Saturday, February 20, 2010

Spanked at the Dining Room Table

Being turned over someone's knee in the drawing room, or the bedroom, or the study, or some other more privately domestic location is one thing... but to experience such humiliation in the dining room?! Right in between the kitchen and the sitting room?! Not only that, but with the rest of house sitting right there around the table...! This was a new experience for me :D

Let me set the scene.

I was hanging out with some kinky friends, we'll call them Diane, Melanie, Tim, Sean, and Paul. If I hadn't been there, Tim would have been the youngest. We were all chatting around the dining room table one night, quite innocently.

Innocently, that is, until Paul left for a moment and decided to come back with a leather strap. :-0 (Paul and I have a kind of teacher/student dynamic going on...)

With Sean, Melanie, Diane, and Tim watching, he pulled his chair back from the table a bit and, to my surprise, guided me over his lap. He started spanking me over my jeans, to the chuckling delight of the table -- after about 45 seconds, Paul thought it prudent to have me start counting. :D

I counted to about 10, I think, before Sean decided to chime in, "I don't think she's doing that right, Paul... Isn't she supposed to say, 'One, Professor, two, Professor...' like that? I think you should make her start over..." Although I couldn't see his face from my vulnerable position up-turned over Paul's knees, the wide grin was apparent in the sound of his voice. The rest of the table, wise and worldly as a panel of elders, agreed quite heartily with Sean's sentiments.

At this point Tim made an astute observation, commenting about the idea of "starting a spanking over," as if the soreness and redness of the previous part of the spanking will just disappear and the spankee will have a "fresh start..." But, then, that's the beauty of the threat, isn't it? It's not hurting the spanker's hand any more to "start over" -- they could be at it all day without a problem!

This led to a wee bit of lovely conversation while I dangled bottom-up over Paul's lap, which somehow led to everyone finding out that I can speak multiple languages. How this happened, I have no idea... Thus is the tumultuous nature of late-night conversation...

In any case, this new-found knowledge sprouted another bout of kinky commentary, this time regarding the idea that I should count in another language. I confessed to knowing Japanese, and in fact even knowing how to say "Professor" in Japanese, which started us back off again with Paul spanking me, and me counting.

(Just between you and me, I fibbed a bit, saying I only knew how to count up to ten in Japanese... but that's because at the time I wasn't sure I would remember more, not because I wanted fewer spanks...) :D

"Ichi, Sensei," I started, "Ni, Sensei," and so on, up to ten... And then!! As if we hadn't had enough participation from the peanut gallery :D:D Melanie spoke up and mentioned that the tradition was to give me "one to grow on" after the originally allotted number. So Paul landed another, and I thought for a split second before eeking out a tentative, "Ju-Ichi? Sensei..."

Diane promptly added, "And one for good luck!"

"Ju-Ni!" :D Goodness!

I didn't know that getting spanked at the dinner table could be such a fun participatory event! :D

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