Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Taken Out to the Wood Shop

Although I have yet to experience the long-standing American tradition of "being taken out to the woodshed," I would say that a wood-working shop, in a smaller building separate from the house, is perhaps a sufficient substitute for the time being... :D Not to mention it's heated (very important during our cold winter months), and much bigger than a woodshed, supplying one with plenty of room for many different options of position, implement, placement, and much more...

Fortunately, I have had the privilege of being spanked out in the wood-working shop not once, but twice, on two different instances :D

Both occasions required the use of a typical piece of work-shop/wood-shed furniture (as pictured above), the stool. Except in my case, the stool was a lot taller, and four-legged rather than the more antiqual (and actually more practical) three legs.

In the first situation, my spanker made use of the bar-type stool himself, with me over his lap, which lifted me quite a few inches farther from the ground than I am used to being, and added an overall elevated feeling to the experience... Soon after my time spent over his knee, he stood up and had me bending over the stool itself, hands grasping the cushion there to keep steady as he applied a reinforced leather strap to the part of my anatomy made most accessible by such a position... (for a clearer idea of which anatomical part this must be, see the lovely silhouette to the right above).

I must say, the most exhilarating moment of this first experience for me, quite unexpectedly, was when both my jeans and panties came down to my thighs while I was bent forward in this precarious position over the work stool. Although the building was more than a shed and thus quite encapsulated, with a door and no windows, the feeling of being 'outdoors,' or at least outside of the privacy of the house, still prevailed. And although the work shop was heated, there is still that unmistakable feel of cool air on newly exposed skin that is quite awakening... in more than one way...

Not only this, but with the way the stool was positioned and my orientation over it, anyone who may have happened to come waltzing in the door to the shop would have had a full and unencumbered view... Now, had anyone actually come in while I was so exposed I might have died from embarrassment, but the mere idea of it (without the actual experience) can be rather exciting :D

On the second occasion, I was actually sent out to the work shop for the very reason of testing out some new implements, which had, in fact, been fashioned right there in that very shop. This time I was able to retain not only my jeans, but also my coat and scarf, as it was quite a chilly day. Rather than starting with otk first, I went right over the stool, which happened to be in another area of the shop, but with no less room for my spanker to swing his arm, along with any implement of his choosing... As this time was more about testing and feeling out different types of spanking instruments, I had the pleasure of feeling a short leather strap, a cane, a wide rubber strap (which was new to me), and several others, all while resting fully forward over the stool, gripping it tightly, up on the toes of my boots.

It probably goes without saying that my body heated up rather quickly out in the shop, although the rise in temperature was rather centered around one area... :D Be it heated shop or chilly woodshed, the main elements seem similar to me. Now if only I could get the chance to test that theory... :D


  1. We've been looking for a 'real' woodshed for a long time and thus far, no luck. Don't think there are very many left, what with modern heating and all. An outdoor workshop is pretty good though. That's pretty close... and sounds like fun.

    ~Todd and Suzy

  2. Yes many a naughty female has found herself being taken to the 'woodshed', for a well deserved spanking on their bare bottoms. Be it with a paddle, birchrod, or cane, their tender bottoms felt the pain of these wonderful spanking implements, and deservedly so.