Monday, August 31, 2009

OverWonderfully-Whelming Weekend


Goodness Gracious.


What a weekend! : ) Firstly, I was able to go to a dinner-event beforehand (earlier in the week) and meet a few people who were also going to the same event (this being the BDSM-related all-day event for which I went shopping last week). That way, I already knew a few people there, which made it more comfortable for me. Secondly, two of the people I'd met at the dinner were kind and generous enough to invite me to stay at their home the night before the event, and then to go along with them, so I didn't have to go all by myself. THAT was INCREDIBLY helpful -- I'd been planning just to go alone, but having them there with me from the beginning was SO nice, and really helped me to ease into the whole thing and meet more new people.

Thirdly, everyone was wonderfully caring and welcoming and very happy to have new people there -- not only me but a few other newbies as well. I had nothing to be scared or worried about -- so many warm, considerate, protective people, they wouldn't have let me get into a hurtful situation. : )

With that said, wow. There were some very intense things going on, and most of what I did was watch, like I'd thought I would. I did manage to end up over someone's lap, first in private, then later in semi-public (and bare! eep!!)... I also had a chance to do some experimenting with ropes -- being tied up quite elaborately with some pretty pink nylon rope -- with knots in rather convenient and tantalizing places... Not suspended, though -- although we did see some pretty awesome suspensions... I think I really did like the rope -- something about his hands working over me, tying the knots, the way it constricted me as if I were being held, etc... And then of course the way he could exert power over my movement by manipulating the rope :D

So, this weekend was much more about exploring some broader BDSM-related activities than it was about playing a lot. It helped me to confirm that I personally am much more into the spanking sub-genre of activities, rather than BDSM in general.

It's odd, though, because the spanking has to involve at least some element of D/s or power-exchange in order for it to really effect me -- which is hard to explain to a lot of people. Especially people for whom D/s actually means a lot more.

In any case, it was a very fun weekend. The first time that I've ever been spanked in public, also the first time that I've seen others spanked (and more), and the first time that I've done a few *other* things in public, too... :) Someone let me (aka peer-pressured me) into trying on their waist-cincher-corsette-thingy over my dress, and wearing it for a good hour at least -- it looked really good!! :D Forced me to sit with proper posture, as well... :)

Some interesting workshops kept our attention for the first half of the day, which worked really well not only as a knowledge-spreading device, but also as a way for everyone to begin to feel comfortable around each other, and in the space, so that the play going on after dinner wouldn't feel awkward. Plenty of benches, X-like crosses, long padded tables, etc... for people to play with, all of which were well-used throughout the night, of course...

The whole experience now leaves me very much wanting to attend a play-party geared for spankos next! :D Now that I've survived a BDSM party, a spanking party should be a piece of cake, don't you think? :D


  1. Hi Rayne, just found your blog. It sounds like you had a fabulous weekend. I've been to some BDSM clubs as well, and while, like you, I enjoy them, spanking is really what floats my boat, so I'd love to go to a party that was geared around that.
    Anyway, welcome to the blogosphere, and I look forward to reading more of your adventures.

  2. Thank you Eliane! Maybe we will one day be able to go together somewhere! :D