Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day! wink, wink (-_^)

The above image, courtesy of MyFunCards, called out to me this Valentine's Day. :D Not only are we graced with the image of lovely frilly heartsy Valentine's panties, but "get behind me"?? Seriously? These are the moments when I question the vanilla-ness of some of the people who make these ads... :D

The idea of Valentine's panties led me to other web-domains, including one of my favorite sites: CafePress! :D The perfect place for finding/making/sending/buying/browsing Valentine's gifts! Not to mention, Valentine's Day just happens to be one of the loveliest holidays, and the one with the most perfect color scheme for a spanko's imagination... pinks... reds... ; )

And... it's always so much fun on CafePress to try out the custom-maker options and see what kinds of kinky things can be made... : )

Needless to say, I was quite happy when I found just such a customizing option on CafePress for Valentine's panties...! I've always wanted a pair like those pictured immediately below, just to make sure that if, unlike the ad above, I'm being too verbally subtle (which happens quite often), he may still get it in the end... :D

But why stop there?! With three cute styles, CafePress provided quite the Valentiney stimulation to my kinky imagination, including a pink and white "peace and love" theme:As well as one with a scholastic-type print and cute little hearts which cried out "Academia" to me... :D

If your creative kinky side has been awakened this Valentine's Day, please feel free to try it out yourself here, and if you would care to share a description of your creation (the style you chose and what you wrote), please do!!

A happy holiday to all, and to all happy spanking! :D

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