Saturday, August 15, 2009

First Implement

I've told the story of my first "real" spanking experience, which, for me, meant the first time I was mentally and physically over someone's knee, with the intention of being there for a while, getting spanked. It had nothing to do with the level of pain, or the number of the layers of clothing, or anything really at all except for the specific element of being an experience meant to be regarded as an OTK spanking.

I had, before that, been swatted, patted, even briefly held over a lap and then released, and, in fact, even felt an implement. None of these experiences, however wonderful they were, constituted, in my mind, an "actual" spanking, like the one previously described. They do, however, hold an important place in my own kinky journey, and thus deserve a place in blog-world. :)

The first implement I ever felt was a small, thin, wooden paddle. As innocent a paddle as it might have been (compared to what I've experienced since), when he first brought it out and I first saw it, my heart jumped into my throat and I suddenly got very, very worried.

Not only was I already naked, I was also already on my hands and knees on the floor, my butt toward him and feeling very vulnerable... I'd only gotten there in the first place out of constant encouragement (both verbal and some slightly stingy hand-spanking) from him, and only stayed there due to his continuous, "Don't worry, you'll be fine... You're doing great... Be a big girl..."

All of his verbal encouragement helped me tremendously to stay focused, despite my knowledge that I am, in fact, an adult, and that talk like this in any other situation would leave me slightly affronted... In this situation it did everything to keep me aroused and grounded : )

The first time that wood came in contact with my already slightly warm, bare skin was actually rather shocking. I remember thinking, "OW! What?" I was all at once very conscious of it's flatness, it's hard woodenness, and it's breadth of coverage over my pliable skin. After the shock of the first swat, the second incited a wiggle and a squeak from me, which in turn invited more encouragement.

"Stings, doesn't it? Don't worry... it's not that bad..." Whap! "See? Just a little sting..."

I could hear the smile in his voice, and despite the discomfort in my bottom-regions, I felt able to relax into it a bit more. I remember leaning forward so that my elbows touched the ground, and my forehead could rest on the carpet -- it was very straining and tiring, to put up with that kind of treatment! :D

After only six or seven whaps with the stingy thinner paddle, he revealed a slightly thicker one, though no bigger in width or length. My eyebrows disappeared under the hair on my forehead and I wiggled a little more in vain protest, all worry and fret again. Would the thicker paddle hurt more??

He merely smiled and said, "That's right..." : ) Apparently I'd provided him with exactly the reaction he'd been looking for, which did little to comfort me (but did quite a bit to enhance my excitement :D).

I received only two or three with the thicker paddle, which was just fine for me, as my butt was stinging terribly by that time and I didn't want to feel that wood hit my skin again. After that we moved on to other, less stingy entertainment... :D

Oh my how little I knew at that point... that stinging wasn't really stinging at all!! : ) But for the moment it was just enough, and it let me know that, in fact, I could handle at least a small, thin wooden paddle...

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