Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Law Enforcement

With a recently acquired shiny new car (seems to be kind of a rite of passage in western societies, although admittedly mine is rather later than average...), I have been experiencing much more opportunity to exercise my mobility muscles! =)

Along with this new-found ability to drive everywhere, however, comes, inevitably, more chances of getting caught in forgetful, mild fudging of traffic laws... I would never do it on purpose! Honest! But, statistically, my chances of getting pulled over do increase with the corresponding increase in my time spent driving. So, unfortunately, I have now been pulled over twice by two different cops since the recent addition of a vehicle into my life.

Now, we are entering into the realm of fantasy, because the reality of the abuse of power is no joke and not a desirable phenomenon at all... But it can make for some rather nice day dreams :D

In my version of events (much like a 2009 version of the above drawing by Dan DeCarlo), when I was pulled over in the middle of the day on the side of the highway for doing 85 in a 70 zone (that's MILES per hour, for those across the water :P), the officer was every bit as nice* as he was in reality, but not without a certain courtesy from me in return... He would only be nice about lowering the monetary and reputationary consequences of my speeding ticket if I would consent to being spanked for it, right there, right then, on the side of the highway...

In my version of events, the kind officer was even kind enough to utilize the semi-privacy offered by my car and spank me on the side not directly facing the roaring traffic of mid-morning.

In my version of evens I got precisely what I wanted (although not without an inordinate amount of embarrassment at the locus of the event...) and didn't have to feel bad about how very nice this officer was being -- needless to say, I never even got out of the car for so much as a sobriety test (being completely sober), let alone for a road-side spanking.

Ah well :D One can dream... :D

*It was my first ticket, and he said he was going to "let me off" with a ticket for 5 over on the highway instead of 15 over on the highway, which wouldn't put any points on my driver's license, but would still cost a pretty penny...


  1. Ah, traffic cop and violating driver - this is such a favourite fantasy among American females. (Not Brit females, for some reason.) Must be that uniform that does it....

  2. It's quite right that the R/L traffic officers wouldn't have abused their power and spanked you. But surely you're still in need of two R/L punishment spankings, once for each offence...?!

  3. Quite right Abel :D When do you think you could come take care of those for me...? :)