Sunday, June 26, 2011

Chapter Four - First Day at School

You may, this fine hour, be sitting there ever-so-comfortably (or not, I hope? :D), reading quietly, and wondering to yourself... "Chapter One, Chapter Two... Chapter Four?? What happened to Chapter Three??"

It was eaten, my dear friends. The treacherously insatiable jaws of gobbled it up mercilessly, before it could breathe more than a single day of life. And alas, much as I tried with all my might to wrench my words back from the abyss, they remain only in the memories of those few who were able to glimpse them in the early hours of their creation.

But life goes on. :D Quite splendidly, in fact!
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To finish up our Spanking Weekend saga -- since so much happened over that weekend that one post, nay, not even two or three posts, would have been enough to do it justice -- We're going to school. The bells are ringing, the bus is moving, classes are about to commence, and you'd better not be late!

Chapter Four - First Day at School

Artwork by Dave Ell, on The Woody Back to School Unit

There we were, all ready for class in our neatly pressed school uniforms (with many varied an interpretation of the word "uniform"...), piled onto our " school bus" and approaching the "schoolhouse." The bell started ringing as we descended our last hill, and pupils scurried in through a line of tutting teachers.

Before even arriving to class, on the online message boards, assignments had already been given out! We were to come prepared to our first class with a sentence written, in legible hand-writing, about the best way to contribute to a proper learning environment in the classroom.

As students settled into their desks, pulling out notebooks, pens, spitwads, gum -- and their completed assignments, it dawned on me that I had never done my homework.

I hadn't written a single sentence! I hadn't thought it all that important!

That is, until I was suddenly surrounded by a cadre of studious suck-ups who had ALL written their sentences!

Quietly, as if diligently taking notes while our first teacher of the morning conducted her class, I cracked open my notebook and began jotting down a suitable sentence.

I even had to copy the beginning prompt for the sentence from my classmate sitting immediately to my right -- a very gracious friend who kept m y secret safe :D

You know what the funny thing is? That was probably the only thing I did all day that actually would have really warranted a spanking -- and nobody noticed!! I mean, I completely got away with not having my homework done ahead of time, and copying half of it from a friend -- right there in the class room!

But as much as it pays to be the quiet invisible one getting away with things in the middle of the room, I still somehow managed to find my fair share of trouble...

You see, through years of primping and perfecting, a time-honored system of dealing with trouble-making had been established for this school, by way of the use of "referrals."

If someone of a Top mind-frame (with a certain color name tag) spotted someone of a Bottom mind-frame (with a different color name tag) doing something worthy of inspection or correction, that Top could then fill out the first half of a referral form, and hand it to that Bottom. The Top writes their name, the name of the Bottom, and the infraction committed. The Bottom can then decide to check one or more of the disciplinary options listed on the form (or come up with their own, if they so desire, with explanation).

I'm sure you can imagine what some of the options may include... :D

This way, because everybody is still kind of getting to know each other, the Bottom has the option of taking their referral to whomever they wish for discipline -- not necessarily the Top who gave it to them, although that is an option, too -- which alleviates a lot of the pressure associated with asking for and orchestrating scenes, for both the Top and the Bottom.

Once the indicated punishment has been completed by the chosen Top for that referral, the Top signs it and it is returned to a box for record-keeping purposes.

I loved that referral system -- it was like walking around with a free spanking pass in my pocket -- all I had to do was hand it to someone I wanted to play with, instead of trying to brat or otherwise get their attention and hope something happens -- or ask for it outright, which is insanely hard to do, and for me sometimes takes away some of the magic of it...

One of the referrals I received was for a simple geographical mistake I somehow made during a team-building class run by one of the weekend organizers (the one and the same assigner of the Etymology Essay I wrote so many months ago...).

I thought it only appropriate to take the referral, written and handed to me by my ever-watchful and helpful partner, back to the gentleman whose "class" I had so rudely disrupted with the original mistake.

He needed no further prompting whatsoever. Just as soon as he had the paper in hand, off we went -- me with more than a little trepidation -- to one of the curtained-off spaces near the back of the room.

You see, between each class period, the whole school implements a 15-20 minute break for the administering of necessary discipline earned during class sessions...!

To my great surprise, upon pulling back the curtain, a giant chair stood there, literally three times as tall as any normal chair one might see on an every-day basis.

"Oh good, it's free. This is my favorite chair." Oh, yes, of course it is... :D :D

Suddenly, I am over his lap, my school blazer ruffled, my plaid skirt flipped up, both my feet and hands far, far away from the ground.

I am truly suspended in midair over his knees!

He is lecturing me about geography, and I am amazed at the difference this chair makes in setting the tone for the scene -- how short and small I feel, in this uniform, over his lap.

Where can I buy one of these chairs?? :D

It isn't long before he is setting me back down on my feet, and instructing that my panties come down. I must have turned the same shade of red as my maroon jacket! (A splendid piece of uniform, by the way, made up by a dear friend, complete with school crest and all!)

I was back up and over, this time with panties joining my knee socks, and swearing that yes, I knew the different between East and West, and yes, I would even be able to recognize North and South if they came along...!

It was after this ordeal, dear readers, that I decided to entice the writer of that very referral back to the same space, enchanting as that extra-tall chair was...

Maybe during my next day at this school, I will be mo re successful. What exactly will that success mean? A better grasp of geography? Perhaps... Or perhaps it will have something more to do with just how many referrals I can manage to incur -- only one way to find out!

Hopefully be seeing you back at school -- very, very soon! :D


  1. Great retelling of a wonderful weekend. If someone asked me about the differences in East, West, North, or South, my reply would be "what do I look like, a friggin compass?" Though the words may get stuck in my throat were I in the same position that you found yourself in. As far as that chair, the joys of being tall still keep my feet on the ground. :-)

  2. Thanks Rayne. I will never forget our beloved Academy. The stern look on the teachers faces and the ringing of the school bell sent a chill up my spine as the bus neared the classroom. Thankfully, we all earned our reward/spanking. Of couse, I am in dire need of a refresher course since my last trip to the academy. :)

  3. @Lea -- Thank you! Yes there is something rather vocally inhibiting about being positioned bottom-up over someone's lap and experiencing a certain significant amount of repeated pain -- Else I may have borrowed a page from your book! :D

    @joey -- Me, too, joey! It was really like being transported to a whole different universe! Hopefully we'll make it to Fall term for that refresher you mention :D

  4. Yay! You're back! I missed you Rayne. Well told. I heard your heart pounding in the retelling of this part of the weekend. Not doing your assignment?! Cheating off your fellow bottom in class?! A fellow bottom allowing you to cheat off them(Gee! Wonder who that could have been?!) That can't be correct. Those kind of things don't go on in class unnoticed!

    As far as Chapter Three goes, I am disappointed. Maybe you can copy off of someone else....I mean maybe you can get someone to do s guest post and recount their memories of it. That might help you out. Otherwise, it will remain an unfinished symphony.

  5. @Rayne

    it seems that your time spent at the academy didn't leave any lasting impression. "I loved that referral system -- it was like walking around with a free spanking pass in my pocket"; Yet, you acknowledge openly that you skated on your first assignment without so much a peep during classes.

    If this was school missy, then I can see where keeping your mouth hushed would be advantageous, though still inexcusable. However, SMA is far from average school, and it seems you missed out on a core be spanked!

    Well, lucky for you, you have such a caring partner, and I'm sure friends who all care that you get the most out of your lessons while attending SMA. Hence, I will ensure that you have a proper referral to complete your record. Also, as active facility, of course I will be happy to settle the matter though you must be aware that I consider such a blatant disregard to the spirit of why you attended SMA to be quite serious.

    I do expect, between your time at SMA, the reminders you have blogged about, your forth coming referral and fall enrollment in classes that you will truly embrace the lessons offered to you at SMA. Do begin practicing the school song, I expect you will lead the freshmen in a rendition during the school bus ride to classes.

    Mr. A

  6. Great post! I've been following your blog for a while know...I like it a lot.

    I discovered something! If you read your blog in Google Reader, chapter three is still there. So even though it isn't on the blog anymore, we can still read it. Do you want me to copy it and e-mail it to you so you can post it again?


  7. @Olivia Hi Olivia. Could you please send me a copy if Rayne doesn't want it?

  8. @Olivia -- omg yes thank you! You are one of a few readers who have been clever enough to find the post! I will re-post it very soon -- thank you so much! :D:D

  9. "For a while know", I must have been tired. Sorry. I obviously meant 'now'.

    Glad I could help, Rayne! It's a great post, it deserves to be read by everyone ;-)

  10. @Bree -- I missed you, too, Bree! I like your idea of guest posts -- especially now that I have so many people with whom I have shared these experiences! :D

    @Mr A -- Yes Sir, sorry Sir, of course Sir :D:D But I hope you know I still don't plan on shouting out--"look! I'm doing something naughty!!" You tops will just have to be more vigilant! :D Where's Lea? She'd be remarking about how we shouldn't have to make it any easier for you all... :D xoxo Good to know that you have it sorted, though, Sir -- you're good like that :D:D

  11. Haha, exactly! Make them work for it!