Wednesday, July 28, 2010

An Evening with Miss Pink, Vol. 2

(Apologies to all for the minor delay -- the ceiling in our living room collapsed and quite vigorously destroyed many of our belongings, along with 50% of our first floor -- but no further harm was done, and it is now almost patched up... Our landlords have offered to cover everything, so all is well!)

And now, on to the good stuff... :D

You will find more about the specific mechanics of the game we played over at The Pink Report, but just as a refresher, I will run through the basic outline:

We had a single deck of cards, and Barely and I took turns flipping two cards each, adding the number together to determine the total number of strokes. If either of us drew a 2, it meant that we would both receive the full value of the two cards. We decided that the easiest thing to do would be to cycle through different implements (and to fudge the cycle a bit if either of us were somehow faced with enduring the same implement twice in a row) :D Among the array were: a heavy leather strap (hand-assembled by the spanker D himself), a wooden hairbrush, a leather belt, a crop, and D's hand.

Among the first few implements used on me (I can't quite remember whether it was the first or the second) was that malicious-looking heavy leather strap.

Now, if you know me, you will know of my fondness for leather, especially leather implements. On this day, however, just feasting my young eyes upon the mass and heft of that burly strap left me somewhat breathless... Yes, I can say, with mild reservation, that I was slightly intimidated. And rightfully so -- after about the twelfth stroke with it I nearly sprang straight up from over the arm of the couch where I had obediently bent only moments before.
(By the way, hips propped quite deliciously upward by the soft round arm of a couch happens to be quite a lovely position, as demonstrated by the enchanting illustration at right -- if you recognize the artist please let me know.)

I think Barely could sense how challenging it was for me to take that strap without a fuss, because later in the game, the next time I was faced with an inordinate number of strokes (a whopping 20!) with that same implement, she very kindly and concernedly offered to split the number with me.

This was something we continued to offer for each other throughout the game -- should one of us happen to draw a high number, we would make eye-contact, and the one whose bottom was technically safe for that turn would eagerly make the offer. Eager to help? Or, instead, eager to enjoy a piece of the pie...? :D Perhaps a little of both : )

In this instance, we agreed that if it turned out to be too much for me after the first ten, she would step in for the other half.

She sat on the couch while I bent, jeans down, over the arm, my head in her lap, our hands clasped. I can only imagine what a sight we were for D... :) I counted out the first ten, and then D kindly gave me the chance to think over whether I could take another ten. While my mind reeled in conflict, Barely asked softly if I was ok, and D filled in the blanks, "She wants the next set -- she wants to prove she can take it..." Just as it had happened a little earlier the first time I had offered to split with Barely -- she had decided to stick it out and take them all.

Following her example, I did the same. This may or may not have had something to do with the illusionary properties of having a temporary break from the sting of that strap -- because as soon as he started up again with the next ten, my breath left me and I wondered what in the world I'd been thinking!

Barely took up the count right away, cradling my torso in her arms, helping me through the last half. And in the end, D was right -- I did something that I had honestly thought I would be unable to do (the moment that 7 of hearts was joined by the King of spades and I realized which implement was next in line...), and that feeling of triumph, coupled with Barely's proud smile, was definitely worth it :D

The game continued, and both my friend and I cycled through many an implement along with many a position -- most of the time we were enjoying the age-old OTK over D's inviting lap, but sometimes certain implements required a certain amount of innovation: Barely bottom-up over a footstool, hands and feet on the carpet, me bent over the table, hips resting on the hard wood of its edge... If there is one thing that I enjoy immensely about the company of spankos (and there are many, many things), it is the ingenuity with which we can concoct a varying number of compromising positions, games, implements, etc., which all center around spanking in some way :D

More than once, Barely found herself bent, standing, over the back of D's couch, the table moved a few feet back to allow D ample arm-swinging room. This time, she was getting the belt, and almost immediately, it became apparent that D wanted to switch up the pace a bit -- the first stroke fell and she had barely eeked out "One!" before the next landed, leaving her quite breathless and surprised. D decided not to wait for the count, but struck a third time, eliciting a small cry from my friend as she squirmed over the couch, and I took up the swift count instead.

Slowly, I made my way over to the couch, sliding onto the seat right next to her and clasping her hands while I counted, as she had already done for me...

Ahh the precious moments of a spanko friendship :D

More tiny details and tidbits, along with the grand finale, will be coming up (hopefully much sooner this time!) in Vol. 3, but for now, I will leave us here, holding hands, and readying for the next spanking adventure...
: )

Monday, July 19, 2010

An Evening with Miss Pink, Vol. 1

When Miss Pink from The Pink Report approached me with the idea of joining her and her Dom for an evening of spanking fun, I don't have to tell you how quickly I jumped at the opportunity :D

I was nervous, excited, flattered, and highly conscious of not wanting to unintentionally overstep any boundaries with either Barely or her relationship -- I knew that this would not only be her first time getting spanked in front of someone else :), but also her first time seeing anyone else over her man's lap -- I didn't want my newly-found friendship to go sour over any hurt feelings... It turns out, however, that there was nothing to worry about! Barely's honesty and true knowledge of herself helped tremendously to ease that tension, and we both established from the beginning that any discomfort from either of us would be voiced and taken care of immediately -- a precaution which, in fact, went wholly un-needed throughout the night :D

Seeing Barely spanked first definitely kicked the night off right for me *blush* When he first ordered her over, it gave me a rush just to see her, to empathize, and yet to relish in the position of privileged onlooker... I couldn't decide where to plant myself -- I wanted to see every angle, to let her see me watching and yet to grant her any ounce of dignity I possibly could... I ended up in compromise, positioned to her side, telling myself that there would be plenty more opportunity to take advantage of different angling possibilities. :)

I am extremely shy in situations like this, and as such I remained exceedingly quiet during this first warm-up, but my mind was buzzing, and my blood rushing... watching D's hand make firm contact with my friend's upturned jean-clad bottom over his lap, hearing her little "oomphs" and "ahhs," :D seeing the look in her eyes as she obeyed D's order to drop her jeans...

All the while, running along in the back of my mind was an endless stream of tiny questions...

Will I be that brave?
How hard will he spank me?
Will she be as embarrassed watching as I will be receiving?

And then, quite suddenly, Barely was sufficiently pinkened, at both ends. :) D's eyes turned to me.

I could feel my breath catch in my throat.

I knew that I wouldn't be able to move without help -- without an order or even suggestion from D, or an encouraging look from Barely... Luckily, the pair came to my rescue, and I got both :D My friend led me into her Dom's care with her eyes, and soon I was face-down over his lap, still quite nervous, very excited, and *highly* embarrassed...

D's hand proved to be attention-grabbingly hard, and heavy -- the only thing light-hearted about this spanking was the mood, with happily conversational banter bouncing mercilessly through the room... I could tell from the very beginning that I would be able to feel this night for a few days, at least :)

It is true, I have had one or two (or three or four :D) experiences involving my being spanked in front of one or a few more people, but nothing quite like this, and, of course, never before with the eminently enchanting Miss Pink :D And as many times as I may find myself in this kind of compromising position, it never loses its charm -- I am always, without fail, possessed with the paradoxically-intoxicating idea of another party's presence, whether it be an innocently bystanding third party, or an immediately participatory partner in crime.

Miss Pink turned out to be an excellent partner, as I had known she would. :D She wasted no time enhancing my experience over her Dom's knee with strategically placed commentary and an obvious excitement...

An excitement which continued to grow as the evening progressed, from amazing to fantastic, and beyond :D

(Painting: Mary Cassatt, Two Women Throwing Flowers, 1872)

Thursday, July 15, 2010


At this very moment, I am enduring the wait before the inevitable. :D

This time, like many times before, it is a very enjoyable wait, for what promises to be a very enjoyable experience. : ) Other times, it has been a wait full of not only a certain amount of enjoyable excitement, but also deliciously sinister foreboding (alright, perhaps not quite "sinister," but close enough!)

"You just wait until we get home, young lady."


How about you? Do you like that feeling of waiting? That anticipation building up inside you, until there are so many butterflies you feel as if at any moment you might just float away?

Standing in a small line, or all alone, outside the Headmaster's heavy oak study door, hearing the cane swish through the air and crack as it lands in chastisement of the victim sent or called in before you...

Receiving text messages all day long about the spanking that you're going to get later that night... Waiting all week for a meeting that you know will be full of kinky fun and frivolity...

Or would you rather just have it over with? :D

Perhaps, a little of both...? : )

Monday, July 12, 2010

Fashionista Troublemakers

If I had wildly bright pink hair, I think I might run around town looking something like this:

(Alright, perhaps I would only dream of being so bold, but it's a nice idea, right? :D)

There are so many things going on in this lovely illustration by Ekaterina Matveeva that I just had to post! It speaks so vividly to my Victorian/Steampunk debaucherous sense of kinky high-fashion..

We'll go from bottom to top: the impossibly
high heels; the lovely thigh-high stockings (one of which is argyle!!); the cherub/cupid/satyr creature in a fashionable top-hat along along with pocket-watch, and the rather bold little T-shirt exclaiming "Arrest Me"...

The small hand-gun poking precariously out of the top of one girl's stockings, which are of course held up by a clearly visible pair of garters... "5ex" tattooed onto the other girl's clearly visible bottom cheek *blush*, peeking out from under an impossibly short, plaid, pleated skirt...

Both girls are wearing corsets, one of which looks like it could pop open at any moment, and the other proudly displaying the highly recognizable British flag :D

The three leather, buckled arm-bracers
on the left girl's forearm, rather punkish but also reminiscent of bondage... Speaking of which, don't fail to notice
the cage slung onto the other girl's arm... The ribbons flying everywhere, the devil horns accenting the batgirl-like face mask...

I get the feeling that there are a lot of hidden images and metaphors and references in this piece, as well, pertaining to Great Britain and British fashions and what-not -- perhaps some of my dear readers from overseas would be kind enough to enlighten those of us less familiar with the ways and currents of English fashion? :D

Friday, July 9, 2010

Meeting for the First Time

I was nervous, but that's inevitable -- normal for me :D Nervousness from me doesn't mean uncertainty -- I was quite certain that I wanted you to spank me, and that it would be a good experience, for both of us : ) But, honestly, how can one not be nervous in the days, hours, minutes leading up to being spanked? I'm about to become exceedingly vulnerable and exposed, to experience a bit more than the typical daily dosage of manageable pain, and to do all this at the whim of someone whom I had only just met the week before for a conversational brunch. Of course I was nervous! :D

When you spanked me over my jeans in the hallway before sending me to bring you the chair, I was both surprised and relieved: It was finally here... the moment had finally arrived -- I knew what you were going to do and I could be sure that it was going to happen.

It took me a few minutes to get into the rhythm of it -- to call you Sir, to stay in position properly, to answer you more fluidly... Thank you for being patient with me and for refraining from sounding too terribly stern :D I respond well to the tone of voice you use -- it's firm but not forced, or overly forceful -- you communicate tenderness in the same breath as dominance, and that is exceedingly important to me, and does a lot to help me overcome certain obstacles.

I must admit, I was nervous when you asked me to hand you the bath brush : ) I wasn't sure how hard you would use it and I didn't know whether I could take much of it -- I know how much it stings... And it did sting, quite a bit -- but you didn't overuse it and I'm grateful to you for that.

For some reason, it caused an extra jolt in me when you had me go right back over your knee for trying to pull my skirt down after I stood up... *blush* I wasn't expecting that...

The strapping hurt -- both with the
strap and the belt -- I can't really decide which hurt more (maybe need more sampling? :D) When you said something to the effect of, "now I'm going to take my belt to you, little girl," I nearly melted -- I mean, I nearly melted at a lot of the things you said, but that was extra memorable for some reason... As many of my readers may remember, there's something deeply impressionable about the belt, for me -- it can be so domestic, and yet so deliciously foreboding at the same time... : )

I loved the fact that even though the spanking we'd discussed was technically over, you still kept finding more excuses to keep spanking me... Over just one knee again and then both again, up against the wall again, standing up in your arms near the door, over the railing out in the hall... *blush* I enjoyed that a lot -- the sound it made, the perfect height of the railing, the windows everywhere, the fact that it was an added after-thought and therefore an indication of how much you were enjoying yourself... =D

Okay, backtrack a bit toward chronological order... I can't remember exactly which order these last few positions were in, but at one point near the end you had me against the wall again and you started spanking lower, lighter, and faster... I had a pretty good idea that you knew exactly what that was doing to me, but I didn't know for sure until you said something to the effect of, "now you're getting a good girl spanking, aren't you?" :):) Then (either before or after that, I can't recall for sure) at another point near the end you had me over your lap again and you started doing the same thing -- lower, more centered.... that's when I really started losing myself in it... : ) I remember my torso leaning further forward and down over your lap, my hips moving up, I remember craving each spank... *blush*

And that, my friends, is a successful first-meet :D

(First two photographs from DeviantArt: first by Blushark, and second by Ozphotoguy with Moonpanther as the lovely model)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Strapped Amongst the Trees

Have you ever been spanked outside?

I can now say, proudly blushing, that I have. :D

Walking peacefully through the trees of my partner's 4-acre nature-full property, little did I know (yeah right :D) that once we'd reached a safely semi-secluded lightly-forested area, he would lean me up against the trunk of a pleasantly surprised nearby tree, remove his belt, and lay heartily into my jeans... *blush*

With all of mother nature around us to see and hear, and yet under the blessed sanctity of trees (and not to mention the added buffer of private property), we were able to experience just the right amount of outdoor thrill without worrying about shocking the neighbors :D

Granted, I wasn't quite ready to give up quite as much privacy as the lovely lady in this provocative photo (courtesy of -- but it would have been just as hard to disguise the strapping as something benign (oh, he's just beating the dirt off my butt from when we were just sitting on the ground a moment ago...) whether my jeans were up or down... Either way, I think it would have been pretty obvious that something fishy was going on... : )

Maybe next time, now that I can count this as a successful semi-public outdoor spanking experience, I'll have a little more confidence in the idea of dropping my jeans... :D :)