Thursday, July 7, 2011

Guest Post from MrA: New Spanking Game

I am very pleased to announce that my partner -- who comments here as Arthur, but who many of you know as Mr A -- has graced Mischief Managed with a guest post! He is eager to tell you all about a new spanking game we recently devised together -- involving a pair of dice, and a multitude of implements!

Soon, he will be starting his own blog, where he will be sharing his thoughts on spanking as someone from the giving end -- as well as a fair dose of his very own spanking-inspired creativity :D Check back here very soon for a link to begin reading more from Mr A!

Meanwhile, please enjoy his stirring account of our new game -- and let us know what you think! :D:D

Hello Rayne’s Dear Readers!

I can’t think of a better place to introduce our newly contrived game, than a blog named “Mischief Managed”. What a perfect way to describe a game which blends the very reason we all find ourselves on this blog together...

1. Spanking

2. Implements

3. Anticipation

4. More Spanking

Before launching in to the rules, lets cover a bit of the background which resulted in this ingenious game.

As you readers know, recently myself and Rayne have embarked on a journey of partnership, friendship, love, commitment, and yes, spanking. And with each passing day, we find validation in our choice to embark on this journey. Mind you, we are human; flesh, blood, emotion, faults and complexities which need to be navigated. As such, we quickly realized that we would have to find (many) ways by which to keep the spanking aspect of our relationship fresh and exciting. It would be a curse if ever we fall in to the vanilla trap of monotony given how much we embrace and cherish our mutual love of spanking.

So, with this in mind, I knew we would always be mindful in our communication as we progressed in our journey. However, I confess that this whole idea of a spanking game was nowhere pre-conceived in either of our minds. Rather, it was an explosion born out of the realization that our combined cadre of implements and desires had already reached a point which would pose to us a challenge much different than monotony...!

In anticipation of a forth coming “play date”, we found ourselves postulating and trying to figure out which implement(s) might be called in to service. For those of you who know me, yes, mind went to one of many hairbrush choices. However, for Rayne, her mind was most assuredly on something comprised of leather or flesh. Finding ourselves at the beginning of what could have been an impasse, both our minds began playing with how we could creatively solve our dilemma before the desire escaped us.

It couldn’t have been more than just a few moments, when out came the idea of idea of adding chance to our selection. Having visited Las Vegas a few times in my life, my mind immediately thought of the craps table. Within moments, the idea of a dice-based game was born and agreed upon.

The question now was, how should this game be played? For this, the following will be a rough set of rules which we have found to our liking thus far. The beauty of this game is how flexible, fun and safe it is while allowing a true sense of uncontrollable anticipation to fill the air during actual play.

For starters, the game only needs 2 things...Dice! Two dice to be specific. Outside of this, the game is completely adaptable to any situation. For us, again, we were dealing with the dilemma of how to incorporate our cadre of implements. Hence, it seemed only natural to assign a specific dice role to an implement. Easy enough! Or so we thought until we sat down to the task moments later.

Seems that we own more than 11 implements (Dice roles can equal 2 through 12), so we found ourselves at another impasse. How do we pick which implements are in the game? Well, being a bit clever with #s, I realized that “7” could be achieved in 3 different combinations. (1x6, 2x5, 3x4) So, what if we expanded our initial 11 options to a whopping 21?

Funny enough, that was still not enough! ...and NO, I do not own 21 hairbrushes! In fact, what we discovered is that we have several different types of implements of which we own multiples: leather paddles, straps, hairbrushes, wood, etc.

(Lovely photo found on Cutiepie's Blog)

So with this realization, we set to the task of assigning a specific number, say “5” which has two possible out comes. (1x4, 2x3) Well, since there are 2 options, it seemed reasonable to pick a class of implement which we had 2 similar devices. In this case, Rayne owns a wonderfully sweet heart strap and a very pleasant black strap. With a stroke of a pen, there was our first accomplishment. A few minutes later, some minor bartering (I gave up on having all my hairbrushes as choices, she ceded that a cane could be part of the game) we had the makings of a completed game. Each combination of dice had an assigned implement.

Next question, should each implement be used? Great question! Being a game, it didn’t seem reasonable to have that question open ended, and having a set # just didn’t seem fun enough. Simple fix you say? Well you are right, but here we tried to over think this one a bit. The answer is quite obvious, just roll the dice again and there you go, that is how many strokes could be assigned to the implement. GREAT!!!! Well, that is until you roll a “2” which is the cane, and than a “12” for stroke count. To quote my partner,...EEEEEPPPP!!!!

(Another lovely photo, found on Devlin O'Neill and Poppy's Blog)

Ok ok, I agree, that wouldn’t work so well. Again, after a brief moment, we came to the following outcome to our newly devised game.

The roller (usually the bottom / receiver) would get to roll first for as many implements as the players intend on using. [If you can’t decide on this, just roll the dice] Once the implements are known, the roller then gets to start rolling for stroke count. The key here, is that each roll for stroke needs to be assigned to an implement. Once all implements have an assigned stroke count, well use your imagination, or check back for future accounts of how the games turned out.

A few quick thoughts as to gamesmanship.... Let the top (giver) control which sequence the implements are used in, and to what degree. It might be a game with rules, but it is a spanking game, and thus some unknown should be retained. The game isn’t about pain, after all, it is about fun and trying new things. With that, adapt the game as it makes sense. Make all odd #’s flesh (Hand) and even numbers your favorite paddle. Maybe 12 can equal an evil wood spoon, while a 7 is a free pass.

Just have fun, and please remember to comment with thoughts, opinions or recounts as to how the game worked out for you!




  1. Welcome Arthur to the world of blogging. Congratulations on a really fun and imaginative spanking game. I hope the two of you have lots of fun playing it. :)

  2. OMG! This is too complicated for me! I would rather play my game. The "NIP it in the bottom" game. NIP = number, implement, position. I always have this game with me.

    I got it from Cane-iac. They call it Discipline Dice. I like my name better. They have one dice-like item that has numbers 1-30 for the stroke count. Another has the actual word of what implement will be used. There is room enough for 11 implements and one wild card implement. There are even stickers you could put over implements you don't have. Or you could change whatever you like. Dice three has 11 different positions on it and one wild card position.

    Good luck with blogging Arthur. Not that you need it. I am sure that you will be very informative like you always are. Looking forward to reading your thoughts.

    See ya both soon.

  3. Congrats on your first blog post Mr A! I had to read it twice to understand it---very creative of you both! I had Ace read it.....His reaction was "hmmmmmmmmmm.....interesting" (somehow I dont feel entirely comfortable with that!). He also echoed Bree's sentiment--while very inventive, He seems to think He could "umcomplicate it a bit" (oy, you've created a monster!!! [: Thank God we don't own a cane!!) Well done, both of you! We look forward to reading more! :) :)

  4. This is what happens when two spanko brainiacs get together. ;-) Hope you are both enjoying your game and looking forward to reading more from the both of you.