Sunday, September 27, 2009

Spilt Milk...

If anyone else has seen the intriguing newer musical called Spring Awakening, you will already have an inkling as to what I'm about to highlight... :D

Little did I know, sitting in the live audience between a parent and a sibling, that such a lovely-heated-embarrassing-discomfort would be running through my entire body during certain parts of the show -- and more than just one scene, too! I must have turned bright red at least twice -- good thing my fellow show-goers were all too engrossed in the stage action to notice... : ) The musical is overall a very serious and thought-provoking experience, though, and well worth seeing, for reasons far beyond its kink-value.

But for now, I will limit my comments to the particular flavor that some of Spring Awakening adds to our common interests here... :D

The part that really started me going (imagining a much less serious, much more PC, much more playful alternative version), began with the main female character (Wendla) explaining to the main male character (Melchior), that she'd been day-dreaming by the stream all morning. What was she day-dreaming about? Funnily enough, she proceeded to describe a day-dream that happened to be uncannily similar to some of my own day-dreams... *blush*

"I dreamt I was a clumsy little girl who spilt my father's milk--" (or coffee, depending on the version you see) "--and when he saw what I'd done, he took off his belt--" (or yanked it off, again depending :D) "--and whipped me with it."


Goodness gracious I got so hot when she admitted that. :D She then went on to explain to Melchior how she herself had never been 'beaten,' and wanted so much to know what it felt like. He, needless to say, was rather astonished, but this didn't stop Wendla from noticing a conveniently-placed switch on the ground, picking it up, and musing, "With this stick, for example, so tough, and thin..."

When she turns to Melchior and holds out the stick, asking him to hit her with it, the poor boy becomes thoroughly surprised and confused -- hit a girl?? With a stick? He tries to tell her that she's being ridiculous, that he would never do such a thing, but she persists:

"Even if I let you? Even if I asked you to?? ... Please!?"

Finally, he relents. But he doesn't just relent -- after an experimental strike to her backside through her dress, he seems to assume a rather dominating air, grabs her upper arm, and says, "I'll teach you to say 'please...'" before continuing with the switch... Depending upon the acting skills of the young man playing Melchior in the version you see, he may assume a rather deliciously low and quietly intense voice as he says this... MMMmmm :D

After that, the actual scene develops into some less-than-yummy scariness, but thought-provoking none-the-less, and for the purpose of creating individual fantasies, this single scene provides a nice chunk of 'mmmmm' material :D

If you haven't seen the musical, I would highly recommend it, and not only to see this particular part, but to really see a creative, deeply moving, innovative and intellectually challenging show : ) Go with a mind wide open! : )

Namaste and safe journeys :D


  1. Nice Blog you have here, Bottom Smarts really knows how to pick them.

  2. Thank you BrushStrokes! :) Glad to have you here :)

  3. You know, I was really disappointed by the version in London's West End: some of the the acting was really mediocre and the singing really weak. But the key scene, for us spankos - wow, that was quite something! Even if I wish the stage directions had been written something like:

    "(Melchior turns Welka around so her backside faces the audience, and pulls her dress up and her panties down. He birches her hard with the switch, not stopping until the red marks are plainly visible and tears are flowing)"

  4. Goodness Abel :D If I had an imagination like yours I may have had to excuse myself entirely from the auditorium!! :D