Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dangling on Both Ends

I think I will always remember the first time that my spanker sat down in an armless, straight-backed chair, and pulled me over his lap so that not only were my legs suspended in mid-air, but so, too, was my torso.

Up until that point I'd always been spanked in a position that left my top half laying comfortably flat on some kind of surface: the edge of the bed, the other half of a couch, the cushy arm of a chair, etc... Despite the lack of 'comfy-ness,' however, I have to say -- the authenticity of dangling over his lap completely like that, with my face near the ground and all of my weight resting on him... was rather, well, lovely :D

Not to mention when he took my right wrist and held it in the small of my back -- not harshly, just lightly, as a reminder, and an assertion of his power over me. : ) Mmmmm :D

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