of the chair -- that was new for me, as I'm not used to having to concentrate on keeping my hands a certain way... I'm not one to actually reach back and try to cover myself (at least I haven't yet!), but the freedom of being able to move my arms around has always been something I've taken for granted, and suddenly knowing that I'd have to deal with extra punishment if I so much as lifted one hand to grab the arm of the chair was... rather exciting... *blushes*

I forgot to count the first one, because it was rather shocking, and out of the corner of my eye I saw him exchange glances with his lovely wife, who was on the other side watching my face to make sure I was okay... He reminded me to count and gave that one to me again. Those first six were rather light (although they still hurt!) -- I knew he was more interested in gauging my reactions than anything else...

Much later, after the three of us had played with a lot of other things and had some more fun ;D, he wanted to give me twelve more, harder strokes.

I went back over the chair, far less warmed up than I'd been before (he'd hand-spanked me before those first six), and I had to count again. These came faster than the first six, and the first of the twelve was as hard as the last of the first six had been. I was having some trouble keeping up with the counting, and this time his wife was much closer, telling me to breathe through it... I was very grateful to have her there, understanding exactly what I was going through :D

We finally got to twelve and I hadn't gotten out of position, and he was quite pleased with the perfect set of marks he'd left -- they had me look at the set of thin lines in the mirror. At that point, he noticed that one side was more deeply marked than the other, and he proposed that I take six more of the same intensity to even out the marks... I protested, obviously, as those twelve had been quite painful, but his grip on my arm as he put me back over the chair was hardly resistible...

With those last six, which he said I didn't need to count because they would come too quickly, I came very close to tears... At one point both of my knees were bent, feet off the ground, and eyes tightly shut, so I didn't notice the chair starting to tilt backwards... His watchful wife caught it before it got too far, but he took the opportunity to count that as 'moving out of position' and gave me an extra for it -- which he later confessed was rather mean of him... :D

He told me later that he couldn't have caned me any harder with that cane -- and she nodded her agreement, as she had watched him do it. Through the whole thing he'd kept making sure that I was okay, keeping lines of communication open, which was very important to me. There were lots of hugs and cuddles afterward, all very essential to a successful encounter :D

Happily, it was a very fine introduction to the English cane, in England, by and Englishman, and I loved every minute of it! : ) Well... maybe not those couple of moments just after the stroke had landed, and the real agony of the pain swelled to a peak -- but those were only moments, and the overall effect was well, well worth it... :D

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Before Your Eyes!

Last Saturday, I went to my second public bdsm-related event, with a couple of new friends. This time it was more like one big warehouse, rather than a house with separate floors... and it was a lot of fun! Again, so many nice, caring, welcoming people -- lots of scary-looking equipment to play on, but nothing that anyone was going to force me into doing if I didn't feel comfortable.

I did, however, end up over someone's lap.

In plain view of everyone else, right out in the open... I went there willingly (but not without hesitation, out of simple shyness and intense embarrassment), and stayed there quite willingly after he really got started... Since this was my first really public (counting 'public' as kinky public, not vanilla public :D) spanking, with more than three other people able to watch and hear perfectly well (I'd say well over 20 people, actually)... he was nice enough to ask me, "Do you mind if I lift your dress?"

Of course I did! But, then, I didn't... So he did :D

I can't explain it, but somehow, being in that position, with nothing to look at but the floor and the legs of the chair and his ankles, knowing that I'm completely vulnerable and with a certain part of my anatomy in pretty much full view of anyone who cared to look (thank GOD we were only around other kinky people!)... It's mesmerizing :D

Needless to say, I had a fabulous time, and wouldn't mind one bit if another opportunistic lap happened to invite me over (as long as we're not out in the daily public, where police might be called in by innocent bystanders!) :-P

Yay! \(^v^)/ What fun! :D

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Instead of Taking Notes...

Sometimes, sitting in class is rather a drag. :D Being a full-time college student, one is bound to run into a few of these situations... if not every day, then at least every week. For me, it's closer to every week, although as my college career advances and my focus-areas zero in on only those things about which I am interested, the time I have to spend day-dreaming in class has lessened.

This is, of course, a good thing.

But, for those times when the lack of a good thing (interesting class-time), translates into *another* good thing... :D Below is a small example.

This is just a short dialogue that I found myself sketching out one day during a particularly boring and repetitive lecture (with thoughts, of course, in pure fantasy-land, of what could happen to a studious pupil caught thus distracted in the middle of class...) :D Please feel free not to like it, or to adapt it to your own likings in your own mind, but to me, this was rather close to the epitome of a HOT play situation... *blushes*

Warning: Some sexually explicit content, please don't read if this offends you, or stop reading when it gets there... You'll also find that the fantasy makes use of a "Sir" and "little one or little girl" dynamic -- this in no way implies anything to do with or anything in support of minors in sexual situations -- all of my fantasy characters are full-on, over-18 adults. Just to clear that up. :)


“You, little girl, are being bad, and need to be taught a lesson.” (rolling up his sleeves)
“Please, Sir…” (blushing, looking up at him)
“Don’t try to wriggle your way out of it. You know what happens to bad little girls, don’t you?”
“Yes, Sir…” (smiling with embarrassment)
“What happens to them?” (smiling, too)
“…They get… spanked…” (biting her lip, swaying from side to side slightly)
"Yes, they do. And do you think you deserve to be spanked, hmm?” (the smile still there in his voice)
“…Yes, Sir…” (turning brighter red)
“Yes what?”
“I deserve to be spanked.” (fidgeting)
“Then ask me for it, little one.”
“…*wriggles*…” (nnnnnnn)
“Be a good little girl, and ask me…” (patient, smiling)
“Please spank me, Sir…” (can’t look in his eyes)
“Good girl. Now, how shall I spank you?” (grinning now)
“…Nnn… Over your knees, Sir…”
“That’s right. Come here.”
(sidling over, hands clenching the hem of her skirt)
“Such a good girl… it’s too bad that you forget your place and need your little butt spanked sometimes…” (he is smiling, his eyes twinkling)
(she stands to the right of his lap, blushing, tense)
(he takes her arm and guides her gently over, her feet leaving the ground, one of her hands grasping his left ankle, her back arched in anticipation and arousal)
(his right hand smoothes over the seat of her skirt, warming her skin, relaxing her) “Mmmm what a cute little ass…presented so nicely for me… ready for a spanking..."
(wriggling) “Mmm…”
(still rubbing her ass, caressing, gently grabbing through her skirt) “Does my little girl want her spanking?”
(whispering, embarrassed) “Yes, Sir, please…”
“Please what…?”
“Please spank me, Sir…” (her voice comes out as an urgent whisper, her hips pushing back into his warm hand)
“Mmmm that’s what I like to hear… good little girl…” (after rubbing a few more moments, he pulls back and lands a gentle swat on the lower part of her ass, right on her sit-spot, drawing a gasp and quiet moan) “Mmmm my little girl likes that…” (he swats again, still rubbing in between, aiming low, and a few more times, drawing more moans) “My little girl likes her butt spanked, doesn’t she…?”
“Yes, Sir…” (squeezing his leg in her hand)
“Mmmm good girl…” (he begins landing spanks in earnest now, still over her skirt, still rubbing)
(she moans, wriggles a little)
“Hmmm I think my little girl’s skirt is offering her too much protection…” (the grin is obvious in his voice. He runs light fingers up both of her thighs, softly, slowly, reaching the hem of her skirt and following her skin underneath, causing her hips to push back even more…) “Mmmm my baby likes my hands on her skin…”
“Yes, Sir…”
(he is whispering now, slowly raising her skirt while continuing to caress her thighs) “You like having my hands on you… touching, rubbing, mmm spanking you…” (her skirt is completely up now, she is moaning) “Mmm! You look fabulous like this, you know, over my lap, your cute little butt in the air, your skirt up, exposing you to me…” (his hand is rubbing a little harder now, over her panties, warming her, over the parts of her bottom not covered, the backs of her thighs…) “Mmm so spankable…” (he begins spanking again, still lightly, slowly, enjoying her skin)
“Mmm good girl… Tell me what you want me to do to you, little girl…”
“Nnnn spank me, Sir, please…”
“How hard?”
“Nnnnn harder… please…” (she breathes it out, as if begging)
(grinning, he hardens his swats, making them heavier, quicker, not stopping to rub as much) “Good girl… you want me to spank you hard don’t you… turn your butt red…”
“Yes, Sir, please…”
Swat! Swat!…. SWAT! SWAT!!! “Mmmm I want to see that cute little ass of yours, would you like that?”
“Nnnn yes, Sir…” (her eyes are shut tight as she wriggles slightly with embarrassment)
“Ask me…"
“Please take my….panties down, Sir…” (she is gasping)
“And then what, little girl?” (he is grinning, rubbing her warming skin)
“And spank my bare bottom, Sir, please…” (her voice is rising in pitch, pleading)
“Good girl…” (he begins lowering her panties, slowly, relishing the view…) “Mmmm look at that lovely little ass, starting to turn pink…” (taking her panties down to her thighs, but leaving them there… rubbing her bare ass…) “Mmmm all bare, ready for me to spank you…”
“Yes Sir, please…!”
“Mmmm! Good girl.” (swatting again, his left hand curled around her bare hip, comforting, his right hand rubbing and swatting, aiming low, sometimes hitting the backs of her thighs, drawing moans and making her wriggle over his lap…) “Mmmm my baby girl likes her butt spanked…”
(she can only moan and nod vigorously, her eyes closed)

The rest of the dialogue moves into some sexual realms, which I am uncomfortable posting on the blog -- but by all means, if you are curious about the rest of it, just ask and I can send it on a one-to-one basis :D

Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday Night Spanking

Well, afternoon, but close enough :D

Now that the spanking niche of my life is beginning to take on a life of its own (Yay!), I'm finding it difficult to go for very long (more than three weeks... :D) without being spanked... Seriously, it gets to the point where I start craving even just the sting -- the impact, just feeling something...back there :D

Luckily, the lovely world of the inter-nets has opened up many more opportunities to meet and connect with wonderful people who are more than willing, and in fact quite interested, in helping to alleviate this craving! :D So when the opportunity popped up to find myself over someone's knee not but two days after my 22nd birthday, and at the very least a good three weeks since the last time I'd been spanked, I had to take it. Wouldn't you? :D

And here I am! -- A hand, a belt, a hairbrush, and a lovely wooden spoon (featured below) later, sitting on my nice cushy chair, with a nice warm, stinging sit-spot *blush*

Thank you H! :D And many happy spankings in the future!! : )

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Happy Birthday to me!! :D "It's my birthday and I'll get spanked if I want to..." (I hope you know the song reference, because otherwise, you'll just think that I go around singing this on my birthday, and I assure you, that's not the case... :D )

I am now a ripe old 22 as of today! :D And although I don't plan on getting spanked for it tonight, there is still the weekend... : ) *evil grin*

Happy Birthday to all those out there whose birthday is today as well, and happy spanking! :D

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Animation Fascination

Does anyone else experience this phenomenon? What is it about the simple spanking animations or cartoons that just hit me in the right spot? :D

They don't even have to be that elaborate, even just an arm up, an arm down, an arm up, an arm down (with a pink bottom as the target of the hand attached to said arm)... :) But then most of the ones that I find add in a slight movement of the spankee's bottom on impact, and/or of her own arms and legs as she squirms (or he, I suppose)... Some even have the spanker's hand alternate from one cheek to the other! Ingenious! I can't stand it! :D Show me one of those and I'm immediately melting... :D

Doesn't matter if the drawing is shotty, or if it's lacking in detail or grace or vivid coloration... Perhaps I'm just not picky enough? If it's spanking, it's got me going :D

Somehow the fact that the animation is there, actually moving, takes it a step further than a simple drawing, or a picture... Sure, one could get the same and even better 'animation' from watching a spanking movie -- and quite a lot more plot, character development, sound, variation of theme and visual stimulation... But something about the quick-fix, simply-animated little cartoon... is rather tantalizing... :) I don't have to wait for it, it's just right there, over and over and over again...

Don't get me wrong -- everything else is wonderful, too, drawings, pictures, movies, stories -- I love it all :D Just wanting to give a shout out to a seemingly less-than-highlighted genre of visual spanking stimulation : )

If anyone knows any good spanking/erotic animation sites out there, let me know! I've found one pay site that looks nice: http://www.underground-animations.com/index.htm (Their free sample pages are here: http://www.underground-animations.com/interest.htm)

Monday, August 31, 2009

OverWonderfully-Whelming Weekend


Goodness Gracious.


What a weekend! : ) Firstly, I was able to go to a dinner-event beforehand (earlier in the week) and meet a few people who were also going to the same event (this being the BDSM-related all-day event for which I went shopping last week). That way, I already knew a few people there, which made it more comfortable for me. Secondly, two of the people I'd met at the dinner were kind and generous enough to invite me to stay at their home the night before the event, and then to go along with them, so I didn't have to go all by myself. THAT was INCREDIBLY helpful -- I'd been planning just to go alone, but having them there with me from the beginning was SO nice, and really helped me to ease into the whole thing and meet more new people.

Thirdly, everyone was wonderfully caring and welcoming and very happy to have new people there -- not only me but a few other newbies as well. I had nothing to be scared or worried about -- so many warm, considerate, protective people, they wouldn't have let me get into a hurtful situation. : )

With that said, wow. There were some very intense things going on, and most of what I did was watch, like I'd thought I would. I did manage to end up over someone's lap, first in private, then later in semi-public (and bare! eep!!)... I also had a chance to do some experimenting with ropes -- being tied up quite elaborately with some pretty pink nylon rope -- with knots in rather convenient and tantalizing places... Not suspended, though -- although we did see some pretty awesome suspensions... I think I really did like the rope -- something about his hands working over me, tying the knots, the way it constricted me as if I were being held, etc... And then of course the way he could exert power over my movement by manipulating the rope :D

So, this weekend was much more about exploring some broader BDSM-related activities than it was about playing a lot. It helped me to confirm that I personally am much more into the spanking sub-genre of activities, rather than BDSM in general.

It's odd, though, because the spanking has to involve at least some element of D/s or power-exchange in order for it to really effect me -- which is hard to explain to a lot of people. Especially people for whom D/s actually means a lot more.

In any case, it was a very fun weekend. The first time that I've ever been spanked in public, also the first time that I've seen others spanked (and more), and the first time that I've done a few *other* things in public, too... :) Someone let me (aka peer-pressured me) into trying on their waist-cincher-corsette-thingy over my dress, and wearing it for a good hour at least -- it looked really good!! :D Forced me to sit with proper posture, as well... :)

Some interesting workshops kept our attention for the first half of the day, which worked really well not only as a knowledge-spreading device, but also as a way for everyone to begin to feel comfortable around each other, and in the space, so that the play going on after dinner wouldn't feel awkward. Plenty of benches, X-like crosses, long padded tables, etc... for people to play with, all of which were well-used throughout the night, of course...

The whole experience now leaves me very much wanting to attend a play-party geared for spankos next! :D Now that I've survived a BDSM party, a spanking party should be a piece of cake, don't you think? :D

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Kinky Shopping Trip!

Ooooh I love shopping! :D

I've never shopped for anything kinky, really... Maybe a pair of argyle knee-socks here and there... :D And then of course your typical small arsenal of lingerie... But no other suggestive clothing, shoes, or anything overly 'fetishized'... : )

Now, I have a pair of rather high, black heels, several different kinds of stockings and tights with lace and ribbons and ruffles (and argyle) and things! :D I have TWO little black dresses...

Why this sudden burst of money-spending?

Well, along with the tradition of firsts... I'm about to go to my first public event this weekend :D It's a first for the local area, so will be rather small (and thus less intimidating...?), and is in a private venue, so although it's 'public' to me, it's still private within the larger 'bdsm' community.

I'm a little nervous (ok, more than a little), not only because it will be my first time at one of these kinds of events, but also because it's not just spanking -- it's going to be including the much broader spectrum of bdsm, which is not completely my thing, but which I am open to experiencing. : ) I will probably be watching most of the time, and hopefully will have an interesting conversation with more than one or two people... perhaps I may even find myself over a lap or two... :D

Will definitely post after going, though, so no mysteries as to how it goes...!! : )

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dangling on Both Ends

I think I will always remember the first time that my spanker sat down in an armless, straight-backed chair, and pulled me over his lap so that not only were my legs suspended in mid-air, but so, too, was my torso.

Up until that point I'd always been spanked in a position that left my top half laying comfortably flat on some kind of surface: the edge of the bed, the other half of a couch, the cushy arm of a chair, etc... Despite the lack of 'comfy-ness,' however, I have to say -- the authenticity of dangling over his lap completely like that, with my face near the ground and all of my weight resting on him... was rather, well, lovely :D

Not to mention when he took my right wrist and held it in the small of my back -- not harshly, just lightly, as a reminder, and an assertion of his power over me. : ) Mmmmm :D

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Kinky Tink

Let alone a plaid or argyle fetish...! This rather newly-found interest in spanking has really made me look at Tinkerbell in a new light.

Sure she was kinda cute, more than a little bratty, and unfortunately a little less than loyal... But I'd never really thought of her before as anything else... I didn't really like her, actually -- she was a bit too "girly" for me... :D

But now...
I wonder what makes her so appealing to me now...? Could she possibly house a hint of kinkiness behind those faerie wings...?

She certainly does come off as the archetypal "spoiled brat" in the movie... Jealous, conniving, manipulative, greedy... definitely deserving of a spanking, don't you think? :D

But when she's not busy being a brat, she can actually be quite endearing. :D Cute, innocent, and, depending on how she's portrayed at the moment, kinda sexy : )

I think, however, that this little clip might have clinched it... No wonder she set off my kink-o-meter! :D

Friday, August 21, 2009

My Sister's Keeper

In my dream last night I was a stellar, older student at a highly accredited institution, rather like a boarding school, although exactly the type of school and its exact location weren't entirely clear. What was perfectly clear, however, was the fact that corporal punishment could be administered to any student, for any reason deemed serious enough by the powers that be.

This year was a special year at school for me. My little sister was beginning as a student at the same school. And I, as an upper-level student -- perhaps in a position of student-authority, like a prefect or a member of the student government, depending on the geographical placement of the school -- I felt specifically responsible for her well-being as a new student, as a promising young lady, and as my precious baby sister.

So, naturally, when she got in trouble for something at school, something serious... I was faced with a dilemma. The responsible, honest, practical side of me knew that the only way she would ever learn would be to accept the consequences for her actions. But the sisterly side of me, the side that had grown up with her, had gone on adventures with her, had made up fantastical stories and stayed up late at night giggling with her... couldn't let her take the fall.

She'd come to me, one evening before lights out, bawling, terrified, repentant, sincerely regretting her actions. I don't even know what she'd done -- the dream did not grant me that information -- I just knew that it was something serious, and involving a group of girls in her year, like graffiti or vandalism of some kind, and that she hadn't been able to fix it afterwards. In the morning, the damage would be noticed, and, she was sure of it, those found to be responsible for it severely punished. She didn't know what to do... I held her, her tears dampening the arms of my school blouse.

I could tell she was sorry. I was fully of the opinion that she did not need corporal punishment to repent her actions, to make her never want to stray again... Not to mention that I myself had been in for similar consequences once or twice during my school career, and I wished none of that harrowing experience on my baby sister.

Despite my long-standing reputation of judicious honesty and integrity, I told her that, when the morning came, I would tell them that I'd done it. I would take the fall. I could handle it, I told her, when she protested, much better than she could. And it would be worth it to me, if she would promise never, ever to get in trouble like that again. She nodded vigorously, tears still pouring, throwing her arms around me, "Oh thank you...!"

Unfortunately, the dream ended there, with the realization bearing down on me that I would be in the principal's/headmaster's office, the next day, receiving a painful punishment that was not my own.

Darn I hate it when lovely dreams are interrupted! :D

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Argyle Fetish

Recently, as in, the past few months, I've found myself invariably and irresistibly attracted to anything of argyle or plaid design.

Shirts, sweaters...

(advertised as: "Turn on a Lumberjack...") :D

folders, pens, pencils...


(advertised as: "Over the Knee Socks") :D

phone cases, sunglass cases, computer cases...


(for going "back to school!")

belts, earrings...

shoes, boots, bags...

(sooooooo CUTE!)

sitting room walls and throw pillows...?

(overkill? :D)

And, I am in no doubt whatsoever, that this sudden addiction to all things plaid or argyle has everything to do with the following phenomenon:

(courtesy of Girls Boarding School)

I blame one fetish for turning me on to another. Ah well. Such is life. :)

At least I know that, should I ever feel the need to wear pants rather than a skirt for such an occasion, I'm covered in that area as well...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Subspace... ?

A recent email group discussion has sparked my interest in the topic of subspace.

It's been a rather vague concept, in my experience, and seems to be quite different for each person who feels they have journeyed thither.

I've never been, that I know of, but all the same, I don't need to feel it to believe it. : ) People write about it being that point where one can begin to take the pain and turn it into pleasure, or that threshold which, once crossed, leads to foggy oblivion. Most of the time, it seems, subspace is said to be reached through an intense, constant, rhythmic endurance of pain or other sensory stimulation... This makes sense to me, physically and mentally. I don't think, however, that it would be a physical journey for me, where I ever to undertake it.

Although I've never experienced it, something about it's description leaves me sure that it would require a mental intensity for me, rather than physical (or perhaps, as well as physical...). This may just be due to the fact that I don't think I could or would want to undergo the purely physical agony that it would take to get there... but somehow, I don't think it's just that...

The mental aspect to spanking or D/s play has always been paramount to me. And I say 'always' with the understanding that I'm still very new and thus my 'always' is not nearly as vast as many of yours will be... :)

I do know that if I'm kneeling on a bed taking stripes from some deplorable instrument, it is infinitely harder for me to handle if the experience is not intertwined with some mental aspect -- it can be as simple as words that he might say to me -- something as small as being called 'naughty,' or hearing 'I hope I'm getting through to you'... something as easy as having to count each one... Some kind of understanding that I am somehow under mental submission to my partner's dominance -- in more ways than just receiving physical pain.

This makes me believe that if I were ever to attempt to reach 'subspace,' it would have to be through the mental intensity of a scene, rather than only the physical. I don't know exactly what would or would not work, however... perhaps delving very deeply into a character (like a student or a niece... I've never role-played, either! :D), or perhaps it would require a certain level of emotional attachment as well...

What are others' thoughts on this? Does anyone else need more mental rather than physical stimulation? Or do most people find it easier the other way around? What works best for you? And for those normally on the other end, what kinds of things, how do you feel about your play partner reaching subspace? How do they get there? : )

Sunday, August 16, 2009

What's This, What's This?

Frolicking through Europe (well, London... and a few stolen hours in Paris... :D) on an all-too-short but simply lovely college theatre trip across the sea this past spring, I naturally found myself seeking out any little drop of kinkiness I could find, in any little thing...

Of course, this happens regularly here, too, every day... But I was in *England* -- the birth-place of all my beginning fantasies, the home of quite an extensive and (for those of us interested today) convenient history of, well, kink. :D Many other countries have a comparable volume of history on that subject, too, absolutely -- but this was the one I was, and still remain, most familiar with (on that side of the Atlantic, anyway).

Take, for instance, this small, seemingly innocent and informative picture plastered to the wall inside The Globe theatre tour:

What should I have been contemplating? The range and scope of occupations during Shakespeare's time, of course, and how they would relate to his father, family, circumstances, theatre, and etc... But what was going through my mind instead? Take a wild guess :D

Next, in Paris (cue schmaltzy music), while tour-cruising the river Seine, I was highly distracted and amused by the peculiar shape, size, and weight of our audio tour-guides... My mother saw me taking this picture... I very much hope she thinks I simply wanted to be painstakingly thorough in documenting my Parisian experience... :D

I decided to try and give a realistic grip for the sake of the picture, but, of course, my own hand is quite un-used to performing in such a fashion... : )

Unfortunately, as it was a school-related trip, I couldn't steal away to explore any specifically-kinky areas (for too long, anyway :D), and thus had to resort to finding the potential in the more mundane -- but it was great fun, and it's always nice to spot little things throughout the day like that, wherever you are. : )

Saturday, August 15, 2009

First Implement

I've told the story of my first "real" spanking experience, which, for me, meant the first time I was mentally and physically over someone's knee, with the intention of being there for a while, getting spanked. It had nothing to do with the level of pain, or the number of the layers of clothing, or anything really at all except for the specific element of being an experience meant to be regarded as an OTK spanking.

I had, before that, been swatted, patted, even briefly held over a lap and then released, and, in fact, even felt an implement. None of these experiences, however wonderful they were, constituted, in my mind, an "actual" spanking, like the one previously described. They do, however, hold an important place in my own kinky journey, and thus deserve a place in blog-world. :)

The first implement I ever felt was a small, thin, wooden paddle. As innocent a paddle as it might have been (compared to what I've experienced since), when he first brought it out and I first saw it, my heart jumped into my throat and I suddenly got very, very worried.

Not only was I already naked, I was also already on my hands and knees on the floor, my butt toward him and feeling very vulnerable... I'd only gotten there in the first place out of constant encouragement (both verbal and some slightly stingy hand-spanking) from him, and only stayed there due to his continuous, "Don't worry, you'll be fine... You're doing great... Be a big girl..."

All of his verbal encouragement helped me tremendously to stay focused, despite my knowledge that I am, in fact, an adult, and that talk like this in any other situation would leave me slightly affronted... In this situation it did everything to keep me aroused and grounded : )

The first time that wood came in contact with my already slightly warm, bare skin was actually rather shocking. I remember thinking, "OW! What?" I was all at once very conscious of it's flatness, it's hard woodenness, and it's breadth of coverage over my pliable skin. After the shock of the first swat, the second incited a wiggle and a squeak from me, which in turn invited more encouragement.

"Stings, doesn't it? Don't worry... it's not that bad..." Whap! "See? Just a little sting..."

I could hear the smile in his voice, and despite the discomfort in my bottom-regions, I felt able to relax into it a bit more. I remember leaning forward so that my elbows touched the ground, and my forehead could rest on the carpet -- it was very straining and tiring, to put up with that kind of treatment! :D

After only six or seven whaps with the stingy thinner paddle, he revealed a slightly thicker one, though no bigger in width or length. My eyebrows disappeared under the hair on my forehead and I wiggled a little more in vain protest, all worry and fret again. Would the thicker paddle hurt more??

He merely smiled and said, "That's right..." : ) Apparently I'd provided him with exactly the reaction he'd been looking for, which did little to comfort me (but did quite a bit to enhance my excitement :D).

I received only two or three with the thicker paddle, which was just fine for me, as my butt was stinging terribly by that time and I didn't want to feel that wood hit my skin again. After that we moved on to other, less stingy entertainment... :D

Oh my how little I knew at that point... that stinging wasn't really stinging at all!! : ) But for the moment it was just enough, and it let me know that, in fact, I could handle at least a small, thin wooden paddle...

Friday, August 14, 2009


As is typical during the long evenings I spend alone, studying, researching graduate schools, job searching, etc... Often my online ventures will stray into slightly less productive but highly entertaining and much more fulfilling activities...

One such venture led me to the picture above last night, which set me off right away. :D

I'd like to go through the more specific elements of this find that particularly affected me -- please feel free to add your own thoughts on the matter! :)

#1: (in no particular order) The Classroom Setting
Not only is it in a public rather than private sphere (even if the classroom is empty), but it allows for an automatic positioning of two distinct and specified roles: an authority and a non-authority. Many different kinds of scenes do this. :D I particularly fall for the school/classroom settings because those were my original fantasies, when any other setting for spanking or corporal punishment (that wasn't parental) simply wasn't yet conceivable to my very young and inquisitive mind. Of course, those original daydreams were taking place in private Headmasters' studies or offices, not in open classrooms as is shown here... :D

#2: She's Smiling
Yes, fine, it's unrealistic, because I know full well that if I were in her position, particularly having to face that ruler, I wouldn't be smiling quite like that. But it's pretend :D And it does let me know that she is, in fact, somewhere deep down, enjoying herself, and that helps very much to take away the scary/disappointing/downer aspects of a punishment scene. It's playful (despite his rather serious expression), and as such can be taken with a lighter heart and a brighter attitude.

#3: Realistic Age Gap
The artist here definitely made efforts to illustrate a certain age difference between the teacher and student -- yet not to an exaggerated amount (don't get me wrong, I will go for exaggerated age difference, as well :D). For me personally, in fantasy worlds, my authoritarians are always older -- at least older than I am. And, realistically, in a teacher-student relationship at the high school level, at least a few years should have transpired between the two roles. There's something about an older man that I just find irresistibly attractive -- not to say that a younger man wouldn't catch my eye if he had the characteristics for which I were looking, but something about him being older just makes it easier, I suppose :D

#4: Exhibitionism
Now, this is the tricky one, for me. I'm very shy. I'm a very private person. But if I had to pick one thing about this picture that really got me, it would be the fact that she is bare, and bent forward over the front of his desk with her back to the rest of the (empty or not) classroom (even if that is his own desk chair and not a classroom chair behind her, which it could be, we'll just pretend that his chair is actually out of view on the side closest to us). It has me shivering, and my heart gallivanting... He is lifting her skirt, she can feel the cool air on her bare skin, and it's day-time in a semi-public place... WHY is that so enrapturing?? :D There is a fine line here which I am always so wary of crossing -- between good, clean, highly arousing fun, and absolute mortification... In the realm of fantasy, I'm always safe... But translating this into real life always constitutes a sticky situation for me... in more ways that one... :)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

As Promised...

Yesterday I said that I would write more about my first ever "real" spanking experience, just as a mini-story in itself. :D As aforementioned, it was during that first year of exploring my new-found kink. I started that relationship when I was just a few months into age 20, and then proceeded to turn 21 before it ended a little over a year later. It's been about half a year since then, and I am about to turn 22. Just for some time reference.

It was the first time we'd met in person.

We'd met online, as it seems many relationships with a spanking or bdsm twist form these days, and we'd developed quite the correspondence. It was apparent even before meeting in person that we worked together, that we were getting into more than just a friendship, and that we both wanted to head in that direction.

After two solid months of emailing back and forth every single day, we moved to instant messaging... After two solid weeks of 4-hour instant-message conversations every night, we moved (with a little hesitation from me) to phone conversations... After four solid weeks of emails, instant messages, and hours on the phone each night, we moved to video chat and got to see each other for the first time on screen... It wasn't long before he flew out and we spent a wonderful weekend together in a hotel. Seriously, I disappeared from my college house for a weekend, and we hardly left the hotel room :D

I wore a skirt, on that day, when we were to finally meet for the first time in person. :) It was wintry outside -- yet I knew I wanted to be in a skirt.

We met at a central place on campus, went to the room and got him unpacked, then dinner and an orchestra performance -- as we wanted to get comfortable with each other in public situations before diving in head first... But, although the music was quite lovely, we hardly needed the time -- after all of our virtual conversations we both felt very comfortable together -- we fit somehow, you know? :D

Back in the room after the show, he immediately took control and I loved it. From the moment the door closed and he put on the lock.

"Take off your boots." I already knew by the steady, firm tone of his voice that this was it.

I was unsteady on my feet, and needed to reach out to hold onto his shoulder in order to keep from toppling over while I obeyed. Once safely de-booted, I stood before him, suddenly shy, waiting and nervous.

He hugged me... a deep, understanding hug, and whispered into my neck, "I think you've been waiting for this for a very long time."

The shiver that went through me was quite involuntary. He held on until it passed, then released me and moved over to sit on the edge of the bed. I stayed rooted to the spot.

Looking over at me, his face kind, but firm, he patted his right thigh and said, "Come over my lap."

Wanting to impress him, but still so very embarrassed at myself and what I was thinking, I shuffled over close to him, but couldn't quite go over. I was smiling -- I had to, in order to deal with the embarrassment and the shyness and the nervousness and everything else... Luckily he was smiling back, and didn't mind when I stalled a bit by putting my head on his shoulder, and rubbing his arm with my left hand... I wanted so much to just do it, just do what he'd asked, but it was simply impossible... In my mind at the time, putting myself over his knees was tantamount to purposely flashing someone in public, or yelling "Spank me!!" on a busy sidewalk in the middle of the day.

Fortunately for me, he seemed to read my mind, and wisely took my hesitation not for unwillingness to go through with it, but for simply what it was -- hesitation. He took my arm and gently guided my torso over his lap and onto the bed next to him, leaving my hips to lie propped up on his knees, and my feet on the floor next to the bed.

This was it.

I had never, EVER been in this position before.

I could feel my body react immediately. Immediately. Let's just say that if we'd stopped there, it would have been plenty by way of foreplay for me. :D

Happily, however, we didn't stop there. How could we? Now that I was so conveniently positioned, there was nothing for him to do but start to rub, and then to pat... All still over my skirt, but already making me whimper and squirm. Ohhhhh my goodness... Most of my mind was still having trouble realizing that this was even possible... that all those years of lying awake fantasizing at night had been about something that could, actually, really, physically, happen... to me, now at age 20, as an adult.

I remember not knowing what I should be doing with my legs... I was nervous about how I must look to him -- would it be easier for him, or would I look better, with my legs straight? Or bent? Or crossed, or one up one down... Obviously, I wasn't yet in enough pain to keep these silly thoughts repressed.

He didn't talk much once he'd got me over his lap, but he was responsive to my antics -- whimpering, moaning now and again, squirming a bit over his knees... Sounds of approval were issuing from his throat, and his hands on me were quite enough communication for the both of us.

After a bit, he took hold of the hem of my skirt, and began to lift. I made tiny nervous sounds and motions -- this would not only be the first time we'd met in person, and the first time I'd ever been spanked, and the first time he'd ever spanked me, but now it was going to be the first time he'd ever seen me with fewer clothes than is considered publicly decent in most situations. I was terribly shy, and especially about that part of my anatomy, and especially in this highly embarrassing and arousing position...

By the time he'd gotten my skirt all the way up I was about ready to explode with tension... I'm sure he could tell, because he took the opportunity to calm me down with quite a bit of rubbing, soothing, and telling me how nice I looked.

He put his left hand through my hair and pushed it back from my face on the bed, a gesture which had me sighing into the bed spread. :D

Please excuse the sappiness :) You will find that I'm a terribly romantic and often sappy person, bordering on pathetically schmaltzy when the mood strikes, so don't be put off as at the moment we're discussing one of the most dreamy moments of my young life... :)

Once I'd physically relaxed a bit, he began patting again, and my goodness what a difference it was -- suddenly it seemed terribly essential to have even that thin layer of cloth covering my skin, shielding it from the slap of his hand, even if it was just a light slap... I remember squirming with a little more vigor after the loss of my skirt's protection...

It wasn't long before his hand started coming down a bit harder, and a bit faster, and I started breathing a bit heavier, and moving my feet quite a bit more... No longer was I pre-occupied with worrying about how I must look, or what he might think, or where my legs should be, or how my skin must be jiggling -- now every thought in my mind had to do with the heat building under his hand, and then, quite suddenly, it started to hurt.

Ooooh... Ah! It started to really hurt!

I suppose the distress I was feeling at that point came through in my voice as I reacted, because after those moments of actual pain he would stop and rub a bit, again reaching over to push the hair out of my face.

By then, I had my left fore-arm underneath me, pressed flush up against his left thigh on the bed, and my right hand clinging to his left leg just above his knee, my fingers squeezed between him and the bed. I had taken to bending first one knee, then straightening it and bending the other, just for something to keep my mind off of the physical pain, something to move, something to do...

He kept spanking me for a bit after it began to hurt -- but of course, it was only hurting because I'd had no idea what it would feel like, had never been spanked before in my life even as a child, and was not used to hurting at all in any way.

At one point, nearing the end, he didn't stop to rub on cue with my whimpering, but instead kept going, a little harder, and I couldn't help the fact that my voice rose, that both my feet came up off the floor, that my head came up off the bed and I gripped his leg with my right hand hard and fast.

Then he stopped.

I let out a sigh... still feeling the sting, and still not quite sure whether I liked it or not.

After about a minute of rubbing and relaxing, he asked me, "Are you ready for more?"

More?! More? -- I was thinking, god no, oh no, that hurt quite enough thank you... The sting still lingering on my panty-clad bottom was enough to decide for me -- I shook my head, unable to speak at first, and then supplemented with a breathless, "No..."

"No?" he queried, to make sure, "All done?"

I nodded, closing my eyes. "Yesss...."

As this was our first visit, and the the first time I'd been over a lap getting spanked, he wanted, thankfully, to make sure that I felt comfortable with the experience -- that I still had enough control over the situation to keep things where I wanted them and to avoid any misunderstandings, while still maintaining the establishment of my submission to him, which was essential for me, mentally.

After that we talked, cuddled, and let the cuddling turn into some other things, but that can all be left up to imagination for now :D

It wasn't until much later that I stumbled upon opportunities to further explore my tolerance/intolerance for pain, my reactions to/preferences for different kinds of implements, and many other avenues of interest and excitement, most of which, I'm sure, will eventually find their way here, one way other another... :)