Sunday, September 20, 2009

Anime Punishment

I just recently found this short clip from an Anime -- I think the title and description may be in Italian, or something similar, but the clip is in Japanese with English subtitles.

Now, I was a little unsure about posting this, because it involves a father spanking his daughter, bare and otk. It's a cartoon, which means no children were hurt in the making of this clip. And, as I've mentioned before, in no way do I condone or tolerate anything to do with children in this arena -- I am personally of the opinion that spanking is wasted on anyone under 18.

This clip, despite the fact that it involves a fictional father and younger daughter, has been seriously pre-occupying me for a few days now, and I wanted to share it. : ) This is a realm of pure fantasy -- please understand this -- fictional fantasy only, and something that I daydream about in my own terms.

What I like about this is the tender father/daughter relationship, the fact that he is concerned about her, for whatever reason, and that he scolds her, gently, for not listening to him. He starts off with a spank and then a rub, a spank and then a rub, as if to ease her into it, so that she's not completely overwhelmed from the beginning. Only after he gets to the crux of it, the fact that she hasn't been listening to him, does he start spanking more quickly, without rubbing, and she starts protesting more.

Some of the choicier lines:
Very beginning-- "A bad girl needs spanking."
Somewhere in the middle-- "Yes, it's painful, isn't it? That's how you get to be a good girl."

*shiver* Imagining someone speaking this way to me (as an adult, from an adult), is absolute bliss. :D I hope you enjoy. I'd welcome any discussion points you have, assuming, as we are, that we are speaking and thinking within the realms of consensual adult activities only.

Suzuku punita


  1. Even good girls need spankings....:)

  2. what hentai is this?

  3. I am not sure, Anony -- the video is entitled 'Suzuku punita,' which I think, judging by the rest of the text in the description, is Italian. But even if it were English, I don't think the poster mentions the original source -- it would be quite a worthwhile investigative endeavor to find that out! :D

  4. Night Shift Nurses 2: Episode 4