Thursday, April 14, 2011

Impromptu Spanking

There we were, sitting peacefully around the dinner table.

I was sent to rummage for more wine in the kitchen. Yes, sent. Ordered, detailed, delegated, appointed, what-have-you. :D Gladly :D

(Artwork by Jay Remer, the Etiquette Guy)

While obediently on my way, my hand absent-mindedly found a momentary perch on the back of his head as I passed. I like to do that, without thinking -- the consistency of physical touch is something that flows naturally out of me -- sometimes I have to work to keep it in check.

But in that moment when my fingers made contact with his hair, the previous night flashed through my mind's eye...

..."Go ahead. Grab, and pull. See what happens..."

My fingers are running through his hair as we lay there -- it is short, but still grabbable, if I do it right...

Our faces are less than an inch apart, my nose under his chin, my eyes looking up into his... I want so badly to try, to be impetuous, to "see what happens" -- but I can't do it! He is looking at me, a grin behind his lips, his eyebrows ever-so-slightly raised.

I try several times to drum up the courage -- he even told me to! He gave me permission! And yet, all I can seem to muster is one or two half-hearted tugs, which hardly measure up to the challenge of "grab and pull."

No tempting of fate, no adventurous follies -- at least, not last night...

Suddenly I am back in the dining room, my fingers in his hair, my steps carrying me around to the kitchen behind him...

And I grab -- and I pull...

And I

I know which cabinet I need -- it happens to be a low cupboard -- I have to bend down in order to reach it...

But before I can get it all the way open to recover the wine, he is already there, his arm firmly around my waist, holding me in position, his free hand swatting, swiftly and forcefully.

He did not even bother to fuss with any clothing or implements -- just his hand, doling out a sharp and impromptu reminder that certain actions, no matter how spur-of-the-moment, come with consequences...! :D:D


  1. Rayne Bailey! For having such a wonderful memory and gifted ability to bring your readers in to the moment, I'm fairly confident this recollection might be missing at least one aside. However, that is something we can discuss privately, after a bath in the near future.

    I will confirm to your readers that you were prompted to pull my hair, but again, your recollection fails you and thus, your readers. I distinctly recall seeing the desire and longing in your eyes to perform the act which you finally mustered the courage to do.

    With affectionate memories of both experiences,


  2. Rayne: Very well done.

  3. Arthur -- I am quite grateful that, in the moment, the bathbrush which had been sitting on the counter only the day before somehow graciously disappeared :D When I saw you looking for it as you flew into the kitchen behind me I almost kept running!! :D:D HUGS xo

  4. Mr.Arthur: My complements to you and the other Tops. You were very successful in affecting my psyche in preparation for the weekend. Dry mouth, heart pumping, etc.

  5. @Rayne Next time you try that can you pull his hair for me also. I am chicken to ever do that. Thanks. Hehe.