Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Chapter Three - Salvaged!!

Miracle of miracles! Thanks to numerous very diligent and crafty readers, the Third Chapter of my Spanking Weekend Saga has been restored to life!

Thank you so much to all of those who contacted me with full replications of the post that I thought had been lost forever! You are all amazingly clever and kind! I am still dancing with glee at the fortune of having such a dedicated readership! :D:D

And so, without any further ado, restored to you by your fellow readers, here below is a full replication of the long-lost-but-found-again Chapter Three of the Spanking Weekend!

Chapter Three - All for One, and One for All!

Dear readers! How rude of me to go and leave you hanging like that -- waiting patiently for the next installment of my weekend adventure!

Remember that thing I mentioned some while back about finals? And grad school? Welcome to that TIME. :) My books and papers have now taken over my apartment and are slowly eating me alive!!

Thankfully, I have found a single shining moment to share and I will do nothing less -- we do happily have at least a few more chapters of spanking weekend fun to go!

If you have been following along (hard to do with these long intervals, I know!), you will know that, some weekends ago now, I had the pleasure of attending a spanking weekend event -- my first multi-day spanking experience, in a structured, spanko-centered environment. :D:D

While there, rest assured, plenty of mischief found itself managed. Or should I say, plenty of mischievous spankees found themselves managed...!

One such lucky group, as many of you may have read about in my last post, found itself managed on multiple occasions!

After our escapade in the woodshed, the five of us who had conspired together (some of us much more last-minute than others!) to try to earn a group spanking found ourselves in another sticky situation, this time involving not one, but
two Tops.

The two Tops, no less -- the two organizers of the event -- the top of the very top!

How had we gotten ourse
lves into this mess?!?

Our numbers had swelled by the time they got to us -- our illustrious ranks joined by a well-deserving, mischief-making young man in attendance at the weekend.

It was thanks to him -- and the therefore co-ed nature of our punishment -- that we were all allowed the grace and fortune of retaining the protection of our pants staying up or skirts staying down throughout! (A great big thank you to him for that!!! :D)

We were led, in a line, to the scene of our reckoning: a pool table conveniently big enough for six people to bend over, three on each side. Two huge, bright, imposing lights hung over the center of the table, spotlighting our plight, throwing our faces into clear distinction as we leaned in close to one-another. I wondered, in that moment, if I looked as nervous as some of my compatriots -- their eyes wide and lips tense.

Our punishers circled around us like vultures, eying their catch, straps readily in hand.

The first "Ow!"s reached my ears before any physical confirmation of their source. I saw my compatriot to my immediate left jump, heard her hiss, felt the swish of air from the strap landing on her backside a second time -- not even a foot from me! I knew I was next, then -- when my companion quieted and I felt a steadying hand on my lower back.


This was my first experience of a strap in the hands of either of these two upstanding Tops -- both were equally worthy of the chorus they produced in us as they rounded the table!

Again and again, a swish and a crack, swish, crack!, the immediate OWs and hisses, one of us would jump and then another at the other end of the table would echo -- our faces flinging up in the light -- marking each punisher's place in the

room at that moment.

I have never been punished with so many others all at once -- the experience of being bent over a pool table as a group of six, and successively strapped by two diligent spankers, was, indeed, truly unique and one that I will remember dearly far into the future.

Did we get more than we'd bargained for? Absolutely! Was it worth every last minute and better than we could have imagined? Most certainly and undeniably so, thanks to everyone involved :D

Thank you all for including me!! :D

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Chapter Four - First Day at School

You may, this fine hour, be sitting there ever-so-comfortably (or not, I hope? :D), reading quietly, and wondering to yourself... "Chapter One, Chapter Two... Chapter Four?? What happened to Chapter Three??"

It was eaten, my dear friends. The treacherously insatiable jaws of gobbled it up mercilessly, before it could breathe more than a single day of life. And alas, much as I tried with all my might to wrench my words back from the abyss, they remain only in the memories of those few who were able to glimpse them in the early hours of their creation.

But life goes on. :D Quite splendidly, in fact!
( See "About" section to the right :D )

To finish up our Spanking Weekend saga -- since so much happened over that weekend that one post, nay, not even two or three posts, would have been enough to do it justice -- We're going to school. The bells are ringing, the bus is moving, classes are about to commence, and you'd better not be late!

Chapter Four - First Day at School

Artwork by Dave Ell, on The Woody Back to School Unit

There we were, all ready for class in our neatly pressed school uniforms (with many varied an interpretation of the word "uniform"...), piled onto our " school bus" and approaching the "schoolhouse." The bell started ringing as we descended our last hill, and pupils scurried in through a line of tutting teachers.

Before even arriving to class, on the online message boards, assignments had already been given out! We were to come prepared to our first class with a sentence written, in legible hand-writing, about the best way to contribute to a proper learning environment in the classroom.

As students settled into their desks, pulling out notebooks, pens, spitwads, gum -- and their completed assignments, it dawned on me that I had never done my homework.

I hadn't written a single sentence! I hadn't thought it all that important!

That is, until I was suddenly surrounded by a cadre of studious suck-ups who had ALL written their sentences!

Quietly, as if diligently taking notes while our first teacher of the morning conducted her class, I cracked open my notebook and began jotting down a suitable sentence.

I even had to copy the beginning prompt for the sentence from my classmate sitting immediately to my right -- a very gracious friend who kept m y secret safe :D

You know what the funny thing is? That was probably the only thing I did all day that actually would have really warranted a spanking -- and nobody noticed!! I mean, I completely got away with not having my homework done ahead of time, and copying half of it from a friend -- right there in the class room!

But as much as it pays to be the quiet invisible one getting away with things in the middle of the room, I still somehow managed to find my fair share of trouble...

You see, through years of primping and perfecting, a time-honored system of dealing with trouble-making had been established for this school, by way of the use of "referrals."

If someone of a Top mind-frame (with a certain color name tag) spotted someone of a Bottom mind-frame (with a different color name tag) doing something worthy of inspection or correction, that Top could then fill out the first half of a referral form, and hand it to that Bottom. The Top writes their name, the name of the Bottom, and the infraction committed. The Bottom can then decide to check one or more of the disciplinary options listed on the form (or come up with their own, if they so desire, with explanation).

I'm sure you can imagine what some of the options may include... :D

This way, because everybody is still kind of getting to know each other, the Bottom has the option of taking their referral to whomever they wish for discipline -- not necessarily the Top who gave it to them, although that is an option, too -- which alleviates a lot of the pressure associated with asking for and orchestrating scenes, for both the Top and the Bottom.

Once the indicated punishment has been completed by the chosen Top for that referral, the Top signs it and it is returned to a box for record-keeping purposes.

I loved that referral system -- it was like walking around with a free spanking pass in my pocket -- all I had to do was hand it to someone I wanted to play with, instead of trying to brat or otherwise get their attention and hope something happens -- or ask for it outright, which is insanely hard to do, and for me sometimes takes away some of the magic of it...

One of the referrals I received was for a simple geographical mistake I somehow made during a team-building class run by one of the weekend organizers (the one and the same assigner of the Etymology Essay I wrote so many months ago...).

I thought it only appropriate to take the referral, written and handed to me by my ever-watchful and helpful partner, back to the gentleman whose "class" I had so rudely disrupted with the original mistake.

He needed no further prompting whatsoever. Just as soon as he had the paper in hand, off we went -- me with more than a little trepidation -- to one of the curtained-off spaces near the back of the room.

You see, between each class period, the whole school implements a 15-20 minute break for the administering of necessary discipline earned during class sessions...!

To my great surprise, upon pulling back the curtain, a giant chair stood there, literally three times as tall as any normal chair one might see on an every-day basis.

"Oh good, it's free. This is my favorite chair." Oh, yes, of course it is... :D :D

Suddenly, I am over his lap, my school blazer ruffled, my plaid skirt flipped up, both my feet and hands far, far away from the ground.

I am truly suspended in midair over his knees!

He is lecturing me about geography, and I am amazed at the difference this chair makes in setting the tone for the scene -- how short and small I feel, in this uniform, over his lap.

Where can I buy one of these chairs?? :D

It isn't long before he is setting me back down on my feet, and instructing that my panties come down. I must have turned the same shade of red as my maroon jacket! (A splendid piece of uniform, by the way, made up by a dear friend, complete with school crest and all!)

I was back up and over, this time with panties joining my knee socks, and swearing that yes, I knew the different between East and West, and yes, I would even be able to recognize North and South if they came along...!

It was after this ordeal, dear readers, that I decided to entice the writer of that very referral back to the same space, enchanting as that extra-tall chair was...

Maybe during my next day at this school, I will be mo re successful. What exactly will that success mean? A better grasp of geography? Perhaps... Or perhaps it will have something more to do with just how many referrals I can manage to incur -- only one way to find out!

Hopefully be seeing you back at school -- very, very soon! :D

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Back on Track

Okay, so perhaps re-writing an entire post from scratch -- one that had already been slaved over and completed and published and even commented on before it was so unfairly lost -- was a little too daunting for me.

I can't stand it when that happens -- when a completed work is suddenly gone. When I complete something, it is because I have put literally hours of time and more than hours of energy and thought into it.

With my blog, each post is like a work of art to me -- so to be faced with having to completely redo one that had already been done was just not working.

Instead, I will switch gears, and share with you some of the major changes that have taken place in my life in the last three weeks, before launching back into the saga of the oh-so-long-ago-now spanking weekend. :D

Firstly, dear readers, after a conglomeration of serendipitous and otherwise highly fortunate events, I have found myself in the loving arms of a partner, every bit a spanko as I am, and we are in the process of taking our first steps in making a journey through life together.

It is an enormous change for me -- many enormous changes -- but it is what I have been looking for, waiting for... He is what I have been hoping to find in a partner -- in someone to share life with. What we have feels like the natural next step in both of our lives -- something to be mutually beneficial and grow as we grow together.

I hope to be writing many more entries detailing the adventures we have -- to start, I will detail for you our very first spanking game, as engineered by our own (mostly his) ingenuity right on the spot! :D

It was evening, some hours before we would both collapse into bed...

In order to be successful the following morning, I needed to find the clothes that I would wear and lay them out so that I wouldn't have to spend half an hour trying to find them when we would already be rushed.

Having already flopped down into bed, I was less than enthusiastic about having to get up and rummage around for clothes.

"What kind of motivation do you need?" By the glint in his eyes, we both knew exactly what was on his mind. To my look of intrigued surprise, he nearly grinned. "Two with the hairbrush for every minute that it takes you?"

My mind reeled -- hairbrushes are by far not my favorite implement...
"I get to keep my jeans on?"

"Yes. Time starts now."

I fling off the bed, and go scuffling around through my things to find what I need for the morning. He makes a good show of not watching, either me or the clock, and nonchalantly minding his own business as if nothing out of the ordinary is happening...

It only took me 2 minutes to find what I needed and lay it out. TWO minutes, dear readers. Who was motivated??

I was so proud of myself for having only earned four strokes with an implement I disliked, and over my jeans! Easy! I had thought it would have taken me closer to ten minutes! Flashes of 20 strokes with the hairbrush cross my mind as he bends me over the side of the bed, and an involuntary I cringe sweeps over my face.

Twenty would be particularly horrible with one of the hairbrushes we have, a heavier one that packs a hard thud -- the one that I am sure he must have gone to get... The one I'm sure he has in his hand behind his back as he approaches me from behind...

Seeing me craning around trying to catch a glimpse of which hairbrush he has chosen, his grin widens and he engages with my curiosity, "How many hairbrushes do we have?"


"Can you describe them?"

"The purple one, the pink one, the little wooden one with ridges in the back, the dark wooden one with a black rubber handle, and the heavier fake-wooden one..."

"Very good."

But he doesn't tell me or show me which he has picked! Little did I know, a dark twist had entered his mind when he realized it had only taken me two minutes, and he presents me with a choice:

"How about double or half?"

Before I can think too much about the math, he continues, easing his new idea into my good graces, "You guess which hairbrush I have, and if you guess wrong, that doubles your number of strokes to 8 -- but then when you guess right, it's back down to 4 again, and so on."


Remind me, dear readers, never to play math games with this tricksy brainy gentleman. Very treacherous waters!

As I myself had been surprised at the small number of strokes I'd earned, I didn't see the harm in adding in a little risk -- so I agreed. Do you remember which hairbrush I was so sure he had picked?

That wasn't it! I guessed wrong! Suddenly my little four-strokes were, in fact, eight, and I was at a loss -- how could that not have been the one he picked? He knew it was going to be over my jeans, so he wouldn't have picked one of the lighter ones!

My next guess proved wrong, too. Not the purple one we both love -- 16 strokes!

Sixteen strokes! What just happened??

Suddenly I didn't want to play the game anymore, but he held me to my commitment and bid me keep guessing -- apparently the limit to my guesses was five, the number of hairbrushes it could possibly be.

My next guess proved wrong a THIRD time (not the pink one!), and now I was looking at a whopping 32 strokes with the hairbrush over my jeans, from what started as only 4! If I got it wrong again, my total would double to be 64, and my only saving grace would be the last and final guess, the only hairbrush left, that would take me back down to 32.

Here it was, the difference between knocking my total down from 32 to 16 by getting this guess right, or bouncing all the way up to 64 if I got it wrong. Thankfully, my intuitive sense kicked in (finally!) and I got it right -- the wooden one with the rubber handle.


16 strokes, and not 32. Still, 16 is four times what I was going to get originally! Serves me right for playing such a dangerous game!

Here's to many more games to come, in our spanking future :D