Sunday, August 15, 2010

New Hairbrush!

In the world of pervert-ables, almost anything, almost anywhere can somehow be warped into almost any manner of kinky usability.

I am reminded of a long-past post by a pair of friends and fellow (quite outrageously prolific) bloggers (The Spanking Writers), about the potential of a particularly well-endowed bunch of carrots to perform as a spanking implement of any significant consequence. : ) You will forgive me for not giving away the end of that story...

Some of the more prominent merchants of highly pervert-able items include (but of course are not limited to):
  • Home Depot (or, as some may know it: Dom/Domme Depot),
  • Bed, Bath, and Beyond, and
  • Williams-Sonoma (kitchen-ware)
Anyone care to add their favorite kinkify-able store to the list? :D

To illustrate the point, just go for a leisurely stroll through one of the above some day, and notice how all kinds of fun jumps out at your already tainted eye : ) Try not to let too many innocent shoppers catch you testing various products on your arm or thigh for relative stingy or thuddiness...

Recently, a friend of mine (and an avid spanker :D) found one such pervert-able, featured at right, in CVS -- a drug store/pharmacy.

As pervert-ables go, hairbrushes are typically among the easiest to convert... But this particular brush simply screamed KINKY, right off the shelf. Christened the "Revlon Paddle Brush" by its clever makers, this new addition to my slowly growing treasure trove of implements certainly lives up to its name!

Not only is the paddle-shaped brush a conveniently decadent, velvety shade of lip-stick red (setting the bar a little high for color matching, aren't we??), it is also just the right size, and crafted from a material that carries the perfect amount of heft -- quite stingy, but accompanied by a lovely bit of thud, as well : )

Of course, phrases such as "perfect" and "just right" vary widely in degree of preference and mood -- for example something that is "just right" for you might not be for me, or something that is "perfect" for me after weeks without any proper attention might not be so perfect early on the morning immediately following an intense bedtime spanking!... :D But the variety is most definitely welcome and one of the best parts of this business : )

Thank you, you-know-who-you-are ;-), for the lovely brush! I will treasure it always :D


  1. Ooo, that looks nice...! And what a lovely post.

    I'm trying to pluck up the courage to ask the hotel we're in if they'll sell us one of the clothes brushes they have in the rooms...

  2. Oh, I like this brush! (At least the photo of it.)

    I hope you got settled in and are enjoying your new surroundings.