Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Animation Fascination

Does anyone else experience this phenomenon? What is it about the simple spanking animations or cartoons that just hit me in the right spot? :D

They don't even have to be that elaborate, even just an arm up, an arm down, an arm up, an arm down (with a pink bottom as the target of the hand attached to said arm)... :) But then most of the ones that I find add in a slight movement of the spankee's bottom on impact, and/or of her own arms and legs as she squirms (or he, I suppose)... Some even have the spanker's hand alternate from one cheek to the other! Ingenious! I can't stand it! :D Show me one of those and I'm immediately melting... :D

Doesn't matter if the drawing is shotty, or if it's lacking in detail or grace or vivid coloration... Perhaps I'm just not picky enough? If it's spanking, it's got me going :D

Somehow the fact that the animation is there, actually moving, takes it a step further than a simple drawing, or a picture... Sure, one could get the same and even better 'animation' from watching a spanking movie -- and quite a lot more plot, character development, sound, variation of theme and visual stimulation... But something about the quick-fix, simply-animated little cartoon... is rather tantalizing... :) I don't have to wait for it, it's just right there, over and over and over again...

Don't get me wrong -- everything else is wonderful, too, drawings, pictures, movies, stories -- I love it all :D Just wanting to give a shout out to a seemingly less-than-highlighted genre of visual spanking stimulation : )

If anyone knows any good spanking/erotic animation sites out there, let me know! I've found one pay site that looks nice: http://www.underground-animations.com/index.htm (Their free sample pages are here: http://www.underground-animations.com/interest.htm)

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