Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Classroom Role Plays

Today in class -- where I am learning all sorts of relevant skills for future use in people-professions such as training, counseling, and mediating -- we did some role plays. In this particular instance, we were about to deal with skills pertaining to the design and facilitation of youth programs, and as such, apparently, we needed some warming-up into the mindsets of today's young people.

We split up into pairs, one person became "A," and the other, "B."

"Now, As, you're going to be the parent, in this role-play," came the instruction from our Professor. "Bs, you are the teenager, who's just walked in late for your curfew, to find that your parent, A, has been waiting up for you."

Go ahead, take a wild guess which letter I had. :)

My partner, coincidentally male (which was against the odds, as the ratio of males to females in such a touchy-feely class was quite astronomical), crossed his arms and raised his eyebrows at me, clearly preparing for his role, wishing to fully engage in class and earn his participation points.

Oh, how little did he know, dear readers, the times I had played this same role out over and over again in my own fantasies... Of course, always with quite different results than those of our titillating classroom version... :)

Nevertheless, it was definitely a class to remember!


  1. LOL, let me know where I can volunteer to help with the class Rayne! Not sure the professor would approve of my participation ;-)

  2. hehe, very nice. I'm sure there are ways to "reproduce" these fantasies...

  3. @wordsmith - oh, I am sure you would receive maximum participation points! :D

    @Ursus Lewis - I hope so, Mr. Lewis :D This is definitely one of those random happenings that is worth reproducing!