Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Spanking at your Fingertips

Ah the joys of technology!

As you may imagine, I am a hugely enthusiastic fan of any technological application that allows me to make pretty things of my own design -- a blog, for instance, full of content of my choosing and crafting :D

Thus, any time I happen to get my hands on my partner's iPad (shameless plug, highly attractive and addictive little slice of technology), the first application I always seem to go to is the "Drawing Pad," where all manner of pretty colors and shapes and ideas are literally
at my fingertip.

I have an entire blank canvas to fill with
whatever I want.

One evening, waiting for him to come to bed, I had a moment of inspiration and finger-drew this very rough, first-attempt sketch.

When I say rough, I mean rough -- this was pure thought in my mind translated straight to purple lines on the smooth glass surface of the iPad, no pre-planning, no pre-sketching, no erasing -- just creation.

Despite its crudeness (and I don't mean the content ;D), I decided to post it here for you to enjoy, and perhaps to inspire you to explore some of your own illustrative leanings.

Your canvas awaits!

(Even if you don't have an iPad, get out some finger paints, for goodness sake! Just be sure to wash the paint off your hands before spanking anybody... That could get a tad messy...) :):)