Thursday, July 15, 2010


At this very moment, I am enduring the wait before the inevitable. :D

This time, like many times before, it is a very enjoyable wait, for what promises to be a very enjoyable experience. : ) Other times, it has been a wait full of not only a certain amount of enjoyable excitement, but also deliciously sinister foreboding (alright, perhaps not quite "sinister," but close enough!)

"You just wait until we get home, young lady."


How about you? Do you like that feeling of waiting? That anticipation building up inside you, until there are so many butterflies you feel as if at any moment you might just float away?

Standing in a small line, or all alone, outside the Headmaster's heavy oak study door, hearing the cane swish through the air and crack as it lands in chastisement of the victim sent or called in before you...

Receiving text messages all day long about the spanking that you're going to get later that night... Waiting all week for a meeting that you know will be full of kinky fun and frivolity...

Or would you rather just have it over with? :D

Perhaps, a little of both...? : )


  1. I want both: the anxiety of the wait and the climax of realization. Although, while I'm waiting I just want it to be done with! :)

    Love the new look of your blog, too!

  2. I LOVE the wait, especially if it is enhanced by lots of teasing and taunting.

    But I also love those times when it's a complete surprise and I don't have a chance to acclimate, let alone anticipate :)