Saturday, February 6, 2010

Improvise-able Implement

This (improvisation), I believe, is one of the many reasons for my long-standing fascination with a particularly kinkify-able, unobtrusive, and vanilla clothing accessory: the belt.

"Vanilla!?" some might say -- but, yes, remember: there are many, many people walking around in daily vanilla life, wearing belts for no other reason than to hold up their trousers, or perhaps for the trend/look/fashion/eye-catching quality of a flashy wa
ist accent. You don't see these same people carrying around floggers or slippers or canes in broad daylight, do you?

Alright, perhaps a slim number of them may be wearing slippers as well, but there is something decidedly less attractive about taking something off of one's foot, which has been on the ground outside, to use as a spanking implement, rather than from around one's waist, which stays at a relatively safe distance from the ground in most situations.

And, given, there may be a few people making use of walking canes/sticks, such as the one under the employ of the dominating, confident, and bitingly intelligent Dr. House (played by the hot and British Hugh Laurie)... :D

But, in most cases, these walking canes, while food for thought, are not the thin, bendy, whippy rattan kind used for a less mundanely vanilla purpose...

To illustrate just how kinky a vanilla belt in the hands of an unwitting young vanilla individual can be, I would like to relate to you a personal story.

I was with other college-age friends at a convention which required our staying in a hotel room together. No, not an anime or a Dungeons and Dragons convention, although I have been to my fair share of those... And not that this is entirely relevant, but I was the only girl staying in our room (which seems to happen quite a bit around me...)

This happened to be a convention that required dressing up for more than one occasion, which meant lots of lovely suits, ties, skirts, heels, ...and belts :D One evening, after one such occasion, a friend and I arrived back at the room about 5 minutes before the rest of our troop, in deep
conversation with each other about some-such convention-related topic. Upon entering, I flopped down tummy-first on the full-size bed, black skirt safely positioned around me so as not to show anything inappropriate, while he went right to the closet and started shedding layers of masculine dress clothes.

I'm holding my face in my hands,
elbows on the bed, knees bent with
feet in the a
ir, typical girl-on-the-bed
position, watching him as we talk.
Jacket off, chit-chat chit-chat, shoes
off, talk talk talk, tie loosened,
chit-chat talk talk -- and then his
hands went to his belt buckle.

I could feel my face turning red at that moment.

It will pass, was my thought: he will simply take off the belt and set it down, and we will continue our conversation as if nothing unusual had happened (which, in vanilla actuality, it hadn't...). But no... apparently my friend was more agitatedly stimulated by our discussion than I had anticipated, because not only did he whip off his belt, making it sing
through the belt-loops of his black slacks, but he kept it in his hand as we continued to talk.

Not only did he keep it in his hand while animatedly throwing his arms around in vibrant discourse, but, to make the belt less cumbersome, he doubled it over. Not only was his belt now doubled in one hand, but to keep up with the building heat and movement in the room, he rolled up the sleeves of his shirt.

:-0 I was no longer able to focus on the conversation. My brain was doing somersaults. :D

As if that wasn't enough, my friend was losing himself so fully in the heat of his sentiments about our now almost one-sided conversation that he started pacing, and slapping the doubled end of his belt onto the palm of his other hand. Here I must re-iterate that this is a
vanilla friend of mine, who has not the slightest idea of my kinky tendencies.

By now, I am
staring. Utterly staring... I think my jaw may have even dropped... He is swinging that doubled-over belt around like it's nothing and I'm lying face-down on this bed in a skirt... After a few minutes of this, he finally realized that I was entirely distracted, realized what he was doing pacing around the room with the belt, and then grinned apologetically. He strode back over to the closet and set his belt down, beginning to unbutton the top of his dress shirt as I eased back into the conversation, and our other room-mates knocked on the door.

Yum. :D

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