Thursday, August 13, 2009

As Promised...

Yesterday I said that I would write more about my first ever "real" spanking experience, just as a mini-story in itself. :D As aforementioned, it was during that first year of exploring my new-found kink. I started that relationship when I was just a few months into age 20, and then proceeded to turn 21 before it ended a little over a year later. It's been about half a year since then, and I am about to turn 22. Just for some time reference.

It was the first time we'd met in person.

We'd met online, as it seems many relationships with a spanking or bdsm twist form these days, and we'd developed quite the correspondence. It was apparent even before meeting in person that we worked together, that we were getting into more than just a friendship, and that we both wanted to head in that direction.

After two solid months of emailing back and forth every single day, we moved to instant messaging... After two solid weeks of 4-hour instant-message conversations every night, we moved (with a little hesitation from me) to phone conversations... After four solid weeks of emails, instant messages, and hours on the phone each night, we moved to video chat and got to see each other for the first time on screen... It wasn't long before he flew out and we spent a wonderful weekend together in a hotel. Seriously, I disappeared from my college house for a weekend, and we hardly left the hotel room :D

I wore a skirt, on that day, when we were to finally meet for the first time in person. :) It was wintry outside -- yet I knew I wanted to be in a skirt.

We met at a central place on campus, went to the room and got him unpacked, then dinner and an orchestra performance -- as we wanted to get comfortable with each other in public situations before diving in head first... But, although the music was quite lovely, we hardly needed the time -- after all of our virtual conversations we both felt very comfortable together -- we fit somehow, you know? :D

Back in the room after the show, he immediately took control and I loved it. From the moment the door closed and he put on the lock.

"Take off your boots." I already knew by the steady, firm tone of his voice that this was it.

I was unsteady on my feet, and needed to reach out to hold onto his shoulder in order to keep from toppling over while I obeyed. Once safely de-booted, I stood before him, suddenly shy, waiting and nervous.

He hugged me... a deep, understanding hug, and whispered into my neck, "I think you've been waiting for this for a very long time."

The shiver that went through me was quite involuntary. He held on until it passed, then released me and moved over to sit on the edge of the bed. I stayed rooted to the spot.

Looking over at me, his face kind, but firm, he patted his right thigh and said, "Come over my lap."

Wanting to impress him, but still so very embarrassed at myself and what I was thinking, I shuffled over close to him, but couldn't quite go over. I was smiling -- I had to, in order to deal with the embarrassment and the shyness and the nervousness and everything else... Luckily he was smiling back, and didn't mind when I stalled a bit by putting my head on his shoulder, and rubbing his arm with my left hand... I wanted so much to just do it, just do what he'd asked, but it was simply impossible... In my mind at the time, putting myself over his knees was tantamount to purposely flashing someone in public, or yelling "Spank me!!" on a busy sidewalk in the middle of the day.

Fortunately for me, he seemed to read my mind, and wisely took my hesitation not for unwillingness to go through with it, but for simply what it was -- hesitation. He took my arm and gently guided my torso over his lap and onto the bed next to him, leaving my hips to lie propped up on his knees, and my feet on the floor next to the bed.

This was it.

I had never, EVER been in this position before.

I could feel my body react immediately. Immediately. Let's just say that if we'd stopped there, it would have been plenty by way of foreplay for me. :D

Happily, however, we didn't stop there. How could we? Now that I was so conveniently positioned, there was nothing for him to do but start to rub, and then to pat... All still over my skirt, but already making me whimper and squirm. Ohhhhh my goodness... Most of my mind was still having trouble realizing that this was even possible... that all those years of lying awake fantasizing at night had been about something that could, actually, really, physically, happen... to me, now at age 20, as an adult.

I remember not knowing what I should be doing with my legs... I was nervous about how I must look to him -- would it be easier for him, or would I look better, with my legs straight? Or bent? Or crossed, or one up one down... Obviously, I wasn't yet in enough pain to keep these silly thoughts repressed.

He didn't talk much once he'd got me over his lap, but he was responsive to my antics -- whimpering, moaning now and again, squirming a bit over his knees... Sounds of approval were issuing from his throat, and his hands on me were quite enough communication for the both of us.

After a bit, he took hold of the hem of my skirt, and began to lift. I made tiny nervous sounds and motions -- this would not only be the first time we'd met in person, and the first time I'd ever been spanked, and the first time he'd ever spanked me, but now it was going to be the first time he'd ever seen me with fewer clothes than is considered publicly decent in most situations. I was terribly shy, and especially about that part of my anatomy, and especially in this highly embarrassing and arousing position...

By the time he'd gotten my skirt all the way up I was about ready to explode with tension... I'm sure he could tell, because he took the opportunity to calm me down with quite a bit of rubbing, soothing, and telling me how nice I looked.

He put his left hand through my hair and pushed it back from my face on the bed, a gesture which had me sighing into the bed spread. :D

Please excuse the sappiness :) You will find that I'm a terribly romantic and often sappy person, bordering on pathetically schmaltzy when the mood strikes, so don't be put off as at the moment we're discussing one of the most dreamy moments of my young life... :)

Once I'd physically relaxed a bit, he began patting again, and my goodness what a difference it was -- suddenly it seemed terribly essential to have even that thin layer of cloth covering my skin, shielding it from the slap of his hand, even if it was just a light slap... I remember squirming with a little more vigor after the loss of my skirt's protection...

It wasn't long before his hand started coming down a bit harder, and a bit faster, and I started breathing a bit heavier, and moving my feet quite a bit more... No longer was I pre-occupied with worrying about how I must look, or what he might think, or where my legs should be, or how my skin must be jiggling -- now every thought in my mind had to do with the heat building under his hand, and then, quite suddenly, it started to hurt.

Ooooh... Ah! It started to really hurt!

I suppose the distress I was feeling at that point came through in my voice as I reacted, because after those moments of actual pain he would stop and rub a bit, again reaching over to push the hair out of my face.

By then, I had my left fore-arm underneath me, pressed flush up against his left thigh on the bed, and my right hand clinging to his left leg just above his knee, my fingers squeezed between him and the bed. I had taken to bending first one knee, then straightening it and bending the other, just for something to keep my mind off of the physical pain, something to move, something to do...

He kept spanking me for a bit after it began to hurt -- but of course, it was only hurting because I'd had no idea what it would feel like, had never been spanked before in my life even as a child, and was not used to hurting at all in any way.

At one point, nearing the end, he didn't stop to rub on cue with my whimpering, but instead kept going, a little harder, and I couldn't help the fact that my voice rose, that both my feet came up off the floor, that my head came up off the bed and I gripped his leg with my right hand hard and fast.

Then he stopped.

I let out a sigh... still feeling the sting, and still not quite sure whether I liked it or not.

After about a minute of rubbing and relaxing, he asked me, "Are you ready for more?"

More?! More? -- I was thinking, god no, oh no, that hurt quite enough thank you... The sting still lingering on my panty-clad bottom was enough to decide for me -- I shook my head, unable to speak at first, and then supplemented with a breathless, "No..."

"No?" he queried, to make sure, "All done?"

I nodded, closing my eyes. "Yesss...."

As this was our first visit, and the the first time I'd been over a lap getting spanked, he wanted, thankfully, to make sure that I felt comfortable with the experience -- that I still had enough control over the situation to keep things where I wanted them and to avoid any misunderstandings, while still maintaining the establishment of my submission to him, which was essential for me, mentally.

After that we talked, cuddled, and let the cuddling turn into some other things, but that can all be left up to imagination for now :D

It wasn't until much later that I stumbled upon opportunities to further explore my tolerance/intolerance for pain, my reactions to/preferences for different kinds of implements, and many other avenues of interest and excitement, most of which, I'm sure, will eventually find their way here, one way other another... :)

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