Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Plethora of Skirts!

In much the same vein (or 'vain') as my previous kinky shopping trip, I have suddenly started being much more open to buying... well... short skirts :D

It used to be that every single skirt I owned (which wasn't many) reached my ankles. Then, I got my first *knee*-length skirt -- scandalous! :P Most of my skirts now are knee-length, mostly due to the fact that I am rather insecure about the rest of my legs... But, recently, shorter skirts have been catching my eye...

Not in the least because of my (also recently acquired) love of plaid:

(the straight-backed wooden hairbrush is just for length-reference, I swear... :D)

But also due to other attractions such as cute little belts:

(don't mind the wrinkles, I have yet to learn how to use an iron... :P)

And peace signs!! :D

*claps hands together excitedly!*

Of course, these features are all secondary to the fact that, being shorter than anything I would ever wear in public, they offer a rather enticing view (not featured here :D) for any potential spankers... :P **

**Please note, I'm not this raunchy in person, and actually am usually quite shy... so short skirts like this are quite new for me, and wearing one in the presence of kinky company is only slightly easier than downright asking for a spanking :D *blushes*


  1. I can relate on the "buying short skirts" thing. I have several, including my Lowewood school skirt, that are so short the don't even attempt to cover my stocking tops. The first time I wore my Lowewood one, I was so embarrassed at it's length, I nearly changed straight away! Once I got over myself it was quite fun, though.

  2. My cousin always said the rule was that your skirt had to be longer than it was wide. Which was just fine by me, because I'm skinny enough that there are pretty much no skirts shorter than I am wide, so I win ;-)

  3. Rayne, if you were mine, you'd be spanked in each skirt, until the heat from from youe butt ironed out the wrinkles. WEG :D
    Warm hugs,