Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Spanking Collection - Released!

Dear Readers!!

I am very happy and proud to be one of many today announcing the launch of a new book, The Spanking Collection, edited and produced by the lovely Abel and Haron of The Spanking Writers.

All proceeds go straight to charity! (Cancer research, UK)

Do you remember the Arlington Girls Reformatory? You can read all about it in the full-length fictional short story that I was thrilled to write for this collection. Not only that, but you can read the wonderful stories of no less than TWENTY unique and intriguing authors, all of whom wrote exclusively for this book -- these stories will not be available anywhere else!

CLICK HERE to find out where to buy the book, and for a full list of authors and their short-story titles -- it's out in both paperback and eReader versions, and remember, you are supporting a very good cause, and some very fantastic writers!

XOXO Happy Spanks, and Happy Reading!!!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Countdown Caning

So all of you (you know who you are!) who have been dropping hints either subtly or unsubtly, directly or indirectly, that MrA should have so much fun caning me over the next few weeks before the swiftly approaching Spanking Weekend in the Mountains, so that by the time we get there to see all of you, his ability to cane anyone will be all worn out -- (xoxo love you guys :D, but) I will have you know, MrA is taking you quite seriously!

I've never been caned so often in my life!

(Not a very big jump, there, as I've never been spanked so often in my life either, before moving in with a spanko...) :D

Just recently, in fact, we both discovered a new "game" to have fun with the cane -- really, one could use any implement, I suppose, but somehow the alliteration of "Countdown Caning" just sounds so perfect :D

We have tried out this novel new idea more than once now, and loved it every time!

Here's how it goes:

After each stroke of the cane, you do a countdown. The trick is, with each successive stroke, the countdown gets shorter. So say, for example, you want to start the countdown at 10 -- it would look (sound) something like this:


"Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one--"


"Nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one--"


"Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one--"


Do you see how it could become terribly exciting very quickly? :D:D The countdown continues to shorten, so that by the time you get down to:

"Three, two, one--"
"Two, one--"

Each stroke is coming so much faster each time!

But you've already been "warmed up" with the slower ones in the beginning, so mostly what it does is get your adrenaline going, rather than hurt more (although it does hurt just a little bit more :D:D).

Fun fun fun :D I'm sure that MrA will be happy and willing to teach the countdown caning game to anyone interested in playing :):) Just as long as you don't ask for a demonstration first!!

:D:D Happy spanks!!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Arlington Girls Reformatory

Remember when I set out to write a spanking story for a collection of such stories that Abel and Haron planned to turn into a book with proceeds going to charity? Well, it's been written! And the book will be coming out soon -- be sure to check back here often, and Abel and Haron's blog, for the release date and more information!

Meanwhile, please enjoy this small taste of the events surrounding and immediately succeeding my own literary contribution to the book: a story entitled, Arlington Girls' Reformatory. :D


He was seated when I entered, his legs crossed, his iPad in hand, his brow furrowed. He looked up at me from his desk chair after a moment -- I averted my eyes, unable to meet his gaze.

"Miss Bailey. Sit down..." His gesture offered a chair, straight-backed, armless -- it had been deliberately placed there, waiting for me. As I sat, my skirt barely reaching my mid-thighs as the material tightened, he transferred the device he'd been holding into my hands. I saw at once what he had uploaded onto its screen: a PDF of the referral I had received, which had landed me here in the first place. "Read. I will be with you in a moment."

My eyes rolled over the accusatory document, reading carefully but with familiarity -- I had perused this very document in great detail only days before.

"Arlington Reform School
Discipline Referral Form"

It read across the top. I'd had to fill in the word, "Arlington," as the reform school hadn't even been named yet at the time this form had been created.

"Student's Name: Rayne Bailey
Status: Emeritus"

Well, I had founded the school after-all! Seeing as how I'd created the whole concept for the purposes of my "creative writing" assignment. Although, it seemed quite extraordinary to be in this predicament, sitting here in this chair, reading this referral with my name on it, awaiting my fate, as an "emeritus" member of the Arlington Girls' Reformatory. The situation must have been quite serious!

"Reason for Referral: Lack of motivation, Scheduling problems, and Other: Missed multiple deadlines"

All of these offenses were checked. A spacious lined area also offered the writer of the referral plenty of room to expound upon the offenses of the referred, and here my punisher had written quite a few words of explanation. I had not only missed the first deadline for turning in my story, and received an extension... I had then proceeded to miss the second, extended deadline. Luckily, I still finished my story in time for it to make the book, and all turned out well. But in the process, I had put quite a lot of stress on myself, and not to mention on my partner, who weathered the storm with me through two long weekends of writing and revising.

And there he was again, returning to his seat at his desk, considering me.

"Finished?" I nod, and hand the tablet back to him. He receives it coolly. "Is everything written here correct, Miss Bailey?"

"Yes, Sir."

"All of the names and dates?"

"Yes, Sir."

"And the offenses, you admit to committing them? You had no less than three months to complete your assignment, and yet you procrastinated enough to miss not only one, but two deadlines?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Is there anything more I should know about this situation, Miss Bailey?"

This question is slightly unexpected. Anything more he should know? Any extenuating circumstances that may have accounted for her tardiness, her inability to finish on time, even though she did finish in enough time...? The fact that she had just recently finished graduate school and moved three states away, the fact that she had recently fallen in love and invited the life of a-whole-nother person into her own, which accounted for much of her time spent doing many things other than writing?

Of course he should know these things! But glancing up into his eyes, it was clear that should she choose to utter any of them, it would only make things worse for her. Excuses, they would be, and excuses alone -- not nearly excusing the fact that it had taken her three months to start working on a work that was to be published as part of a multi-author volume.

"No, Sir."

"Very well. Stand up, Miss Bailey, and face the corner. I want you to think about what is going to happen to you, and why."

Obeying, I can feel my senses enter hyper-mode as I try to track his movements behind me. His hands are on the straight-backed chair, moving it, adjusting its positioning. He is off to another corner of the room, retrieving something -- something light enough that it makes not a sound as he lifts it and carries it nearer.

"Come here, Miss Bailey."

I turn. My eyes are lowered, not searching for his face -- but instead for his hand. For what is in his hand. It is long, thin, crook-handled. One of the canes we had recently purchased for just this purpose.

"Bend forward over the back of the chair, place your hands on the seat."

It is all I can do not to whimper as I take my position. This will be the first time that MrA has ever caned me.

"You'll receive three with the smallest cane, for the first deadline you missed."

His distinction of exactly which cane he was using puts me on guard. We have three, you see. A small one, a Junior cane, and a Senior cane. How many of them is he going to use tonight? Not all three??

As he raises my skirt, his instructions issue forth: "Count each one, and make sure I can hear you."

The first stroke comes as a total shock -- hard and fast, the first time we have played a scene together without any form of warm-up.

"Ahh! One, Sir!"

The next two with the small cane are easier to take, but no less painful. Despite its small size, that little cane still lands quite a sting.

After a hissed, "Threeee, Sir," he pauses, and instructs me to stand.

"Back to the corner, Miss Bailey. No rubbing." Behind me, he moves to place the small cane back where it came from, retrieving another. My bottom is already burning -- and yet I know we're only half way done now, if that.

Only about 45 seconds pass before he is calling me back over the chair. "Same position, but this time," and before I can do anything, his hands have not only raised my skirt, but lowered my white panties, leaving them stretched across my thighs, framing his target perfectly. "For missing the second deadline, Miss Bailey, you will receive three with the Junior cane. Start the count back at one."

He is lining up this first stroke with the next-size-up cane, I am biting my lip, grateful at least for the brief warm-up afforded to me by his initial use of the smaller cane.


"Aii! One, Sir!"

The next comes swiftly, and I hardly have time to catch my breath -- Whap! "Two, Sir,"

The third and final stroke is the hardest of all, leaving me breathless and whispering my final count.

"Stay where you are."

No, please, that's it, isn't it? We're done, right? Why are you going back and picking up another cane??

"For all the stress you put yourself through, not to mention your professor, and your partner, you will be receiving one stroke with the Senior cane. As it is just the one, there will be no need to count."

My mind is spinning -- I have never felt a Senior cane before -- not in my life -- even just one stroke with that thick piece of rounded rattan seems unthinkable!

There it is on my skin, tapping lightly, taking aim. Suddenly it is gone and I know it is coming --


It is all I can do to keep from yowling at the pain -- the sudden fiery line of white that flashes across my skin, just like any other cane but somehow much, much worse. "I'm sorry -- I'm sorry, Love--"

"I know. It's all over now. Come here."

And I am up in his arms, myself again, and we are both grinning from ear to ear at the success of our first role-played scene together, let alone our first real caning!

We got the canes (which we love) from, and they actually included another cane for us as a special surprise -- a straight-handle about the size of the Junior! All are lovely!

Here's to many more role-plays, much more use of the canes, and many more posts thereof! :D

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Spanking Surprise!

There we were, enjoying ourselves with friends at a nice little restaurant on the eastern shore line, having just come out of a refreshingly cool yet sunny jaunt in the ocean, recently dried off and de-sanded as best we could, waiting for our drinks to arrive.

I quietly announced a need to visit the restroom, before taking my leave from the table.

Little did I know, I was expeditiously followed...

As they tend to be in restaurants, the restrooms in this sea-side establishment were placed far at the back of the building, off to the side, in a little alcove far removed from any unsuspecting diners.

It wasn't until I was about to exit the conveniently-placed little room, however, and rejoin my friends at our dinner table, that I came to realize just how convenient their placement really was--

Upon opening the door, it took every effort for me not to gasp as the figure of my partner, his finger pressed to his lips, suddenly appeared and began shuffling me back the way I had come.

Surprise, surprise!

Having already switched off the light, I reached around him to switch it back on again, becoming quickly aware of his dubious plan, while he pulled the door shut quickly behind him. My reach, quite fortuitously, had put me in the perfect position, and he needed not a single moment more to wrap his left arm around my waist and hold me fast while delivering hard, fast spanks over my dress.

He was spanking me
just inside the door of the restaurant's
public facilities!

And not just a few playful slaps, either -- this spanking was quite hard, and more than a bit painful! :D

I dared not cry out, and he dared not lift my dress and risk producing the much louder sound of skin striking skin (actually, I don't know if he really "dared not" -- I think he probably would have dared :D In reality it was most likely a function of being quick, and sparing me much more extreme embarrassment) :D

When he finally let me stand up straight after 15 or 20 seconds (with more than once smack per second! :D), his face shone with triumph. We had never done anything like that before -- and as far as we could tell, with lack of police sirens wailing outside or managers hammering on the door demanding to know what naughty business might be going on, we were quite successful!

Out we came from the tiny off-set room, straightening up and re-entering the world of normal public restaurant behavior. Did the smile plastered on both of our faces when we returned to our table give us away to our dining companion? Or did my flinch when I went to sit down again go utterly unnoticed? I suppose we'll never know...

What we do know, is that we had a very fun time at the beach, and that we have a very fun secret to share, whenever and wherever we possibly can -- even when it happens to be a surprise! :D:D

Monday, August 8, 2011

Consensual Spanking Day!

Happy World Consensual Spanking Day!

Today, August 8th, according to many both deliciously dubious and highly credible sources, has been designated Consensual Spanking Day, by whichever powers that may be...

Despite the gaping lack of any CNN or ABC (or FOX or NPR or Al Jazeera or BBC, if we are being multi-partial and inter-national) news declaring the holiday, I'm sure we all need very little prompting to put on a great celebration! :D

What is it that you like most about spanking?

How has consensual spanking contributed to your life, whether through ideas or actions or words or lifestyles or anything that comes first to mind?

I knew spanking was a part of me from the very beginning. Now I can truly say that it always will be, and the fact that I am able to share that with my partner in a consensual spanking relationship is more than I ever could have imagined.

Thank you, Mr A, for helping to make my dreams come true! :D