Monday, August 8, 2011

Consensual Spanking Day!

Happy World Consensual Spanking Day!

Today, August 8th, according to many both deliciously dubious and highly credible sources, has been designated Consensual Spanking Day, by whichever powers that may be...

Despite the gaping lack of any CNN or ABC (or FOX or NPR or Al Jazeera or BBC, if we are being multi-partial and inter-national) news declaring the holiday, I'm sure we all need very little prompting to put on a great celebration! :D

What is it that you like most about spanking?

How has consensual spanking contributed to your life, whether through ideas or actions or words or lifestyles or anything that comes first to mind?

I knew spanking was a part of me from the very beginning. Now I can truly say that it always will be, and the fact that I am able to share that with my partner in a consensual spanking relationship is more than I ever could have imagined.

Thank you, Mr A, for helping to make my dreams come true! :D


  1. @Rayne you are most welcome, my beautiful partner, the feeling is shared. Let me also thank you for the inspiration to celebrate such a wonderful day.

    @Everyone If you find yourself at this blog for the frist time, or the 100th, please take a moment and find a way to celebrate this day. It is only with public outcry and support that we can enlighten those news reporters who are underserving the world at large.

    Happy World Consensual Spanking Day!

  2. Ok. Someone has to explain this to me because I do not get it. I thought every day was Consensual Spanking Day. Hmmmm...

    What do I like about spanking? The requited connection.

    How has it contributed to my life? I am around people who "get me". It makes me happy to not feel alone. I don't have to step on egg-shells. I am not confused. It centers my core being to the point of bliss.

    I hope they have spanking in the hereafter, if there is one. If there isn't, I better get all the spankings in that I can, while I can. Ok. just kidding. It's not how many. It's quality time for me.

    It's so much darn fun! Yes, even the discipline spankings for me are darn fun. Why? Because I know I will never do whatever it was I was being specifically spanked for ever again. That gives me comfort. Ahem....well maybe ever again is pushing it a bit, but it is close to the truth. :P Hehe. ;)

  3. Happy Birthday to a lovey lady. I hope that your loving partner has provided you with birthday spanks to celebrate the occasion.

    I really like the ritual of spanking. How the top/switch builds the anticipation by calling the bottom out on some mischief. Followed by being taken to the place where the spanking will take place. And, the verbal back and forth as the top puts you in position. The spanking with all the fun communication and promises to behave. Lastly, the aftercare with a hug that all is good.
    Love that ritual.

    Spanking has introduced me to a wonderful group of people. And, the peacefulness achieved by a sound spanking is priceless.

  4. @Arthur -- XOXO

    @bree -- Quite right, bree, we should start a petition to have *every* day be recognized so splendiferously spanktastic! :D I know exactly what you mean about being around people who "get" you -- I have found such acceptance and validation in the spanking community -- it is hard to imagine living without it :D

    @joey -- Thank you! But you are a month early, my friend! :D My birthday is not until September. You must be thinking of one of two lovely ladies with whom we both chat rather often, whose birthdays were early this week! :)

    Thank you for your thoughts on the ritual of a spanking -- I quite agree :D:D All of that psychology building up before and around and after the spanking... Very lovely indeed :D

  5. Aww, I didn't even get spanked yesterday. Hmmph. With all the useless news that constantly interrupts my recording of Days of our Lives, I'm surprised that this holiday didn't make the cut. Maybe next year.

    On to your questions. I don't think there is one thing I can pick that I like most about spanking. The power exchange, the connection I feel with the top, having someone be able to break through my barriers and allowing me to let go. Those are all good things.

    How has it contributed to my life? I sleep sounder. Lol. And it gave me a chance to meet great friends like you, of course! I'm amazed by the continual influx of wonderful people into the scene. We come from all different backgrounds but this spanking thing is the thread that brings us together and it's a wonderful thing.

  6. @Lea -- How true! I don't think I ever would have met you, or many of the other spankos I now have the pleasure of knowing, without the existence of that common thread. And I am very happy to know you! :D:D

    What you say about the power exchange and connection is lovely -- that relationship goes to a very unique place, unlike any other relationship :)

  7. Hi! Do you know how, when, why and were is born the idea of 8 agust ??
    This post is in spankish is the dialog betwin an uruguyan spankee and me an spanish (from Barcelona) spanker. The dialog take place in august 05 2006. That is the origine!