Sunday, September 6, 2009

Instead of Taking Notes...

Sometimes, sitting in class is rather a drag. :D Being a full-time college student, one is bound to run into a few of these situations... if not every day, then at least every week. For me, it's closer to every week, although as my college career advances and my focus-areas zero in on only those things about which I am interested, the time I have to spend day-dreaming in class has lessened.

This is, of course, a good thing.

But, for those times when the lack of a good thing (interesting class-time), translates into *another* good thing... :D Below is a small example.

This is just a short dialogue that I found myself sketching out one day during a particularly boring and repetitive lecture (with thoughts, of course, in pure fantasy-land, of what could happen to a studious pupil caught thus distracted in the middle of class...) :D Please feel free not to like it, or to adapt it to your own likings in your own mind, but to me, this was rather close to the epitome of a HOT play situation... *blushes*

Warning: Some sexually explicit content, please don't read if this offends you, or stop reading when it gets there... You'll also find that the fantasy makes use of a "Sir" and "little one or little girl" dynamic -- this in no way implies anything to do with or anything in support of minors in sexual situations -- all of my fantasy characters are full-on, over-18 adults. Just to clear that up. :)


“You, little girl, are being bad, and need to be taught a lesson.” (rolling up his sleeves)
“Please, Sir…” (blushing, looking up at him)
“Don’t try to wriggle your way out of it. You know what happens to bad little girls, don’t you?”
“Yes, Sir…” (smiling with embarrassment)
“What happens to them?” (smiling, too)
“…They get… spanked…” (biting her lip, swaying from side to side slightly)
"Yes, they do. And do you think you deserve to be spanked, hmm?” (the smile still there in his voice)
“…Yes, Sir…” (turning brighter red)
“Yes what?”
“I deserve to be spanked.” (fidgeting)
“Then ask me for it, little one.”
“…*wriggles*…” (nnnnnnn)
“Be a good little girl, and ask me…” (patient, smiling)
“Please spank me, Sir…” (can’t look in his eyes)
“Good girl. Now, how shall I spank you?” (grinning now)
“…Nnn… Over your knees, Sir…”
“That’s right. Come here.”
(sidling over, hands clenching the hem of her skirt)
“Such a good girl… it’s too bad that you forget your place and need your little butt spanked sometimes…” (he is smiling, his eyes twinkling)
(she stands to the right of his lap, blushing, tense)
(he takes her arm and guides her gently over, her feet leaving the ground, one of her hands grasping his left ankle, her back arched in anticipation and arousal)
(his right hand smoothes over the seat of her skirt, warming her skin, relaxing her) “Mmmm what a cute little ass…presented so nicely for me… ready for a spanking..."
(wriggling) “Mmm…”
(still rubbing her ass, caressing, gently grabbing through her skirt) “Does my little girl want her spanking?”
(whispering, embarrassed) “Yes, Sir, please…”
“Please what…?”
“Please spank me, Sir…” (her voice comes out as an urgent whisper, her hips pushing back into his warm hand)
“Mmmm that’s what I like to hear… good little girl…” (after rubbing a few more moments, he pulls back and lands a gentle swat on the lower part of her ass, right on her sit-spot, drawing a gasp and quiet moan) “Mmmm my little girl likes that…” (he swats again, still rubbing in between, aiming low, and a few more times, drawing more moans) “My little girl likes her butt spanked, doesn’t she…?”
“Yes, Sir…” (squeezing his leg in her hand)
“Mmmm good girl…” (he begins landing spanks in earnest now, still over her skirt, still rubbing)
(she moans, wriggles a little)
“Hmmm I think my little girl’s skirt is offering her too much protection…” (the grin is obvious in his voice. He runs light fingers up both of her thighs, softly, slowly, reaching the hem of her skirt and following her skin underneath, causing her hips to push back even more…) “Mmmm my baby likes my hands on her skin…”
“Yes, Sir…”
(he is whispering now, slowly raising her skirt while continuing to caress her thighs) “You like having my hands on you… touching, rubbing, mmm spanking you…” (her skirt is completely up now, she is moaning) “Mmm! You look fabulous like this, you know, over my lap, your cute little butt in the air, your skirt up, exposing you to me…” (his hand is rubbing a little harder now, over her panties, warming her, over the parts of her bottom not covered, the backs of her thighs…) “Mmm so spankable…” (he begins spanking again, still lightly, slowly, enjoying her skin)
“Mmm good girl… Tell me what you want me to do to you, little girl…”
“Nnnn spank me, Sir, please…”
“How hard?”
“Nnnnn harder… please…” (she breathes it out, as if begging)
(grinning, he hardens his swats, making them heavier, quicker, not stopping to rub as much) “Good girl… you want me to spank you hard don’t you… turn your butt red…”
“Yes, Sir, please…”
Swat! Swat!…. SWAT! SWAT!!! “Mmmm I want to see that cute little ass of yours, would you like that?”
“Nnnn yes, Sir…” (her eyes are shut tight as she wriggles slightly with embarrassment)
“Ask me…"
“Please take my….panties down, Sir…” (she is gasping)
“And then what, little girl?” (he is grinning, rubbing her warming skin)
“And spank my bare bottom, Sir, please…” (her voice is rising in pitch, pleading)
“Good girl…” (he begins lowering her panties, slowly, relishing the view…) “Mmmm look at that lovely little ass, starting to turn pink…” (taking her panties down to her thighs, but leaving them there… rubbing her bare ass…) “Mmmm all bare, ready for me to spank you…”
“Yes Sir, please…!”
“Mmmm! Good girl.” (swatting again, his left hand curled around her bare hip, comforting, his right hand rubbing and swatting, aiming low, sometimes hitting the backs of her thighs, drawing moans and making her wriggle over his lap…) “Mmmm my baby girl likes her butt spanked…”
(she can only moan and nod vigorously, her eyes closed)

The rest of the dialogue moves into some sexual realms, which I am uncomfortable posting on the blog -- but by all means, if you are curious about the rest of it, just ask and I can send it on a one-to-one basis :D


  1. This is delicious, Rayne, and so sexy. I can just imagine you across my knee, your sweet soft bare bottom wriggling and quivering, blushing ever more beautifully as I spank it hotter and hotter....

    Would I like to read the rest of it? Now what do you think? ;)

  2. Thanks PhilK :D Ahh the wonders and thrills of imagination!! :D

  3. Oh geeeez, don't leave me hangin like does it end!!???

    Very good writing!


  4. Thanks, Murray!

    If you would like to read the rest, you can leave a comment with your email address, and I just won't publish the comment, and delete it after I save the address -- that way only I'll see it, so no worries about privacy :D

  5. You wrote this in a *lecture*?

    "Bad little girl..."!