Thursday, February 3, 2011

Do you wear Pants, or a Skirt?

You've connected through some form of internet, be it a blog, spanko-site, forum, or chat...

You've exchanged communiques, be they short, long, detailed, or fanciful...

You're planning to meet, be it for drinks, lunch, ...or spanking...

So... What do you do when you meet a new potential play partner for the first time?

Do you brat,

...or do you play nice?

Do you dress up,

or dress

Do you offer... dr

Do you drum up enough courage to wear things that you know are
sure to provoke?

you spend forever

Or do you run out the door in your best effort
not to be late?

Do you w
ear pants...

...or a skirt?

And what about underneath...?

Are you more forward,

or do you let him
make the
first move?

So many things to consider for the first spanking with a new partner in this fantastically unique little spanko-world of ours! :D

Wishing you great luck and enjoyment choosing your own way, and hoping to make many of these choices myself, too...!


  1. Dressing up is always nice. And I think being a little bratty is OK as well. As long as you don't mind the consequences of course.

  2. I am *quite* sure that I wouldn't mind the consequences, Ursus Lewis :D Unless of course you start brandishing that sinister-looking carpet beater! :D

  3. All perfectly acceptable standards of attire. While some are more provoking than others I have always been a fan of the boots worn by "Dressing down"
    As for Jeri Ryan She can wear burlap and that would be fine with me

  4. @cruelesintention -- Yes I quite agree, those boots are fierce :D

  5. As a connoisseur of what is worn, and the implications which are implied as you so astutely detail, here is my reinforcement.

    I think how you covered so many options is exactly the point, each has something valid depending on context. However, as a general rule, @Urs is correct in that dressing up is always nice, and nearly always the right move. Underneath, well, that is the beauty of the word "Under", that is really the secret weapon now isn't it?

    I would say, as you start the blog from the perspective of a first meeting, that jeans of nearly any type are a no, unless we are in Texas. (apologies as applicable to fellow readers). Also, its ok to make the first move, just as long as it's realized it might be your only. :>

  6. Why thank you, Arthur :D No jeans -- check -- very good to know, thank you :) *wonders if that means other kinds of pants are a go...* :D lol

    What you say about making the first move provokes many more intriguing thoughts! Now I want to test your theory! :D *blush*

  7. @Rayne Ya know I would comment here about what I would do but that would give away the surprize now and that is half the fun.