Saturday, September 12, 2009

Introduction to the Cane

'Tis rather fitting, is it not, that my first (and long-awaited) taste of the cane --

(not this kind of cane):

(but this kind, *shivers*):

-- occurred when I was last in England? : ) How charmingly perfect!

I had the good fortune of having made some friends online, and when I found myself overseas, the double good fortune of being able to meet up with them -- a happy and lovely couple. :D

The cane he used was a thin one, what people who know canes better might call a junior cane... a senior cane is a little thicker, he said... He'd had to be able to bend the cane enough to fit into a backpack, so as not to arouse suspicion when the three of us went out for lunch beforehand... :)

I knew from my previous experiences that I would be nervous and that my nerves would show, so I'd told them about that through email, and warned them that it didn't mean I wasn't enjoying myself, or that I didn't want to continue... even if I showed nerves when it was just the three of us together in the room. I just feel wholly un-natural without clothing -- it never made sense to me how men -- or at least, any of the men I've been with, and probably many women whom I have not met -- can walk around freely without clothes -- get up to go change the temperature of the room, pour a drink, what-have-you -- completely naked, without any compunction whatsoever...!

In the spirit of light-hearted ceremony, he had me bend over the back of a chair, said he was going to give me the traditional 'six of the best,' with the last being the hardest, as always, and had me count each one followed by a 'thank you.' :D

He told me that if I moved out of position I would get extra... And he specifically mentioned keeping my hands on the cushion of the chair -- that was new for me, as I'm not used to having to concentrate on keeping my hands a certain way... I'm not one to actually reach back and try to cover myself (at least I haven't yet!), but the freedom of being able to move my arms around has always been something I've taken for granted, and suddenly knowing that I'd have to deal with extra punishment if I so much as lifted one hand to grab the arm of the chair was... rather exciting... *blushes*

I forgot to count the first one, because it was rather shocking, and out of the corner of my eye I saw him exchange glances with his lovely wife, who was on the other side watching my face to make sure I was okay... He reminded me to count and gave that one to me again. Those first six were rather light (although they still hurt!) -- I knew he was more interested in gauging my reactions than anything else...

Much later, after the three of us had played with a lot of other things and had some more fun ;D, he wanted to give me twelve more, harder strokes.

I went back over the chair, far less warmed up than I'd been before (he'd hand-spanked me before those first six), and I had to count again. These came faster than the first six, and the first of the twelve was as hard as the last of the first six had been. I was having some trouble keeping up with the counting, and this time his wife was much closer, telling me to breathe through it... I was very grateful to have her there, understanding exactly what I was going through :D

We finally got to twelve and I hadn't gotten out of position, and he was quite pleased with the perfect set of marks he'd left -- they had me look at the set of thin lines in the mirror. At that point, he noticed that one side was more deeply marked than the other, and he proposed that I take six more of the same intensity to even out the marks... I protested, obviously, as those twelve had been quite painful, but his grip on my arm as he put me back over the chair was hardly resistible...

With those last six, which he said I didn't need to count because they would come too quickly, I came very close to tears... At one point both of my knees were bent, feet off the ground, and eyes tightly shut, so I didn't notice the chair starting to tilt backwards... His watchful wife caught it before it got too far, but he took the opportunity to count that as 'moving out of position' and gave me an extra for it -- which he later confessed was rather mean of him... :D

He told me later that he couldn't have caned me any harder with that cane -- and she nodded her agreement, as she had watched him do it. Through the whole thing he'd kept making sure that I was okay, keeping lines of communication open, which was very important to me. There were lots of hugs and cuddles afterward, all very essential to a successful encounter :D

Happily, it was a very fine introduction to the English cane, in England, by and Englishman, and I loved every minute of it! : ) Well... maybe not those couple of moments just after the stroke had landed, and the real agony of the pain swelled to a peak -- but those were only moments, and the overall effect was well, well worth it... :D


  1. Rayne, I would love to give you 'six of the best' with a swishy painful cane, upon your tender bare bottom. For an erotic moment, try wearing garter-belt and stockings. You might find it to your liking.

  2. Goodness me, you must have an IRON bum! You were so brave not to have moved like that. I often jump around like a grasshopper when I'm being caned!

  3. @sixofthebest -- I have actually tried to find a decent pair of garter-belt stockings! *blushes* Maybe one day I'll get the opportunity to wear them :D

    @Eliane -- I didn't want him to accidentally hit anything he didn't want to hit! :D Plus, it helped to have her there at my front end, offering encouragement...

  4. Thank you Rayne, the only blush a red one, I would like to see, is on your bare bottom, from a good spanking.

  5. This was such a lovely scene, and it was a total privilege to be able to give you your first caning. I love your account of it; really happy memories!


    PS thank you for not mentioning us by name, but Haron and I are really proud to have played the scene with you and so wouldn't have minded had you done so!

  6. Glad that you're happy with my version of events, Abel! :D And SO glad you and Haron are brave and generous enough to admit to a connection with me! ~giggles~ lol Very happy memories, indeed :)