Thursday, April 21, 2011

Chapter One - Spanking Weekend

This past weekend, I was one of many elated attendees at a spanking event in the mountains -- in a lovely resort staffed by equally lovely spank-friendly people, and well-equipped with many a spanko's needs...

Including a jacuzzi...

(perfect place for making mischief and getting away with it, right?? :D)

A woodshed...

(stocked with bales of hay and even a door lock with a five-letter combination... can you guess what it was??? :D)

A classroom...

(hall passes and class bell included!)

An upstairs office...

(complete with an authoritative desk, an armless chair, and a school desk)

And, of course, plenty of private rooms and play spaces for more behind-the-scenes fun :D

I have an adventure to share with you, dear readers, from each and every one of these places, and more! My next few blog entries will be chronicling some of the most memorable events from my weekend in the mountains with a whole troupe of spanko friends, so stay tuned!

For now, let me say that it was truly a once-in-a-life-time experience, made possible by the SCONY group which I have had the pleasure of coming to know better and better in recent months. :D

Coming up next: Chapter Two - A Trip (or Two) to the Woodshed!

School girl art by Kamitora


  1. The anticipation is killin' me! If that was your intent...good job! Lol!


  2. Rayne: Very well done. Great pictures to illustrate all of the fun places in the resort. I am looking forward to your next post.:D

  3. It was so great to meet you and I'm looking forward to reading your posts to come. And I must say, I HATE that padlock on the woodshed! 5 letters, really? Could they make it more difficult? Just get one that is 1, 2, 3. Sheesh. Or maybe I'm the only idiot who had trouble opening it. Lol.

  4. I can't wait, Rayne! Sounds like a lot of potential for fun!

  5. @Lea You are not an idiot. Even the Tops had trouble with opening the padlock and these were Tops that have been to these weekends way more than us. Not only that, we had trouble locking it back up. Add the element of the dark of the night and doubly more difficult.

    It was too cold for me in there also, even after me getting warmed up so to speak. The cold, for me, tends to make the spanking shorter for me. I like long drawn out spankings. I eventually got fustrated and ended up in more warmer surroundings.

    @any Tops that reads this. And no I am not complaining. Just stating the facts. Just the facts, SIR. :>b


  6. @bree - Yes that was the idea! Glad it worked! :D

    @joey - Thank you :D It was lovely to meet you -- you are just as polite and personable in real life!

    @Lea - It was great to meet you, too!! :D I'm sorry we didn't get to do your campfire -- hopefully the next weekend isn't so rainy! I kind of liked the lock idea -- but perhaps that's because I never actually had to try to work it... hehe

    @Pink - So much fun! Definitely a weekend to remember :D

  7. Absolutely amazing picture choices, though I don't recollect the jacuzzi quite the same way. I'll consider this an illusion as to what might have been, or what additional sports activity needs to be added to the fall term of SMA. In fact, you should bring that up with the Academy's founder, I'm sure she would appreciate another team activity.

    To all that have commented, to all that will read, let's all sit back and enjoy as miss bailey recounts the weekend that was.

    @Rayne I trust you have reviewed US Geography by now, and will not make such a mistake again...

    @Lea Yes, the lock is troublesome for both bottoms and Tops. Might I suggest you lead a class in the fall on the proper way to get in and out of the woodshed?