Monday, September 14, 2009

Ludacris is Spanking?

As many spankos/kinksters will empathize, sometimes everyday vanilla life will throw an exhilarating kink into the mix of the lovely mundane, and immediately I will latch on to it with a "WAIT. OMG. Did that just happen??"

Life comes to a screeching halt for two milliseconds as the burgeoning excitement/embarrassment/arousal/surprise begins to rise in my chest, and I have to push the 'instant replay' button in my mind to make sure I didn't just unconsciously kinkify something vanilla on my own.

One of these gift-like moments rolled over me one day as I was listening to the radio in the car, driving down the road. I listen to all kinds of music (ok, well, most kinds...), so before you judge, the radio happened to be on the hip-hop/R&B station, and a newer song by T-Pain, featuring Ludacris, came on. Now, we won't be getting into any of the rather misogynistic underpinnings (and sometimes overpinnings) of certain kinds of music here, because that is a-whole-nother important discussion and deserves its own space. I would like to choose, for the time being, as I did when I first heard the song, not to over-analyze into realms of gender relations in American pop culture and all of that very serious business, but instead to simply bask in the lovely opportunities for kinky imagination that this moment brought about for me, personally, which I would like to share with you.

Somewhere more than half-way through the song, Ludacris breaks out and does his bit, and it goes a little something like this:

"...Put you over my knee, put you on punishment, woman, and I'll spank ya..."

I nearly jumped out of my skin when I heard that. "You'll do WHAT??? Can you say that again, please?? Can I call you on that -- I don't think you would really do it -- could you show me?"

Naturally, I had to get the name of the song and then promptly go to YouTube as soon as I returned home to look up the music video... Unfortunately, none of said kinkiness actually takes place in the video (sad day!), but if you'd like to hear the song for yourself, it's "Chopped 'N Screwed" by T-Pain. Have tons of fun :D

Any other songs out there with kink-potential that people have happened upon in the past? It's always nice to have a 'secretly-kinky' playlist on one's portable music player for use when times get tough... :D


  1. Ludacris is totally kinky. In "Fantasy" he talks about schoolteachers, whips, chains and how he'll "smack a li'l booty up with my belt." Oh, Luda : )

  2. Really?!? *scurries off quickly to look up the song...* :D

  3. Just found your blog today... very nice! Reading through your old posts... we've spotted a few fun Harry Potter spanking pics/art. So, the two can go together! We'll be checking back often,

    ~Todd & Suzy

  4. @Todd and Suzy -- thanks so much! Glad to have you stop by! :D Love your blog, too!