Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Strapped Amongst the Trees

Have you ever been spanked outside?

I can now say, proudly blushing, that I have. :D

Walking peacefully through the trees of my partner's 4-acre nature-full property, little did I know (yeah right :D) that once we'd reached a safely semi-secluded lightly-forested area, he would lean me up against the trunk of a pleasantly surprised nearby tree, remove his belt, and lay heartily into my jeans... *blush*

With all of mother nature around us to see and hear, and yet under the blessed sanctity of trees (and not to mention the added buffer of private property), we were able to experience just the right amount of outdoor thrill without worrying about shocking the neighbors :D

Granted, I wasn't quite ready to give up quite as much privacy as the lovely lady in this provocative photo (courtesy of firmhandspankings.com) -- but it would have been just as hard to disguise the strapping as something benign (oh, he's just beating the dirt off my butt from when we were just sitting on the ground a moment ago...) whether my jeans were up or down... Either way, I think it would have been pretty obvious that something fishy was going on... : )

Maybe next time, now that I can count this as a successful semi-public outdoor spanking experience, I'll have a little more confidence in the idea of dropping my jeans... :D :)


  1. I have often harboured a fancy for taking a young lady out for and punishment country drive , finding a quiet spot and then administering a sound thrashing! very appealing !

  2. My wife drives me to random public places (or rather tells me to drive) quite often. She then instructs me undress and proceeds to spanks me. It's a great thrill for both of us and I highly recommend it. Sometimes she sends me to get a branch of a tree first, which again is a huge buzz.