Monday, July 12, 2010

Fashionista Troublemakers

If I had wildly bright pink hair, I think I might run around town looking something like this:

(Alright, perhaps I would only dream of being so bold, but it's a nice idea, right? :D)

There are so many things going on in this lovely illustration by Ekaterina Matveeva that I just had to post! It speaks so vividly to my Victorian/Steampunk debaucherous sense of kinky high-fashion..

We'll go from bottom to top: the impossibly
high heels; the lovely thigh-high stockings (one of which is argyle!!); the cherub/cupid/satyr creature in a fashionable top-hat along along with pocket-watch, and the rather bold little T-shirt exclaiming "Arrest Me"...

The small hand-gun poking precariously out of the top of one girl's stockings, which are of course held up by a clearly visible pair of garters... "5ex" tattooed onto the other girl's clearly visible bottom cheek *blush*, peeking out from under an impossibly short, plaid, pleated skirt...

Both girls are wearing corsets, one of which looks like it could pop open at any moment, and the other proudly displaying the highly recognizable British flag :D

The three leather, buckled arm-bracers
on the left girl's forearm, rather punkish but also reminiscent of bondage... Speaking of which, don't fail to notice
the cage slung onto the other girl's arm... The ribbons flying everywhere, the devil horns accenting the batgirl-like face mask...

I get the feeling that there are a lot of hidden images and metaphors and references in this piece, as well, pertaining to Great Britain and British fashions and what-not -- perhaps some of my dear readers from overseas would be kind enough to enlighten those of us less familiar with the ways and currents of English fashion? :D

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