Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I found this image one day recently, while flipping through the most innocuous of magazines... (Playboy :D) Needless to say, it took me aback -- mass media mags (even one so innocent and family-rated as Playboy) don't typically feature themes related to kink (and I really mean kink, here, not sex: the difference being sex is pretty mainstream, while kink decidedly isn't... yet...)

Granted, we have very little (aka no) spanking involved here, but the D/s element is unmistakable. And, as Playboy is like to do, the sexualized Dominant/submissive theme here is being utilized as merely a ploy for advertising (the text on the upper right corner reads: "Classic Look of the Month: Dressed to Kill"... :P "Dressed to Spank" is more like it...) Okay, perhaps it's a bit for entertainment, too, but that's what makes the advert so appealing... :D

It seems we've also rather jumped backward in time a bit, here, perhaps to make the red-dress-clad woman on the ground clinging to the gentleman's leg, and his holding her head back by her curly blonde hair, more 'acceptable' as a time-encapsulated 1940s-1950s Hollywood swooning fantasy moment.

In any case, it's a lovely, sultry, eye-(and mind-)catching image, and I wanted to share it here with you... Not as much spanking as perhaps an idea of one of the many possible relationships that could exist behind and within the delightful adult activity... :D (Not to mention I almost melted when I turned the page and laid eyes on it...)

Oh, and Dear Playboy:
More kink, please?! Pretty please with a lovely pin-up model on top? Judging by the above, it seems like you have the makings to be really good at it...!

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