Wednesday, July 28, 2010

An Evening with Miss Pink, Vol. 2

(Apologies to all for the minor delay -- the ceiling in our living room collapsed and quite vigorously destroyed many of our belongings, along with 50% of our first floor -- but no further harm was done, and it is now almost patched up... Our landlords have offered to cover everything, so all is well!)

And now, on to the good stuff... :D

You will find more about the specific mechanics of the game we played over at The Pink Report, but just as a refresher, I will run through the basic outline:

We had a single deck of cards, and Barely and I took turns flipping two cards each, adding the number together to determine the total number of strokes. If either of us drew a 2, it meant that we would both receive the full value of the two cards. We decided that the easiest thing to do would be to cycle through different implements (and to fudge the cycle a bit if either of us were somehow faced with enduring the same implement twice in a row) :D Among the array were: a heavy leather strap (hand-assembled by the spanker D himself), a wooden hairbrush, a leather belt, a crop, and D's hand.

Among the first few implements used on me (I can't quite remember whether it was the first or the second) was that malicious-looking heavy leather strap.

Now, if you know me, you will know of my fondness for leather, especially leather implements. On this day, however, just feasting my young eyes upon the mass and heft of that burly strap left me somewhat breathless... Yes, I can say, with mild reservation, that I was slightly intimidated. And rightfully so -- after about the twelfth stroke with it I nearly sprang straight up from over the arm of the couch where I had obediently bent only moments before.
(By the way, hips propped quite deliciously upward by the soft round arm of a couch happens to be quite a lovely position, as demonstrated by the enchanting illustration at right -- if you recognize the artist please let me know.)

I think Barely could sense how challenging it was for me to take that strap without a fuss, because later in the game, the next time I was faced with an inordinate number of strokes (a whopping 20!) with that same implement, she very kindly and concernedly offered to split the number with me.

This was something we continued to offer for each other throughout the game -- should one of us happen to draw a high number, we would make eye-contact, and the one whose bottom was technically safe for that turn would eagerly make the offer. Eager to help? Or, instead, eager to enjoy a piece of the pie...? :D Perhaps a little of both : )

In this instance, we agreed that if it turned out to be too much for me after the first ten, she would step in for the other half.

She sat on the couch while I bent, jeans down, over the arm, my head in her lap, our hands clasped. I can only imagine what a sight we were for D... :) I counted out the first ten, and then D kindly gave me the chance to think over whether I could take another ten. While my mind reeled in conflict, Barely asked softly if I was ok, and D filled in the blanks, "She wants the next set -- she wants to prove she can take it..." Just as it had happened a little earlier the first time I had offered to split with Barely -- she had decided to stick it out and take them all.

Following her example, I did the same. This may or may not have had something to do with the illusionary properties of having a temporary break from the sting of that strap -- because as soon as he started up again with the next ten, my breath left me and I wondered what in the world I'd been thinking!

Barely took up the count right away, cradling my torso in her arms, helping me through the last half. And in the end, D was right -- I did something that I had honestly thought I would be unable to do (the moment that 7 of hearts was joined by the King of spades and I realized which implement was next in line...), and that feeling of triumph, coupled with Barely's proud smile, was definitely worth it :D

The game continued, and both my friend and I cycled through many an implement along with many a position -- most of the time we were enjoying the age-old OTK over D's inviting lap, but sometimes certain implements required a certain amount of innovation: Barely bottom-up over a footstool, hands and feet on the carpet, me bent over the table, hips resting on the hard wood of its edge... If there is one thing that I enjoy immensely about the company of spankos (and there are many, many things), it is the ingenuity with which we can concoct a varying number of compromising positions, games, implements, etc., which all center around spanking in some way :D

More than once, Barely found herself bent, standing, over the back of D's couch, the table moved a few feet back to allow D ample arm-swinging room. This time, she was getting the belt, and almost immediately, it became apparent that D wanted to switch up the pace a bit -- the first stroke fell and she had barely eeked out "One!" before the next landed, leaving her quite breathless and surprised. D decided not to wait for the count, but struck a third time, eliciting a small cry from my friend as she squirmed over the couch, and I took up the swift count instead.

Slowly, I made my way over to the couch, sliding onto the seat right next to her and clasping her hands while I counted, as she had already done for me...

Ahh the precious moments of a spanko friendship :D

More tiny details and tidbits, along with the grand finale, will be coming up (hopefully much sooner this time!) in Vol. 3, but for now, I will leave us here, holding hands, and readying for the next spanking adventure...
: )


  1. Rayne,

    Your account is causing my palm to itch.... :-)

  2. What a horrible thing to have happen (the floor collapsing). I hope nobody was hurt!

    I love your account. And of course, I love the picture of us holding hands while bent over D's couch. It was such a beautiful & memorable experience. Thank you for granting me my fantasy; I could think of no better people to share it with!

  3. I can't wait for the last installment. Yes, that over the couch position is quite delicious!


  4. Uhhh, I could never take a leather strap like that. I love how you two comfort each other or more like support each other, giving each other more power to get through the spankings.

    A few days ago I got spanked--lightly--with a belt. It was my first time. Well I didn't think it was so light, HE said it was light. It hurt. It made my eyes tear up. It sent me to a place that made me a pliable, malleable zombie girl. Let me tell you 15-20 mins. later when the endorphins had cooled and I went to sit on my ass...MY ASS STUNG.

    I could never have endured so many licks and some many instruments as you. At first I thought round-robin would be fun to try especially with a friend. Now...not so much.

    However, I love reading about your experience. I'm wet.


  5. Oh Hedone thank you for your compliments! :D But please don't think it was all that severe -- and you can add your own variations (lighter spanking, other implements) to make it fit your own tastes -- I don't mean to scare you away from the game! It's so much fun and really doesn't have to be extreme at all -- especially with a friend. Maybe cut it down to half a deck of cards, or stick to only drawing one card rather than two and adding the number together -- there are a number of ways to cool it down a bit and make it much more suitable to different peoples' needs :) I hope you do try it! You will love it! :D

  6. Ok Rayne. On one condition...well several. You hold my hand, Miss Pink stroke my hair and wipe my tears, and the oh-so skilled D wield the implements that will strike my bottom. Lastly, we will be playing with one-third of the deck of cards :D


  7. What a wonderful game! I'm entirely too jealous for my own good :)

  8. Hedone, I am sooo there. But perhaps D wouldn't be able to handle the three of us?