Friday, February 12, 2010

Spanking Therapy

I had another kinky dream!

In the dream, my mother was seeing a therapist -- this is not entirely unusual: through most of my life she has gone to talk to some shrink or other about once a month, just to take a load off of a stressful overwhelming life. Quite effective, really :D

But this time, said therapist was apparently making use of a new, and unorthodox, stress-relieving technique... :D

My dream-mom was a bit different than my real-life mom, a little more girly and buddy-buddy... almost
like a peer rather than a parent
(perhaps that reflects my changing relationship with her as I transition into adulthood?)... So when we
were discussing the news of our lives over chocolate milk-shakes in the dream, it seemed natural when she enthusiastically recommended to me her new therapist and his intriguing methods.
(Picture courtesy of Vanda)

She wouldn't tell me any details, but she gave me that knowing little meaningful wink and raised her shoulder, letting me know that I "really should try him," that he was "amazing"...

My interest piqued, I decided it would be worth checking out. I got the feeling in the dream that this was at a later period in my life, when a monthly visit to a therapist might be a good idea just to talk things out and get away from the humdrum of adult life. Little did I realize just how far away from humdrum I would be getting!

When I arrived at the therapist's office, interested in setting up an appointment, I was greeted by a lovely young vibrant girl who seemed delighted to see me. She informed me that since I was a first-timer, I would need to undergo a short interview with her before I would be able to make an appointment.

"Like an application?"

"Yes, quite." And she smiled a wide, genuine, happy smile, beckoning me into a separate room off the main foyer.

We sat together in there for about 15 minutes of dream-time, her in a smart skirt-suit and heels, holding a clipboard and notepad on her lap, me in a dress and still wearing my coat, clutching my purse.

I don't remember any of the questions she asked me, but she had that same knowing little glint in her eye as we talked, and soon she told me that I'd passed with flying colors -- that I'd be allowed to schedule my first appointment today! Apparently, although I don't remember any of the questions striking me as shocking or extraordinary or anything other than innocuous, she had determined that I was a perfect fit for the kind of therapy that this particular clinic offered.

The dream started to drift off there, but I had a kind of 'flash-forward' of the future before the dream completely ended, with me over the therapist's knee, dress flipped up and panties around my knees, gripping his thigh as he talked and spanked my stress away... :D

Now I just have to get over the fact that the recommendation came from the persona that was supposed to be representing my mother...! :D


  1. Nice story. I've had dreams of my mom spanking me too.

  2. Maybe you secretly wish this could happen in real life.

  3. She Passed at 58 years of age...Hopefully, Time Travel will be perfected. So, I can go back across her lap one more time!