Friday, March 11, 2011

His Hands

What is the first thing you look at when you see a promising prospect for the first time? When you're walking down the street, people-watching? Male or female, opposite or same gender -- what is the very first thing you tend to notice about a person?

Where do your eyes go first, on a purely superficial level?

Yes, lovely people, we are talking purely, unabashedly, blatantly, and beautifully superfluous -- usually I am much more a proponent of emotional/spiritual/mental connection and all of that -- but that, of course, would come later. Right now, I'm just talking down and dirty gut-reaction physical attention -- what grabs yours in those first few moments?


For my part, my eager eyes go right to his hands. (Or hers, depending on the day... But we'll leave that for another story =D)

It's only logical, right?

I mean... Well. You know what I mean :D

Not only do I notice, firstly, his hands in themselves, but, quite often, I find myself also making mental note of where they are, how he holds them, what they are doing when he is not necessarily thinking about them...

The way a person chooses to carry his hands can say quite a lot about him: his confidence, his comfort level, his personality... Even acting as an indicator for mood -- is he feeling thoughtful, pensive? Is he agitated? Is he feeling easy-going, or tightly-wound and tense?

Recently, I stumbled upon a lovely little compendium of body-language information, all about the placement of one's hands. It's easy enough to find, if you care to look for such things. Now, don't quote me on this -- I cannot verify the sources or the truthfulness of this information, but, all the same, it is certainly quite fun to read...! :D

I will share with you two of my personal favorites:

1) Steepled Hands

"People who are confident, superior types or who use minimal or restricted body gestures often use this gesture, and, by doing so, they signal their confident attitude. It is frequently used in superior/subordinate interaction and it can be an isolated gesture which indicates a confident or 'know-it-all' attitude. Managers often use this gesture position when giving instructions or advice to subordinates and it is particularly common among accountants, lawyers, managers and the like."

It would also be "particularly common," I daresay, among Headmasters lecturing wayward students before administering a caning...

2) "Superiority confidence gesture" (honestly, just who comes up with these names??)

"Superiority/Confidence Gesture - Several prominent male members of the British Royal Family are noted for their habit of walking with their head up, chin out and one palm gripping the other hand behind the back. Not only does British Royalty use this gesture; it is common among Royalty of many countries. On the local scene, the gesture is used by the policeman patrolling his beat, the headmaster of the local school when he is walking through the school yard, senior military personnel and others in a position of authority."

Oh, :)

So let's hear it, lads and lasses -- what's your guilty pleasure in those first few moments of visual contact...?


  1. Girl = Bottom or Eyes depending which way she's facing ;-) If the eyes checkout, I'll even make a detour to get the other view. It's sad I know, LOL. Don't tend to notice men at all unless I'm drinking beer.

  2. I tend to notice eyes first, but hands come in second. You mention positioning of the hands but not their size and how well they'd encompass your.. well, you know. ;-)

  3. Hands and mouth - sort of in one glance. I love masculine, clean, well kept hands, and his mouth - has to be firm, but need to see those little tell tale sign of a man that do laugh a lot as well.

  4. @wordsmith - Oh, it's not sad at all! :D Quite what I would expect, actually... :D

    @Lea - Yes, good point! I think know which particular gentleman you may be thinking of... :D

    @Raven - I very much agree! :D

  5. Well, how surprising is it, if I check out butts? I love butts... But I also check eyes, especially when facing people (it's kind of hard to check their butt out then). And yes, I "scan" the whole body too, I'm not denying that...

  6. @Ursus Lewis - *Applause* :D

  7. Adding my two cents, err palms in this case...

    @Lea, you make a wonderful point about the eyes first.

    As someone how has hands which might be observed in such a manner, I can very much agree with this post. ...and relate a bit more than some others. I will say, though I do fully relate with @Urs, (I am male after all), I focus on body language. How a girl walks, carries herself. That to me is so telling.

  8. @Arthur -- ahhh interesting! You make me wonder what kind of 'body language' a spanker such as yourself would find attractive... as I know what kind of body language I'm focusing on...! :D

  9. @Rayne and no comments from the peanut gallery please....I check out men's eyes, but it's the man's voice and his playful humor that gets me going the most.

    I never used to do this before, but now I find when I am sitting around doing nothing (like waiting in a doctor's office for the past two hours for an appointment time that passed an hour and a half ago - don't get me started) I am checking out people's bottoms to see if I have an attraction to spanking a certain type of bottom. Turns out I do. It passes the time and keeps my blood pressure from going sky high because I am waiting so long....

    Sorry someone needs to be spanked for the appointment time fiascos.


  10. omg Bree -- thank you! Next time I am waiting for a doctor's appointment, I will be thoroughly entertained!! :D *hugs*

  11. @Rayne Why are you a switch too? Because if you are not, why would you want to be entertained?

    Just askin' because I am confused about your post to me. Not confused like Amy, but confused none the less.


  12. No Bree -- I will be entertained thinking about it the other way around -- usually when I'm in the waiting room for a doctor's appointment, I'm too wrapped up in other thoughts to be thinking about TTWD... But now I will remember your story! :D

  13. @Rayne Ok. I am dumb about abbreviations here just so you know. What is TTWD?


  14. bree - My apologies! TTWD is known as "the things we do" -- it is a polite euphemism for "spanking, and all that it entails..." :D Glad I wasn't the only one confused when I first saw the abbreviation!

  15. @Rayne I know. I looked it up. We shouldn't be using TTWD in this type of setting. We are all spankos here. I am old fashioned. Just say spanking next time. I like to feel the shivers and butterflies when I read, hear or type the word spanking. But my all time favorite is experiencing the word spanking and all the emotions that come with it.

    Spanking, spanking, spanking. Now I feel better.