Friday, April 8, 2011

The "Look"

My "Boss" from the last roleplay scene I did, involving a consistently tardy employee and a traditionally-minded supervisor, featured ever so briefly in one of my dreams last night...

It was just a look. THE look.

Accompanied by the dreaded command, "Come here."

That's all it was!

The dream literally consisted of three seconds of material -- and yet was oh so potent.

What is it about that "look" that is so compelling? -- That instant when you know, deep down to your core: you're in trouble.

You've done it now.

There's no turning back. :D

You are suddenly small, vulnerable, caught, and held deliciously responsible.

It's something in their eyes. But it's more than that -- it's the whole expression, the way it's delivered, the sheer piercing direction, focus, and attention. The purpose behind it.

Your projected, imminent future that is now sealed -- tying the both of you up in an inevitable dance...

On FetLife, there is an "interest" called: "the look that tells you in no uncertain terms that you have crossed the line and earned a spanking."

I think that sums it up rather nicely... :D

Of course, hopefully it's not really a real line -- it's a playful line that still exists within the realm of good-natured fun, or it's an imaginary line facilitated by a role-play situation.

But in either case, it is a line that, once crossed, requires addressing. And that is where "the look" comes in...

Often, the "look" can be accompanied by other telling bodily clues, such as crossed arms, hands on hips, head tilted slightly to the side, a beckoning finger...

Heck, they may even be leaning on the straight-backed wooden chair which is shortly about to be put to use for your benefit! :D:D

As a bottom, what is it about "the Look" that gets you? Do you even enjoy it? -- Perhaps it is not your thing! What feelings does it awaken in you?

As a top, what kind of Look works best for you? What are you trying to convey in such a look? And if you reply, "You already know the answer to that question..." you may be right, but I still want to hear you say it! :D


  1. Man, your dreams are so fun! I never remember mine. Lol. You forgot "wagging a finger" accompanying a look. Hehe. The Look gets me every time. The butterflies in my stomach start up and I know my fate is sealed. It's even worse when there's a delay in getting the spanking because then you can't stop thinking about that look all night. Evil tops...

  2. When I do get the look - that stomach sinking, knees weak, bottom clenching moment is the worst!
    One of these days I am still going to pluck up the courage to see if I can make a run for it...somehow, that is the first thing that comes into my mind. (Fight gone - flight in full-on mode!)



  3. In my dream, I am always in graduate school. I am near finals and have papers do. I walk into class, and the Professor asks: "Where is the paper due today." My whole body quivers because I know I do not have the paper, have not even started it. I approach the Professor's Podium, confess and the Look pierces right through my body. Add to the Look, the humiliation and shame of not having the paper. And, the entire class knowing that an "A" student failed to deliver a simple paper that everyone else had finished.

  4. Rayne: Wonderful post! Once again, well written and I love the illustrations.

  5. Belive it or not, if I'm really into my role, this just happens... I usually act naturally and don't think, "I need to do this now and than that" and so on. I just do what needs to be done.

  6. @Lea - "then you can't stop thinking about that look all night" -- or all month, apparently! And then you even start dreaming about it!! lol

    @Raven - do share what happens when you do pluck up the courage to make a run for it -- just how fast are you caught up with and what are the repercussions of such a courageously futile attempt!! :D

  7. @joeyred - thank you so much! :) Oooh and thank you for sharing your dream! *Very* nice food for thought... :D I am so tempted to ask what happens next... :D:D

  8. @Ursus Lewis - oh yes, I believe you :D:D And because you don't have to think about it, neither do I! I just react the way that naturally comes! (LOL so if I run next time blame Raven :D hehe *HUGS Raven*)

  9. "The Look", as I convey it, is unmistakable. If I find and maintain eye contact, without uttering a word, you know you have my attention. This is not the time to look down, as I will simply use my index finger upon your chin until I feel the message is conveyed.

    As to body language accents, most assuredly they exist and can help quickly convey the severity of the look. Arms folded? Pretty serious... Hands clasped behind my back? Very serious. After several minutes (really, just moments), am I upon you? REALLY BAD

    @Lea Thank you for the clue about wagging a finger, I will take that under advisement and attempt to put it in practice as the opportunity presents itself.

    @Rayne I am very impressed how you could take 3 seconds of experience, and turn them in to a topical and well written blog post. Thank you for doing so.


  10. @Rayne
    Try running and experience what outcome that attempt will have... good luck!

  11. I will finish it for you. However, I beg your indulgence, I have a ton of homework to do this week that is due by Friday. :D

  12. @Arthur - Your sequential body language had me almost laughing out loud, until I remembered how true it is... :D:D

    @Ursus Lewis - Now I REALLY want to try it! :D:D

    @joey - Oh I understand -- as a fellow student I salute your dedicated time management skills :D

  13. As a bottom, it depends on who is giving the look for me. The look can stop me in my tracks from whatever I am doing....but only for a second (giggles - I am so bad)...then I smile in a coquettish mischievous way...I might even start laughing...then I realize he means business...then I feel warm in the face and blush...then I feel embarrased..then I have an urge to cross my legs (sometimes I do, sometimes I don't)...then I feel weak in the knees...then I feel like I am going to swoon...then I can't breath too well....then I might get angry about him making me feel this way and might argue a bit....or not...then I might resist...then I might protest...then in. Darn it!!! Of course I like it and enjoy it!!!!!Hehe.

    As a top, it's a raised eyebrow silent stern look with folded arms. Sometimes I use the come hither finger wagging approach.

    Rayne seriously? What am I trying to convey in such a look? Are you trying to get a rise out of me? You are in so much trouble that I can't even express it in words how bad you just were and what the consequences will be. So let me just show you instead. No words spoken at first. Just a good sound spanking. That's all the sound you need to hear really, but I will eventually give you some reproof.

    OMG! I just scared the bottom inside myself!


    Stop asking me this stuff!!!!



    PS: It doesn't matter...I will get into trouble again. You can set your watch by it. Lol.

  14. Thank you Bree! I cycle through some very similar emotions as a bottom -- your play-by-play run-down is fantastic!

    ...And you scared the bottom in me, too!! lol :D

  15. In my world, The Look is unforgiveable, irreversable and always leads to immediate action. However, I don't think I've ever received The Look in a dream ... damn, would I ever love to!

    As a bottom - there is nothing to say, but avert my eyes from The Look.

  16. OMG.. "THE LOOK"... so profound.. that is 75% of what starts my butterflies getting all twitterpated! Great blog!

  17. @Rusty Nale - thank you for popping in! If your dreams do take a turn for the better, please do share! :D

    @Zelle - a pleasure to have you here Zelle! Thank you! I like that figure 75% -- I will have to take some time to figure out the right percentage for my own experience...! :D