Thursday, March 31, 2011

Weighing Options

Remember my last new hairbrush? The red, velvety paddle brush??

Well, ladies and gentlemen, I have recently acquired aNOTHER new hairbrush! What was I thinking????

I walked innocently into a local pharmacy, looking for something else entirely, stumbled (quite accidentally! They just pop up out of nowhere in those stores!) on the hair accessories section, and was quite amazed to find, not one, but TWO lovely, weighty, broad, straight-backed prospects.

One wooden, with a very nice grip, and one fo-wooden (looks like wood but is something else), and heavier than most other hairbrushes I have ever encountered.

What was a poor spanko to do?

After carefully weighing my options (for about 2.8 seconds), I finally strode right up to the check-out counter with both in hand. The strapping young lad behind the counter must have wondered what on earth any girl in her right mind would be doing that would require TWO hairbrushes...

"Gifts..." I muttered, briefly catching his inquisitive glance and then looking down. Lame excuse, of course -- again, who in their right mind would want a hairbrush as a gift?? :D

But it seemed to satisfy him, at least superficially, because next minute I was walking to my car, two new hairbrushes dangling in a plastic bag at my side.

"Two??" you may be asking... Yes, I did say that I have one new hairbrush, not two. So what happened to the other...??

Well, dear readers, let me tell you: I thought it would be fun (what fun!) to turn my good fortune into a game with a friend I knew I would be visiting soon. It is true, I enjoy finding such perfect implements in every-day innocuous stores, but really, what on earth was I going to do with two hairbrushes? I'm not that crazy!

I immediately texted him to let him know what I had found, and that he would be receiving one, quite truthfully, as a gift -- but that it would be up to him to use whatever means necessary in order to decide which one he wanted!!

Yes, I am sure you all can tell exactly where this is going...! :D

(Lovely drawing found on All Things Spanking)

So, not more than a few days later, there I was, over his lap, while he labored over his decision, weighing his options quite judiciously!

"Hmmm..." SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! "I like this one, because it is wood, and that definitely carries a certain traditional appeal..."

SMACK! SMACK! "But this one is nice because of the weight... how does that feel?" SMACK! SMACK! "More thuddy, or stingy?"

The evil grin in his voice needs no visual confirmation. He is enjoying himself quite immensely!

"Owwww...oooh both, Sir..."

SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! "Do you need a bit more comparison? Which one stings more?"

"Oooh-ahh! That one, Sir!"

"Mmhm I thought it might..." SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!

Whatever possessed me to think that this would be a fun game??

By the end of it, dear readers, my bottom was quite red -- and I was one hairbrush less, but no less acquainted with either one!

He ended up choosing the stingier wooden one (of which I neglected to get a picture before passing it along!), which means I now claim ownership of the thuddier, heavier one that looks quite deceptively like wood, but isn't (pictured at left) :D

In all honesty, this one hurts quite a bit more (deeper impact) -- and therefore I am very happy to be more in control of its use!

Well... at least, to be under the illusion of such control, anyway... :D (Much easier to hide it if I know where it is!!)


  1. If I happen to also know this acquaintance and later meet this hairbrush, I'll be blaming YOU! Gifting a top with implements? They don't need any help! Lol. Hope you enjoy the addition to your collection.

  2. Loved the blog, please keep that nasty heavy one in your flat for at least 3 weeks. LOL. about hair brushes, I decided to do some research. So I visited some stores and found a wooden "performance" hairbrush with a comfort handle. Do you think the Tops may appreciate my consideration for their hands and go easy?

  3. @Lea - Yes, I am quite sure you will be making acquaintance with this hairbrush! Not the one pictured, if I can hide it well enough, but at least one new implement is definitely headed your way... :D Feel free to retaliate in any way you see fit! I will consider your actions quite justified! :D

    @joeyred - Good for you, joey! I am sure the Tops you encounter will very much appreciate your consideration for their well-being! Just *how* they show their appreciation, well, that may be another matter... :D

  4. @Lea I assure you, with purchases like this, the expert opinion of a bottom is very much appreciated. @joey: appreciated does not translate in to "go easy"

    @Lea I can also assure you that you will not just be making an acquaintance with "this hairbrush", but rather, with acquaintances "these hairbrushes". If Rayne is going to be subjected to blame, it will be for the full offense. Not to mention, I could use a second opinion and you seem ever so willing.

    @Rayne Wonderful account of "A Top's fantasy Christmas morning". Though, I had expected bows as these were such nice gifts. Nit-picking aside, my new hairbrush is a wonderful addition to my carry-all.

    As to your illusion of control missy, the idea of giving back the truly thuddier and more impactful hairbrush was planned with your best interests in mind. I needed to ensure it was close by someone obviously in need when they might not be able to visit as often as necessary. Said differently, the hairbrush will never be misplaced / forgotten, else I will "round up" to the next thuddier implement which might be around. The leather strap comes to mind as this moment.

    This was a wonderful encounter, which I will always remember and look forward to repeating frequently.


  5. @Arthur - *blush* Oh, yes, Sir, I see now, your exacting reasons behind making the choices you did... I take your intentions to "round up" in absence of my new hairbrush very seriously! (Sorry Joey and Lea! - seems like both hairbrushes will be in close proximity soon and therefore easily accessible!)

    *HUGS* So glad you enjoyed both the gift and the encounter -- looking forward to many more!!! :D xoxo

  6. Oh, and I enjoyed it very much, too :D *blush* XOXO ***HHUUGGGSSSSS Arthur*** Can hardly wait till our next variation on the theme! :D:D

  7. Aww Rayne, that was very touching. I have a feeling Lea isn't the only one who will be getting acquainted with that hair brush.

  8. @Sassy You are such the fortune teller

  9. Hi Sassy!! Lol you are probably right... :D

  10. @Arthur, here's your second opinion. All hairbrushes are evil. I don't need to experience another one to tell you that, but thanks anyway. That is all.

  11. I close my eyes tightly when passing anything in a shop that may even vaguely resemble something that could be tested on my bottom.

    And I have to confess, during my previous visit to the UK, I became quite adept in hiding my hairbrush away - with a practised look of confusion : What do you mean where is my hairbrush? I left it over over...oh, damn, I am such a scatterbrain".



  12. @Everyone Gulp!

    This is why I don't have hairbrushes lying around at home. I use combs to comb my hair. (sigh)

    And when I go to the store, I don't go near the aisle I know the hairbrushes are in.

    I don't own a hairbrush and never will.

    Reason: I would take it with me everywhere and hand it over all too readily. The Tops should fend for themselves.

    @Arthur I do believe that you are not allowed to use a hairbrush that was given as a gift to you by a bottom on another bottom. You are only allowed to use that hairbrush on the bottom that gave it to you. See the Message Board under Rules for Tops. Just sayin'.


  13. Rayne i have a hairbrush i self spank with like this ,love and spanks,tim xx