Friday, October 9, 2009

Who Stole the Cookies??

Couldn't help but start thinking of one thing in particular when I saw this picture... :D

That faerie is no Tinkerbell, but she's certainly about to be in a lot of trouble...! :P

Not to mention the cute view, and very convenient position... :D

Who do you suppose will catch her? Her father? Boyfriend, maybe? Perhaps her little sister, jealous that she didn't get there first... Maybe Mr. and Mrs. Mouse happen to be strolling by...?

Do you think they'd let her keep her tight skirt or even her striped stockings on whilst she endured the consequences of her actions? : ) Will she have to be restrained, or do you think she'd be able to stay firmly bent over the edge of the cookie jar until it was over?

Not that I'm encouraging the corporal punishment of lovely little faeries in any way... but this one did kind of ask for it... :D


  1. Is that a tight skirt, or very short shorts? Either way, I think the garment should definitely be removed, along with any under it, so that this naughty fairy can be soundly spanked on her cute and deservedly bare bottom. And given the inviting position she's put herself in, just a hand on the small of her back should be quite enough to keep her bent over to receive her punishment....

  2. Goodness gracious, Phil :D *blushes* Thank you for sharing your opinion! :D

  3. A teenage fairy, too cute by far,
    Tried to rifle the cookie jar.
    Alas! her dad came along and caught her
    And soundly spanked his naughty daughter,
    But gave her a cookie - now wasn't that kind? -
    To console the poor sprite for her sore behind.