Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Chapter Three - Salvaged!!

Miracle of miracles! Thanks to numerous very diligent and crafty readers, the Third Chapter of my Spanking Weekend Saga has been restored to life!

Thank you so much to all of those who contacted me with full replications of the post that I thought had been lost forever! You are all amazingly clever and kind! I am still dancing with glee at the fortune of having such a dedicated readership! :D:D

And so, without any further ado, restored to you by your fellow readers, here below is a full replication of the long-lost-but-found-again Chapter Three of the Spanking Weekend!

Chapter Three - All for One, and One for All!

Dear readers! How rude of me to go and leave you hanging like that -- waiting patiently for the next installment of my weekend adventure!

Remember that thing I mentioned some while back about finals? And grad school? Welcome to that TIME. :) My books and papers have now taken over my apartment and are slowly eating me alive!!

Thankfully, I have found a single shining moment to share and I will do nothing less -- we do happily have at least a few more chapters of spanking weekend fun to go!

If you have been following along (hard to do with these long intervals, I know!), you will know that, some weekends ago now, I had the pleasure of attending a spanking weekend event -- my first multi-day spanking experience, in a structured, spanko-centered environment. :D:D

While there, rest assured, plenty of mischief found itself managed. Or should I say, plenty of mischievous spankees found themselves managed...!

One such lucky group, as many of you may have read about in my last post, found itself managed on multiple occasions!

After our escapade in the woodshed, the five of us who had conspired together (some of us much more last-minute than others!) to try to earn a group spanking found ourselves in another sticky situation, this time involving not one, but
two Tops.

The two Tops, no less -- the two organizers of the event -- the top of the very top!

How had we gotten ourse
lves into this mess?!?

Our numbers had swelled by the time they got to us -- our illustrious ranks joined by a well-deserving, mischief-making young man in attendance at the weekend.

It was thanks to him -- and the therefore co-ed nature of our punishment -- that we were all allowed the grace and fortune of retaining the protection of our pants staying up or skirts staying down throughout! (A great big thank you to him for that!!! :D)

We were led, in a line, to the scene of our reckoning: a pool table conveniently big enough for six people to bend over, three on each side. Two huge, bright, imposing lights hung over the center of the table, spotlighting our plight, throwing our faces into clear distinction as we leaned in close to one-another. I wondered, in that moment, if I looked as nervous as some of my compatriots -- their eyes wide and lips tense.

Our punishers circled around us like vultures, eying their catch, straps readily in hand.

The first "Ow!"s reached my ears before any physical confirmation of their source. I saw my compatriot to my immediate left jump, heard her hiss, felt the swish of air from the strap landing on her backside a second time -- not even a foot from me! I knew I was next, then -- when my companion quieted and I felt a steadying hand on my lower back.


This was my first experience of a strap in the hands of either of these two upstanding Tops -- both were equally worthy of the chorus they produced in us as they rounded the table!

Again and again, a swish and a crack, swish, crack!, the immediate OWs and hisses, one of us would jump and then another at the other end of the table would echo -- our faces flinging up in the light -- marking each punisher's place in the

room at that moment.

I have never been punished with so many others all at once -- the experience of being bent over a pool table as a group of six, and successively strapped by two diligent spankers, was, indeed, truly unique and one that I will remember dearly far into the future.

Did we get more than we'd bargained for? Absolutely! Was it worth every last minute and better than we could have imagined? Most certainly and undeniably so, thanks to everyone involved :D

Thank you all for including me!! :D


  1. Rayne,
    Thanks for recreating this awesome scene which I will cherish in my memory. Yes, we all had a nervous look on our faces. The sparkle in the eyes of the Tops and their stern faces make it clear that this would be a serious punishment spanking, and we were right. Also, we were all sore from multiple spankings during the weekend. I can still hear the swish, crack, ouch sound. After the first couple of whacks,jumps and yelps all I could think was: "I am toast."

    A wonderful scene with a terrific group of five lovely ladies. And of course, two amazing Tops who organized the event.
    It was worth every minute; I am counting the days to the next weekend.:D Thank you Rayne for writing up the scene and salvaging it from the blogosphere junk yard.

  2. Yay, it's back! :-D Great post! It sounds like a great experience - I'm just a little bit jealous ;-)


  3. And thank you both Olivia and joey for helping me find it again!

    It was so much fun and I'm so glad to have the chance to share :D:D

  4. I hope after that lesson learned (loosing things in the internet), you back your precious work up yourself. If not, we have to talk about it...

  5. Good to see it's been recovered! Great retelling of your experience, I think I may have heard a bit of it as I slowly backed away to the other side of the bar. ;-)

  6. Again, let me make it crystal clear: I was not aware of the ISF goal---that being to create group punishment scenarios. So I'm sure it goes without saying [but just to be sure] that none of this was my fault.

    You have recreated the scene spectacularly with one tiny exception---perhaps nobody at the pool table noticed. But this brief moment in time is yet another reason I suffer from an irregular heart beat....

    As you have described, the original ISF members were joined by some additional vigilantes and were positioned for serious discipline. Everything was quiet, and then time froze when I heard the words from Ms. M.'s mouth, "Okay, Mr. R., we're ready." It sent shivers up my spine!

    Our hostess was beckoning her partner in punishment to join us. Instinctively, I looked over beyond the table, in the direction of the bar, where I saw a hand grasp a lethal, mottled [with minute, fossilized bits of female flesh] strap and the highly revered [and certainly feared] Dean of Supplemental Discipline stand and walk toward the offenders.

    Without thinking of any ramifications..."oh, _ _ _ _ " just slipped out so naturally. And, thus, a group strapping by Two of the Best began; and it felt like it would never end. I had become so accustomed to a piece of leather meeting my bare flesh that I couldn't fathom why this felt reminiscent of that fabled bee hive!

    I probably should confess [as I recall, lies = wood] that had it not been for my effort of setting a good example for the newbies at that table...I so very much wanted to escape! But I gritted my teeth, dug my nails into the green felt and yowled like a wild animal with each crack of the straps.

    In closing, let me say that there is nothing the gentleman to my right that evening can ever do that will dismiss my undying love and gratitude for serving as the reason our behinds remained covered.