Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Stern Potions Master

Admit it: the title of my blog must have made you wonder...

Well, let's get down to it, then. Yes, I am an enthusiastic fan of Harry Potter -- the books, the world, the writer, the paraphernalia, less so but still the movies -- pretty much everything to do with it. For the longest time (here meaning from about age 12 to age 15) one of my dearest ambitions was to eventually be the mother of two mischievous twins with red hair and green eyes... :D

But can anyone guess the identity of my most favorite character (besides Fred and George, who come in near the top of the list)...? A certain dark, smarmy, intelligent, sarcastic, reserved individual for whom Harry maintained a constant dislike, and, towards the end (but not in THE end), even malice...? A rather stern and sharp Professor, whose morals were questionable to some (until the END), and whose inner strength and confidence in his own identity seemed to settle around him like a cloak, demanding and critical in his teaching...? A mysterious character played in the movies by none other than the aMAZingly wonderful and already darkly dominating Alan Rickman...?

Let me make it easier for you:

Absolutely positively: Severus Snape. (If you are or know of the owner or creator of the lovely image above please let me know so I can give you credit, and ask you if you have any more like it!)

I could never quite put my finger on why Severus Snape's character intrigued me so much, until of course later in life when I came to know more about the ways of the world... :D

Of course, my imaginary version of Rowling's Snape was quite a bit more conscious of personal hygiene, and could even be known to show a streak of kindness or concern on occasion. He also believed in the effective and reasonable use of corporal punishment in cases deemed appropriate for such. :D

The thing I really like about the above picture is the sense of movement in it -- his cloak thrown sideways in the wake of his working arm... the implication of a hard, fast, no-nonsense spanking... Certainly the kind of task that the Potions Master would deem necessary for the correction and instruction of wayward students, such as this lucky Hermione-ish girl. myself.

"I assure you, Miss Bailey, by the time we are quite finished here, you will find that stealing from my personal potions stores, even for the commendable purpose of advanced potion-making, will not be tolerated. If you wished to advance your brewing abilities outside of class, you should simply have obtained my permission as Potions Master, and I would have been glad to lend you not only an allotment of my stores, but my guidance and considerable knowledge of potions as well.

Surely you can agree that stealth and pilfering are deplorable traits for any young witch, especially one so promising and esteemed as yourself. I hope you will think twice about your actions in the future, Miss Bailey, and realize that should there be a next time -- and I sincerely hope there will not be -- I do not intend to be nearly as lenient with you."


Someday soon you may come to find another Snape-related post here in Mischief Managed, but for now we shall leave the Professor to his work, and welcome any speculations as to what else he may be getting into behind those closed dungeon doors... :D


  1. I belive your pic is from I also think that the same artist has done other pic of Snape as a spanker.

  2. Thank you! I know that Freethinker84 must own it, since their name is on the pic, but I can't find the image in conjunction with that name anywhere else. I do have one other similar Snape image done in a similar artistic style... maybe that's the one you're thinking of... :D

  3. Heyas
    The artist is a commission group based in south america known as "Palcomix", Freethinker84 would presumably be the commissioner of the piece, normally Palcomix art is covered in their artists logo's and links.

    The previous comment was correct that has a large gallery of Palcomix work, with lots of harry potter spanking images. Hope you found it.

  4. Ooooh - *nice* picture!

    (I like HP too :-) )