Thursday, December 30, 2010

Spanking Positions

Personally, I find a variety of positions (no, we're talking about spanking right now, silly! :D) quite enjoyable : ) I love being able to mix it up, to find myself in spontaneously compromising situations with my would-be spanker, to be able to suggestively lean just a little further in one direction or another...

Of course, over the knee is one of my favorites -- you've got a traditional appeal along with a certain special kind of intimacy... But the opportunity to try out several different options is ohh so much fun!

A close runner-up would have to be over the couch, or a variant there-of (couch arm, chair arm, etc...) Because of the intensified angle, the domestic atmosphere, and the new-found feasibility of such implements as a leather belt, which would typically be a little more difficult to wield in an otk position...

I would invite you to ponder your own favorite positions -- think about why -- what is it about the position that makes it special for you? The intimacy? The view? The ritual/tradition? The exposure (aka the entire top row of the picture above :D)? Lots of different reasons? =)

Positioning for me is a very large part of the overall experience. Sure, I could be spanked while laying comfortably on my side on the couch watching TV... :) But there's definitely something magical about being intentionally put into, or told to assume, a certain position designed specifically for the purpose of being spanked -- placing my spanker's awareness (and therefore mine) on this one now particularly vulnerable part of my body... :D Reinforcing, and acting as a physical representation, of an already implicit Dominant/Submissive relationship.

Whether it's an "Assume the position," or a "Get over my knee," if your mind works like mine does, positioning for your spanking can oftentimes be half the fun!


  1. @Rayne Why has no one posted here? It's a good subject to talk about.

    My first favorite position would be OTK. I like it when it's done in a stright back chair. It's so must more of a message then the OTK sofa spanking. It can involve so many types of implements. The message - I mean business with this spanking. Everthing about it should be uncomfortable for you to learn your lesson and you shall remain focueed on my every word.

    YES SIR!

    My second favorite position is standing up slightly bent with his arm supporting me underneath my upper chest/shoulder area. This position is usually obtained spontaneously, swiftly and without warning at anytime. The hand is always used. The message - You are being so bad I have to take care of it immediately before you go any deeper into your badness. It has to be nipped in the bud right now!

    OK! OK!

    My third favorite position would be over the arm of a sofa. While it maybe comfortable for one end it is definitely not comfortable for the other end. This usually involves some sort of thin strap or strap/paddle like implement. This spanking is more intense and means you didn't get the OTK spanking message I gave to you yet.


    My fourth favorite is bent over hands on the bed. This usually involves a cane or a heavier thicker strap for me. Message - number one spanking and number three spanking didn't sink in. (sigh)


    My fifth and last favorite position is laying face down on the bed. It involves a really long heavy thick strap/paddle of some sort. The message is clear at this point.


    The other positions are ok and I don't mind them, but they really don't get my attention too much or do anything for me. And there is no way I am doing an armchair bicycle position! I am not a circus clown! Besides, I don't think I can get in that position anyway. Lol.



  2. Thank you bree! I very much enjoyed your thorough inquiry into the matter -- that is the kind of depth I was hoping to inspire with the post! :D

  3. The position you label tiptoes and elbows is my all time number one. There is something about having your butt in that position that has excited me since the days when my legs weren't long enough for my toes to touch the floor when mom had me in position. And the feeling of my skirt being lifted and the air hitting my thighs!

    Smartest thing I ever did was tell my husband about things like this.