Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Searching for the Kink-Friendliest Apartment :D

Little did my land-lord know.... :D

Phew! *flops down on the futon and cuddles with the laptop*

All moved in! I must say, schlepping across country in a caravan of vehicles to move me into grad-school was quite a trip! :D But now everything is in, all the dust has settled, and I am cozily happy in my new surroundings.

Although I won't be posting any pictures, I will provide you with a brief list of reasons why this apartment, above all the others I viewed and considered, meshed so well with my particularly kinky interests:

1) It is off the beaten track of the main building: I am on a corner, in a wing of the building, with no-one in apartments on either of two walls -- these are outer walls of the building, since I'm in a corner apartment.

2) The apartment directly across the hallway from me is vacant, and will be for quite a while, as construction is taking place there for at least the next few months. (Added bonus: construction = more noise clutter :D)

3) The people in the apartment next to mine, sharing a wall, will be moving to a bigger apartment elsewhere within the month. The wall that we do share is the kitchen wall, reinforced with concrete, and therefore I have discovered simply from being here a few days that it is quite difficult to hear much from inside their apartment.

4) The ceilings are high -- 11 feet -- and again, the floors and ceilings are reinforced concrete, making it almost impossible for me to hear anything from the apartment above me, which means that the apartment below me won't be able to hear much, either :D

5) Not only do I have a nifty little column (perfect for leaning up against, being tied to, etc... :D) in the middle of my studio-style room, but I also have waist-high tables provided to me by the owndership, and four high, wide, easily-coverable but still conspicuously present windows : )

And there you have it! A perfectly safe environment (or at least, the best I could find, and not too shabby at that!) for the continued practice of my kinky ways... :D

Let the games begin!!

P.S. Not to mention, I've also been able to procure some sturdy armless chairs (aka, folding chairs :D), and a nicely innocuous place to store all of my kinky materials...

Image courtesy of Ozone Productions


  1. Yey! I'm happy you're settled -- and that you have concrete walls to muffle...the music.

  2. OMG sounds like the perfect place! Want to come and stay and play...!