Friday, July 9, 2010

Meeting for the First Time

I was nervous, but that's inevitable -- normal for me :D Nervousness from me doesn't mean uncertainty -- I was quite certain that I wanted you to spank me, and that it would be a good experience, for both of us : ) But, honestly, how can one not be nervous in the days, hours, minutes leading up to being spanked? I'm about to become exceedingly vulnerable and exposed, to experience a bit more than the typical daily dosage of manageable pain, and to do all this at the whim of someone whom I had only just met the week before for a conversational brunch. Of course I was nervous! :D

When you spanked me over my jeans in the hallway before sending me to bring you the chair, I was both surprised and relieved: It was finally here... the moment had finally arrived -- I knew what you were going to do and I could be sure that it was going to happen.

It took me a few minutes to get into the rhythm of it -- to call you Sir, to stay in position properly, to answer you more fluidly... Thank you for being patient with me and for refraining from sounding too terribly stern :D I respond well to the tone of voice you use -- it's firm but not forced, or overly forceful -- you communicate tenderness in the same breath as dominance, and that is exceedingly important to me, and does a lot to help me overcome certain obstacles.

I must admit, I was nervous when you asked me to hand you the bath brush : ) I wasn't sure how hard you would use it and I didn't know whether I could take much of it -- I know how much it stings... And it did sting, quite a bit -- but you didn't overuse it and I'm grateful to you for that.

For some reason, it caused an extra jolt in me when you had me go right back over your knee for trying to pull my skirt down after I stood up... *blush* I wasn't expecting that...

The strapping hurt -- both with the
strap and the belt -- I can't really decide which hurt more (maybe need more sampling? :D) When you said something to the effect of, "now I'm going to take my belt to you, little girl," I nearly melted -- I mean, I nearly melted at a lot of the things you said, but that was extra memorable for some reason... As many of my readers may remember, there's something deeply impressionable about the belt, for me -- it can be so domestic, and yet so deliciously foreboding at the same time... : )

I loved the fact that even though the spanking we'd discussed was technically over, you still kept finding more excuses to keep spanking me... Over just one knee again and then both again, up against the wall again, standing up in your arms near the door, over the railing out in the hall... *blush* I enjoyed that a lot -- the sound it made, the perfect height of the railing, the windows everywhere, the fact that it was an added after-thought and therefore an indication of how much you were enjoying yourself... =D

Okay, backtrack a bit toward chronological order... I can't remember exactly which order these last few positions were in, but at one point near the end you had me against the wall again and you started spanking lower, lighter, and faster... I had a pretty good idea that you knew exactly what that was doing to me, but I didn't know for sure until you said something to the effect of, "now you're getting a good girl spanking, aren't you?" :):) Then (either before or after that, I can't recall for sure) at another point near the end you had me over your lap again and you started doing the same thing -- lower, more centered.... that's when I really started losing myself in it... : ) I remember my torso leaning further forward and down over your lap, my hips moving up, I remember craving each spank... *blush*

And that, my friends, is a successful first-meet :D

(First two photographs from DeviantArt: first by Blushark, and second by Ozphotoguy with Moonpanther as the lovely model)


  1. Hi Rayne,

    Lovely story. I especially liked the focus on the course of your emotions throughout the episode.


  2. Thank you Kevinovo :D So glad to have you here!

    Yes, emotions do tend to bubble up when I'm meeting someone for the first time (as I'm sure it happens to many others)... add in the fact that I am meeting them so that they can *spank* me, and suddenly I've got a whole host of lovely new feelings that pop up, before, during, and after... :D Glad that you enjoyed reading! =)

  3. Many more sessions to come, hopefully. :D

  4. Yes, quite, A'marie! In fact, you may be reading more on that very subject here soon! :D