Thursday, December 30, 2010

Spanking Positions

Personally, I find a variety of positions (no, we're talking about spanking right now, silly! :D) quite enjoyable : ) I love being able to mix it up, to find myself in spontaneously compromising situations with my would-be spanker, to be able to suggestively lean just a little further in one direction or another...

Of course, over the knee is one of my favorites -- you've got a traditional appeal along with a certain special kind of intimacy... But the opportunity to try out several different options is ohh so much fun!

A close runner-up would have to be over the couch, or a variant there-of (couch arm, chair arm, etc...) Because of the intensified angle, the domestic atmosphere, and the new-found feasibility of such implements as a leather belt, which would typically be a little more difficult to wield in an otk position...

I would invite you to ponder your own favorite positions -- think about why -- what is it about the position that makes it special for you? The intimacy? The view? The ritual/tradition? The exposure (aka the entire top row of the picture above :D)? Lots of different reasons? =)

Positioning for me is a very large part of the overall experience. Sure, I could be spanked while laying comfortably on my side on the couch watching TV... :) But there's definitely something magical about being intentionally put into, or told to assume, a certain position designed specifically for the purpose of being spanked -- placing my spanker's awareness (and therefore mine) on this one now particularly vulnerable part of my body... :D Reinforcing, and acting as a physical representation, of an already implicit Dominant/Submissive relationship.

Whether it's an "Assume the position," or a "Get over my knee," if your mind works like mine does, positioning for your spanking can oftentimes be half the fun!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Keeping Holiday Secrets

"Oh, my, I'm terribly sorry, dear Manager -- I should have asked if you wanted to spank her first!"

Shhhhh - Can you keep a secret? :D

I'm Jewish.

But I grew up celebrating Christmas! All my life...! I didn't make the connection between Christ and the holiday until I was something like 6 or 7 years old and began to investigate why "Christmas" was spelt with a "t" in the middle of it... It really is a Christian holiday, as commercialized and ubiquitous as it has become here...

That's America for you! :D

For my family, it is a purely cultural holiday -- nothing religious whatsoever about it, just a solidly American tradition. And a brief time for us to come back together from wherever we have been, spread out across the globe, all year.

We'll be doing it again this year, like always -- the big family celebration of the year! :D Getting tied up together in all the lights, the music, the holly and mistletoe, the shopping and holiday cheer... The snow on the ground, the cards and trees and hot chocolate... The presents.

Yes, lots and lots of presents!

This is always where I begin to feel that little twinge of guilt. :) Why should I be getting all these lovely gifts, when I'm not even a member of the religion behind the holiday? Why should I be getting wrapped up into all this holiday cheer when it's not even my holiday?

Well, it is my holiday. It's my family's holiday.

The spirit of the season is one of such love and charity and tolerance, that many people, of all different walks of life, of all different beliefs and religions, can share in its joy.

At least, that is what I believe. :D

If the keepers of the holiday believe differently, then I suppose I shall just have to suffer the consequences of my blasphemy...

Afterall, it's always better to tell the truth, right? :D

A very merry Christmas Eve to all those who celebrate, and to all those who don't, a lovely peace-filled winter season of joy and happiness! Thank you, and good night! :D

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Corrupting Your Vanilla

Perhaps you remember when you were, or perhaps you are now, exploring relationships with one or ones of the more vanilla variety?

Perhaps, like me, you even confessed to one or two of them your particular quirky love of dark chocolate, and were/are able to enjoy a certain titillating mixture of flavors : ) (or, perhaps, also within my experience, they found the idea of the darkness too crooked or frightening, and ran off :P)

Whatever the case may be, I am sure many of you may empathize with me when I say that it can be quite an exhilarating moment, exploring that tiny confession, however it comes about.

In my case, never would I ever outright say to a potential partner, even with the knowledge that they are kinky, "I want you to spank me." Not unless they force me to say it, and even then with much coaxing involved. Instead, I tend to "beat around the bush" -- especially if I am uncertain of their particular flavor...

Recently (this past summer, when the weather was a tad bit warmer :D), I was sitting on a back-less park bench with a charming vanilla romantic interest, after a lovely night-time stroll through the wilderness. Our bench overlooked most of the city, with a view of the river and all the sparkling night-time lights...

You already know what was on my mind. :D

And so it shouldn't come as too much of a shock to you that when I leaned forward, sitting to his ride side, and my peripheral radar picked up his right arm extending out behind me, I turned quickly toward him, my eyes no doubt betraying the thoughts lurking silently within.

"What?" he queried, genuinely curious. He'd been stretching.

"Oh, nothing... I just thought..." and now I'm beating around the bush, on purpose, to see if I can find him anywhere near the same wavelength of thought. If he's not there, I'm not going to push anything.

"Thought what?" He grinned. "I was only stretching."

"I know... it was just..." and, without really meaning to, I'm starting to communicate non-verbally, resuming my forward leaning position, looking almost over my should at him, letting my gaze move from his eyes down to his right hand.

I watch him look from me, follow my eyes to his hand, then back to me...

"You thought I was going to spank you?"

I think I was so surprised I nearly fell off the bench. Usually, it's never quite that easy...! Wouldn't you agree? How did he get it so fast?? :D

Instead, I covered the moment with a sheepish giggle, muttering, "Something like that..." and nestling sideways into him -- mostly so that I wouldn't have to make eye contact. :)

We were silent for a moment, enjoying the view, and then he said, "I could spank you if you want..."

:D:D What a night!

And that, lovely ladies and oh so gentle men, was a successful testing of the vanilla waters, on a beautifully innocent summer night :D

Monday, December 20, 2010

What *Not* to Say While Being Spanked!

Today while checking my email, I ran across a rather interesting forum title that someone had recently posted on a kinky friend-finder website:

"Simple comments that might get you spanked more..."

Hmmm... I wondered. :D

Ahh, the fantastical things that can be accomplished with the work of many kinky minds... :) These were just a few of the posts people had offered so far (along with a few of my own creations):

While over your spanker's lap, during the spanking:

"Did you know your watch glows in the dark?"

"I should paint this room green..."

"Did you know your shoes are untied?"

And, one particularly naughty girl offered, not a comment, but a suggestion: Tying his shoe laces together... :D You'd either get spanked more if he notices while you're doing it, or dragged back for more after he stands up and almost falls over... What a terrible trick! :D

During a lecture:

"Oh, were you talking to me? I didn't hear anything you just said!"

"It's pronounced 'CUM-ula-tive,' honey, not 'cuh-MUL-ative'..."

In response to, "Have you learned your lesson yet?":

"Why, is there going to be a test later?"

"Oh wait, I think I left something in the oven!"

"Never let you find out when I do something wrong?"

In response to, "Do I need to start over?":

"Why, did you lose count?"

"You started already??"

Just a few ideas, in case you're really a good girl like me, and need some extra help getting into trouble sometimes... :D:D

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Cast Your Vote!

For: The Spanking Blog of the Year!

I would go on a glorified rant about the importance of exercising one's hard-won civil liberties to have a say in the formation of the world, but I would be preaching to the choir! Of course you want your favorite blog to win! :)

Voting will close at the end of 2010 so get your votes in fast
at The Spanking Spot -- host and sponsor of the award :D!

Up this year are two of my very good friends, whom I have the very great pleasure of knowing in person: Miss Pink of The Pink Report and Abel and Haron of The Spanking Writers.

Even with two such wonderful contestants, the list is long and many fantabulous blogs and bloggers are in the running! Such a difficult choice!! :D Good luck to everybody and happy voting!!! :)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Double Take License Plate

While driving back from dropping a friend off at the airport yesterday, I happened to notice a rather unique license plate out of the corner of my eye. In that brief moment, it looked a little something like this:

It was enough to make me want to look again, just to make sure :D

Of course, I was speeding along at a pretty brisk clip on the highway, and didn't have too much time to look closely, so perhaps I really did see it -- and perhaps my mind was simply perving someone's innocent three-letter license plate without my permission...

In any case, it was a nice surprise :D

Imagine if, instead, it had been something more like this...

I think I would have found myself trying to explain to my family how I had managed to lose control and crash the car on a perfectly clear, sunny winter day with no other complications in sight... :)

Monday, December 13, 2010

Spanking Cast!

This past spring, Abel and Haron of The Spanking Writers started a lovely new Podcast venture: Spanking Cast, which is now in its eleventh episode!

You can find them on iTunes, or listen to all of the episodes right from their blog.

Their most recent cast features Abel himself, and a few of his adventures with "perverting reality," as many a spanko -- I'm sure you can relate -- is wont to do... :D

What fun to come across quite ordinary, run-of-the-mill day-to-day life activities or images that spark kinky thought... :)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Even Good Girls Need Spankings

Ahh kinky merchandise... :D

Not only does my collection of implements and kinky outfits seem to be continually growing -- now the trend appears to have begun infiltrating my very wardrobe! (Thanks in large part to my lovely and very generous kinky friends :D)

I recently became the proud owner of my first pronouncedly kinky T-shirt:

:D :D It says I'm a good girl! :) Not only that, but it promises that even if I am a good girl, I don't have to worry about never getting spanked!

As you can see above, the s-word is very strategically high-lighted... and, closer in on the right, an illustration is included just in case the text needs a little more explanation...

Can you see her pink little bottom? And the mark is even stick-man hand-shaped! How cute is that?? :D

Now I just have to make sure I don't leave it unattended in the communal apartment laundry room... Or forget that I'm wearing it when I walk out the door!