Friday, October 2, 2009

Studded Leather

The joys and woes of living with housemates will be known by many. Personally, I enjoy being around people enough that the joys have by far outweighed the woes (*knock on wood*) in most of my living situations. :D People are very effective sources of entertainment, when you know where to look *big grin*

Take last night, for example.

Housemate A, we'll call him John, was sitting on the couch with his computer in his lap (the only PC user in the house), and the TV on. Now John, as it happens, *knows* about my kink, and is gracious enough to respect my wishes for discreetness, even though he can be a tad playfully suggestive at times (which is quite entertaining for me, as you can imagine... :D).

Sitting next to John was Housemate B, we'll call her Mary, and standing behind the couch was Housemate C, we'll call him Dave.

One of Mary's belts happened to be slung over the back of the couch -- a 1.5", black, fo-leather, silver-studded one. Dave noticed it and picked it up, musing, "Hey, this belt has studs on it... that could really hurt people..."

I'm starting to turn red already.

But it doesn't stop there! "Let's see how much it hurts," exclaims Dave, and proceeds to double the belt over and start whapping his own upper thigh with it, quite hard.

John, from his position on the couch, grins and decides to chime in, "You should try in on Rayne. That might be more effective..." I happen to be passing by on my way into the kitchen at this moment, and reply with a fake-indignant, "Hey!!" even though Dave doesn't take John's advice, and continues whacking his leg instead.

"It doesn't hurt." Dave sounds rather disappointed.

"You're wearing jeans--that nullifies half the pain right there--" I'm relieved that he doesn't seem to find my knowledge on the subject odd or telling. Once I'm safely in the kitchen, I call out, "You should take your pants off!"

Sadly, Dave's sense of propriety remains true, and when I come back to the living room his pants are still safely on, and the belt placed neatly back over the back of the couch, at Mary's protesting, "You're gonna break my belt!"

I couldn't refrain from 'accidentally' knocking John in the back of the head (lightly!) as I went back to my seat, and he chuckled, but said no more.

Yay kinky surprises in a vanilla household! :P

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  1. Whereupon the next day your housemates happened to find the table in the living room adorned with a slipper, wooden spoon, switch from a tree outside and hairbrush, right?