Sunday, December 19, 2010

Cast Your Vote!

For: The Spanking Blog of the Year!

I would go on a glorified rant about the importance of exercising one's hard-won civil liberties to have a say in the formation of the world, but I would be preaching to the choir! Of course you want your favorite blog to win! :)

Voting will close at the end of 2010 so get your votes in fast
at The Spanking Spot -- host and sponsor of the award :D!

Up this year are two of my very good friends, whom I have the very great pleasure of knowing in person: Miss Pink of The Pink Report and Abel and Haron of The Spanking Writers.

Even with two such wonderful contestants, the list is long and many fantabulous blogs and bloggers are in the running! Such a difficult choice!! :D Good luck to everybody and happy voting!!! :)

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