Friday, August 14, 2009


As is typical during the long evenings I spend alone, studying, researching graduate schools, job searching, etc... Often my online ventures will stray into slightly less productive but highly entertaining and much more fulfilling activities...

One such venture led me to the picture above last night, which set me off right away. :D

I'd like to go through the more specific elements of this find that particularly affected me -- please feel free to add your own thoughts on the matter! :)

#1: (in no particular order) The Classroom Setting
Not only is it in a public rather than private sphere (even if the classroom is empty), but it allows for an automatic positioning of two distinct and specified roles: an authority and a non-authority. Many different kinds of scenes do this. :D I particularly fall for the school/classroom settings because those were my original fantasies, when any other setting for spanking or corporal punishment (that wasn't parental) simply wasn't yet conceivable to my very young and inquisitive mind. Of course, those original daydreams were taking place in private Headmasters' studies or offices, not in open classrooms as is shown here... :D

#2: She's Smiling
Yes, fine, it's unrealistic, because I know full well that if I were in her position, particularly having to face that ruler, I wouldn't be smiling quite like that. But it's pretend :D And it does let me know that she is, in fact, somewhere deep down, enjoying herself, and that helps very much to take away the scary/disappointing/downer aspects of a punishment scene. It's playful (despite his rather serious expression), and as such can be taken with a lighter heart and a brighter attitude.

#3: Realistic Age Gap
The artist here definitely made efforts to illustrate a certain age difference between the teacher and student -- yet not to an exaggerated amount (don't get me wrong, I will go for exaggerated age difference, as well :D). For me personally, in fantasy worlds, my authoritarians are always older -- at least older than I am. And, realistically, in a teacher-student relationship at the high school level, at least a few years should have transpired between the two roles. There's something about an older man that I just find irresistibly attractive -- not to say that a younger man wouldn't catch my eye if he had the characteristics for which I were looking, but something about him being older just makes it easier, I suppose :D

#4: Exhibitionism
Now, this is the tricky one, for me. I'm very shy. I'm a very private person. But if I had to pick one thing about this picture that really got me, it would be the fact that she is bare, and bent forward over the front of his desk with her back to the rest of the (empty or not) classroom (even if that is his own desk chair and not a classroom chair behind her, which it could be, we'll just pretend that his chair is actually out of view on the side closest to us). It has me shivering, and my heart gallivanting... He is lifting her skirt, she can feel the cool air on her bare skin, and it's day-time in a semi-public place... WHY is that so enrapturing?? :D There is a fine line here which I am always so wary of crossing -- between good, clean, highly arousing fun, and absolute mortification... In the realm of fantasy, I'm always safe... But translating this into real life always constitutes a sticky situation for me... in more ways that one... :)

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