Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Searching for the Kink-Friendliest Apartment :D

Little did my land-lord know.... :D

Phew! *flops down on the futon and cuddles with the laptop*

All moved in! I must say, schlepping across country in a caravan of vehicles to move me into grad-school was quite a trip! :D But now everything is in, all the dust has settled, and I am cozily happy in my new surroundings.

Although I won't be posting any pictures, I will provide you with a brief list of reasons why this apartment, above all the others I viewed and considered, meshed so well with my particularly kinky interests:

1) It is off the beaten track of the main building: I am on a corner, in a wing of the building, with no-one in apartments on either of two walls -- these are outer walls of the building, since I'm in a corner apartment.

2) The apartment directly across the hallway from me is vacant, and will be for quite a while, as construction is taking place there for at least the next few months. (Added bonus: construction = more noise clutter :D)

3) The people in the apartment next to mine, sharing a wall, will be moving to a bigger apartment elsewhere within the month. The wall that we do share is the kitchen wall, reinforced with concrete, and therefore I have discovered simply from being here a few days that it is quite difficult to hear much from inside their apartment.

4) The ceilings are high -- 11 feet -- and again, the floors and ceilings are reinforced concrete, making it almost impossible for me to hear anything from the apartment above me, which means that the apartment below me won't be able to hear much, either :D

5) Not only do I have a nifty little column (perfect for leaning up against, being tied to, etc... :D) in the middle of my studio-style room, but I also have waist-high tables provided to me by the owndership, and four high, wide, easily-coverable but still conspicuously present windows : )

And there you have it! A perfectly safe environment (or at least, the best I could find, and not too shabby at that!) for the continued practice of my kinky ways... :D

Let the games begin!!

P.S. Not to mention, I've also been able to procure some sturdy armless chairs (aka, folding chairs :D), and a nicely innocuous place to store all of my kinky materials...

Image courtesy of Ozone Productions

Sunday, August 15, 2010

New Hairbrush!

In the world of pervert-ables, almost anything, almost anywhere can somehow be warped into almost any manner of kinky usability.

I am reminded of a long-past post by a pair of friends and fellow (quite outrageously prolific) bloggers (The Spanking Writers), about the potential of a particularly well-endowed bunch of carrots to perform as a spanking implement of any significant consequence. : ) You will forgive me for not giving away the end of that story...

Some of the more prominent merchants of highly pervert-able items include (but of course are not limited to):
  • Home Depot (or, as some may know it: Dom/Domme Depot),
  • Bed, Bath, and Beyond, and
  • Williams-Sonoma (kitchen-ware)
Anyone care to add their favorite kinkify-able store to the list? :D

To illustrate the point, just go for a leisurely stroll through one of the above some day, and notice how all kinds of fun jumps out at your already tainted eye : ) Try not to let too many innocent shoppers catch you testing various products on your arm or thigh for relative stingy or thuddiness...

Recently, a friend of mine (and an avid spanker :D) found one such pervert-able, featured at right, in CVS -- a drug store/pharmacy.

As pervert-ables go, hairbrushes are typically among the easiest to convert... But this particular brush simply screamed KINKY, right off the shelf. Christened the "Revlon Paddle Brush" by its clever makers, this new addition to my slowly growing treasure trove of implements certainly lives up to its name!

Not only is the paddle-shaped brush a conveniently decadent, velvety shade of lip-stick red (setting the bar a little high for color matching, aren't we??), it is also just the right size, and crafted from a material that carries the perfect amount of heft -- quite stingy, but accompanied by a lovely bit of thud, as well : )

Of course, phrases such as "perfect" and "just right" vary widely in degree of preference and mood -- for example something that is "just right" for you might not be for me, or something that is "perfect" for me after weeks without any proper attention might not be so perfect early on the morning immediately following an intense bedtime spanking!... :D But the variety is most definitely welcome and one of the best parts of this business : )

Thank you, you-know-who-you-are ;-), for the lovely brush! I will treasure it always :D

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

One Year Anniversary!

My Dear Readers!

Don your fancy suits and pearls and ties and stockings: It's time for a party!! : )

Today marks the one-year anniversary of the first time I ever posted an entry to this blog -- my formative steps upon entering the spanking blogosphere :D

And what an amazing year it has been!

I have grown so much (more than I could have thought possible!) over this past year, and looking back through my writings here I can see where I came from, more clearly where I may be headed, and the lovely experiences that have taken me thus far :D

From the beginning my blogging journey, I have since graduated college, and am now moving on to the next step of the American education system: Grad School. I will still be a very busy (and hopefully very well-spanked!) college student for at least the next two years!! : )

Thanks to this blog, I have also learned many new things beyond the reaches of school (like how much a bath-brush can really hurt :D, and what sub-space really does feel like...), and I have made many wonderfully fantastic friends, both on and offline : )

So here's to many more exciting adventures from spanking blogs around the world, and may we all continue to read and to write and to spank (or be spanked) heartily and happily!

:D Hugs and happy spanks to everyone!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

An Evening with Miss Pink, Vol. 3

And here we are, Ladies and Gents, the final installment of our little adventure! As I make the final preparations for entering the realms of higher education and moving out of state, my blogging has slowed down considerably. But don't fret! I am still here and will continue to write, and when I am finally settled into a new routine at my new school, I shall be back to my old blogging self :D

For now, enjoy! : )

In Vol. 2, I chose to highlight a few of the most challenging bits of my double-spanking adventure with Miss Pink. Those special moments when we needed each other most, and, indeed, when we both accomplished new heights of endurance. I would like to end, however, with the lighter side of our encounter -- which really was the majority of our experience together.

For example:
About two-thirds of the way through, our spanker decided that we both needed a break: Barely was getting a little too Pink, and I must have been showing signs as well, because I could definitely feel it :D

Barely and I sat side-by-side on the couch and D pulled up a chair to sit directly in front of us, his eyes bright, hands warm. He'd brought over a large bowl of tiny frozen eclairs and cream puffs -- Yummy! We spent the next several minutes trying to determine whether to eat the frozen treats, or to simply press the cold sides of the bowl to our heated bottoms...

Another fun moment designated my own first step into the realm of mischievous spankee behavior for the evening: I discovered that from my perch on the couch, watching Barely getting spanked over her man's knee, I could in fact look beyond them and into the glass of the fire-place grate. Much to my surprise and delight, the glass provided a perfect reflective surface, and my friend's pinkening bottom shone brightly back at me from the reflection, D's hand making contact at a steady but solid pace.

(If you know/are the artist of the drawing at right, please share so that I may credit and link! :D)

After he let her up, I sheepishly made reference to the convenient placement of the glass, and the nature of what I'd seen there -- much to Miss Pink's grinning embarrassment.

Unlike my brave partner, I continually insisted on pulling my jeans (tight as they were) back up after every trip over D's knee or the arm of the couch or wherever I may have been precariously positioned only moments before...

I don't know why -- perhaps I'm shy, or perhaps, as my friends began to suggest, I have a "thing" for pulling down my pants, or having them pulled down for me... especially just before a spanking... :D

Either way, I knew that my fellow spankee was enjoying her singular lack of pants, and I was enjoying the opportunity to watch what was visible of her bottom around her argyle panties slowly become pinker and pinker, peeking out from under her shirt as she went to draw her next two cards... All of this view while mine was thoroughly covered and safe from prying eyes! :D

Toward the end of our ordeal, Barely discovered that placing her panty-clad sit-spot on the cold marble of D's fire-place (which conveniently splayed out over part of the floor to create a perfect little ledge upon which to sit) did wonders to cool the skin.

I quickly joined her, once again lowering my jeans just enough to allow the necessary skin-to-marble contact, and we both softly hissed our swiftly building relief. (Photo above courtesy of Real Spankings Institute)

As fate would have it (or perhaps some gentle stacking of the deck? :D), the last three cards in the deck proved to include at least one face card (aka a high number!) and, of course, a deuce (meaning we both take the added count). What better way to bring our adventure to a close than with the both of us bent over the side of the table together, side-by-side, pants and panties around our knees (though modesty-upholding thongs still in place), hands clenched, alternately counting out each stroke as it came down...? :D Each count came accompanied with small gasps and yelps, both of us seeing and feeling the other squirm slightly as every stroke made its landing.

Until, finally but all-too-soon, there were no more cards to draw, and the game ended with three very happy, very satisfied winners.

Thank you, dear friend, D, and dear readers, for sharing this experience with me :D

Perhaps one day soon, now that this part of the story has ended, I will let you read the epilogue -- which, in fact, is a-whole-nother story in and of itself! : )