Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Corner Time

I have been ordered to stand in a corner (in real life) twice in my twenty-some years. Both times as an adult, and both times in conjunction with spanking exploits. Both while bare *blush* : )

The first time was for a solid fifteen minutes.

In the living room.

With big bay windows facing the street (thankfully, a large, full-foliage tree covered most of the view...), and a glass sliding door leading out to the patio in the back yard.

I could see right out into the yard -- it was lined with high hedges, not a soul in sight... (thank god). :)

He was sitting at the table right behind me, shuffling papers and doing work, while I stood there, nose in the corner, red bottom on display -- as if my being there like that was completely normal and matter-of-fact. Something that just happens to naughty girls, no questions asked. *blush*

(The above two photos are both gems that I found on Through Arianna's Looking Glass)

He had just finished spanking me in the room down the hall, after which he had immediately proceeded to haul me through the house, jeans and panties around my ankles, out into the living room, and place me firmly where I stood, informing me that should I move before he told me I could come out, we'd be pulling a chair out onto the backyard patio and he would spank me out there!

In broad daylight!

(As a side-note, we did have a safe-word, and I recognized this as more of an exhilarating threat than an actual possibility -- as he knew very well of the fine line I walk between exhibitionism and concern for my own safety.)

I did not move an inch, dear readers -- I dared not move a muscle!

Every once in a while, I would hear him stop working, sense him turn in his seat, and feel his gaze on me -- nonchalant, as if surveying the clock for the time -- but each time I knew he was looking, by face flushed and I tried that much harder not to move, as the urge to squirm intensified...

(Artwork by Sassy Bottoms)

The second time that I have ever been ordered to a corner, which just happened very recently, was for (thankfully!) a substantially shorter period of time -- but equally as significant :)

Again, he had just finished spanking me. When he ordered me up off his lap, I had immediately pulled my panties up. He pointed across the room and said, "In the corner, pull your panties back down to your knees, hands together behind your back."

With my bottom burning, and still gaining my balance back after being tipped over his lap, it must have been taking me too long to get situated in the corner -- he came over and peremptorily helped position my hands where he wanted them, intensifying my sense of his authority over me.

To keep my panties at my knees, I had to bend one calf out a little -- really not wanting them to drop to my ankles... There's something terribly exposing about feeling them there, so close, and yet not close enough!

I stood there, panties around my knees, my face as red as my bottom, knowing that he was right behind me but not sure whether he was watching or not... Breathing heavily from the very recent spanking, and from pure embarrassment... My mind reeling and heart racing...

(Artwork by Escobar)

It was a least a few minutes. Long enough for my breathing to slow and my mind to quiet ever so slightly. Only then, when he heard me starting to calm down after several long minutes, did he tell me to come out of the corner and lay over the pile of pillows on the bed -- he was taking off his belt...!

Whatever could have possessed me to think that we were done?! Apparently, corner time can serve just as well as "intermission" as it can signal the end of a spanking -- something I will have to remember in future! :D


  1. I guess you need to get used to this... Just sayin'

  2. You think so, Sir? I can't imagine why... :D

  3. Oooh, corner time in the middle like that is just evil! Lol.

  4. I do not know what is worse, the embarassment of corner time or wondering if it is just the intermission for a more intense spanking to follow. I have goose bumps wondering which one it is. Great story and pictures.

  5. If you want to see one rebellious, upset and sulking individual, put me in a corner. If I have not been spanked before this, I will definitely be thereafter, and if it happens after a spanking, it is sure to guarantee a continuation.
    But I have to grudgingly admit, it is rather effective for a time-out, reflective, temper cooling down period...

  6. @lea -- Lol I know, right?? Tell him that! (I dare you :D)

    @joeyred -- The embarrassment is what gets me... every time... :)

    @Raven Red -- It is true, there is something decidedly unappealing about being put in a corner... and yet... :D

  7. @Rayne I don't mind being put in the corner at any time baring my bottom. It's when he leaves me there by myself where anyone could walk by at anytime or him saying no one could see through the window or sliding glass door...that's scary, it bothers me and I don't like it.


  8. @bree
    Does it bother you as an "red" or just as an "I don't like it"? Because there is a huge difference ;)

    Did you just say, I'm evil? Just askin'

  9. Oh Bree, yes, I agree with that second half -- quite scary.

    @Ursus Lewis - hey now! :D I don't think any of you Tops should be allowed to use my blog for persecuting bottoms! :D just sayin'...

  10. Oh, Rayne, I love this post. I hate the corner, but I love this post.

    Miss you and big hugs,


  11. Thank you Pink! Miss you, too!! HUGS

  12. @Mr. Lewis You are correct. There is a big difference. Hmmmmm......I'm thinkin'......@|@....@|@....@|@<<<<butterflies I guess....so no not red. (sigh) But only if the anyone passing by were guaranteed to be a spanko.